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 Parasitic family....... the one who should not exist

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PostSubject: Parasitic family....... the one who should not exist   Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:10 am

They had come here for the next part of filming. It was supposed to be smooth and easy but he was running now, from his brothers only to end up being chased into the school he avoided all of his life. But his family blamed him for Gojo's death. If he had been but a good boy and given his blood to his brother he would still be alive. Frightened as he fell in the school courtyard he turned over and backed up. Six of his brothers were there ready to hurt him when two seemed to explode blood splaying everywhere as there clothes hit the ground. Two others turned and Seiharu Mezame watched as they went....boom as well the last two were backing up.

The boy standing there had short raven hair all except for a lock which fell beside his face glowing crimson eyes and blood trailing down from the corner of his mouth. He grabbed one of the remaining two that ran at him and Seiharu was as he was broken down into energy and consumed."Vile....disgusting really and you lot certainly leave a bitter taste in my mouth.....but that I suppose can't be helped....after all the one you work for wished for my Uncle to fall and to ruin my mother.....unfortunately for you.....I hate those who would harm my closest dearest ones....." he said bowing his head before....his last brother followed the rest this raven haired boys hand connecting with him as well looking at Seiharu before turning to leave..... Ignoring Kuri and the others there with him whipping the blood from the corner of his mouth his mother was finally resting.....he was tying up loose ends....

Seiharu blinked and looked down at his hands. "Who are you, why did you help me.......are you going to eat me?" Seiharu asked lowly.

The raven haired boy paused and turned before walking up to were Seiharu was sitting on the ground ignoring the onlookers. Kneeling down so that Seiharu's legs were between his own. "To answer your questions, I helped you because Jo-Jo is fond of you. Goodness no, you are far too sweet for my liking....and my name Seiharu is Tiir Takusen.." . Tiir answered him smiling and shaking his head before holding out his hand seeing the confusion dancing in his eyes as he mouthed repeating soundlessly 'Jo-Jo' having no idea that Tiir was referring to Mujo So.
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Parasitic family....... the one who should not exist
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