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 Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル)

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Character sheet
Name: Haru
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Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル) Empty
PostSubject: Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル)   Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル) EmptyTue Jul 19, 2016 11:41 pm

Full Name: Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル).
Meaning of Name: Thunderclap of the gods.
*Nickname: Jin or Rai (雷 "lightning").
*Alias(es): Raion (雷音 "Thunderclap").
Sex: Male.
Date of Birth: June 20.
*Blood Type: BO+.
*Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Talents: He plays bass and sometimes guitar and is the backup vocalist for the band Reincarnation Atrophy. He is also a very talented artist.

Lonnit Information
Type: Marge.
Class: Vampir.
Rank: Forastera.
Affiliation: Kibatsu Takusen, God of Creation.

Vampire Information
Blood Rank: Pure Blood.
Vampire/Crusnik: Vampire.
Common/Nobility: Nobility.
Free/Slave/Master: Free.
Feeder or Breeder or Freeder/breeder: None.
Unmarked/Marked: Unmarked.

Organization Affiliation
Organization Name: Hunter's Association.
Class: Bounty Hunter.
Rank: S/5.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 24.
Human Eye Color: Teal.
Human Hair Color: Powder blue.
Type of Build/Body: Toned and slim.
Height: 6'4''.
Weight: 190 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: While he has the upper cartilage of his ears pierced, the most defining feature of Jinrai is the fact that he wears a large, over-sized spiked, metal choker/collar around his neck.

Image(s) For character:
Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル) 6B5DE6668405A42955853301423EABF7EBE19EA49E43AA31A7pimgpsh_fullsize_distr_zpslbpwze4y

Attitude/Personality: Like the thunder his name represents, Jinrai is a free spirit who will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. He needs to experience the world on his own, so don't expect to be joining him unless you can follow along with his pace. Change and freedom is extremely important to him and he doesn't do well when tied down or being made to stay in one place for too long. Jinrai refuses to let anyone dictate him, and is extremely independent. He can make for a very interesting and exciting friend. He likes to make an impression on everyone he meets. Despite this, he can be very flighty and will disappear for a long time as he meets new friends and explores new places. But when he comes back, he will have new thoughts, opinions and interesting things to share and ideas to teach.

Life is very interesting and fun with Jinrai. If you need any advice, Jinrai is the one to ask. Do not, however, bog him down with all of your emotional problems. He's not the kind of guy who likes to deal with it because it depresses him and steps on his freedom if you need too much long term help, support or follow up. Even so, he can be very generous with his friends and will spend a lot of time with them and shares everything with them. Even though he is seemingly a social butterfly, he always needs time for himself and needs this fact to be respected. He tends to disperse his energy on different tasks and doesn't just focus on one thing, thus often leaving a trail of unfinished projects in his wake. If he were to focus his energy in one place, his cleverness and intelligence would allow him to finish his project with success and creativity. Jinrai could make an excellent manager. He can motivate a team with his own enthusiasm and vitality. He could also make a great salesperson because his ease of communication allows him to be clever and make a comeback to anything a person says. He's known to be very persuasive and manipulative as well. He can easily justify any move he makes and explain any action.

Jinrai has the ability to react instantly to any situation, and as a result, he has a very nervous temperament. He can be compared to a wound up spring as he tries to take in all of the information of his surroundings at once. The fact that he enjoys various situations and people adds to his nervousness and that means that he's almost constantly wound up. However, if he experiences boredom and has nothing to do, he gets the same emotions and will seek excitement and variety. He's constantly conflicting, a bundle of emotions in one spontaneous, excitable package. However, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have his faults. One particular downfall of Jinrai is his superficiality. Instead of looking deep into a person's real qualities, Jinrai will judge a person based on the way someone treats him. This can lead Jinrai to have wrong impressions of people and can cause problems in his relationships. He can also have feelings of discouragement and moodiness, although he never allows this to be seen by anyone but his closest friends or family. He usually wants everyone to think that he's always happy, doing wonderfully and stress never affects him. Routine and boredom are Jinrai's biggest fears. Jinrai would rather be naive than know the depressing truth, he does not want anything putting a damper on his freedom or positive energy.

All in all, Jinraii is many sided, quick both in the mind and physically. He's brimming with energy and vitality and can be clever with words. He's intelligent and very adaptable to every situation and every person. Jinrai is curious and always wants to know what's going on in the world around him. He's not one to sit back and watch the world go by. Instead, he wants to be involved. This can sometimes make Jinrai nosy, and he does not mind his own business. This is because he really enjoys communicating, more so than most. Jinrai can talk and talk, but he has interesting things to say, his talk is not mindless babble. He has interesting opinions and thoughts on things and is not afraid to speak his mind. He is always in the know and is the one to see for the latest juicy gossip. Lacking perseverance, Jinrai easily goes off topic to explore another thought or idea. He can be superficial, and will form opinions on matters without diving into them and exploring them fully. This can lead him into thinking he knows everything, which he usually does, but his mind is too busy to be concerned with fine details.

When dating Jinrai, he is a great date - charming, witty, funny, clever, talkative, creative, adventurous, just make sure you can keep up with him! Many are drawn to him because of his zest for life and his vitality and enthusiasm. You may have competition to if you are trying to win his heart. Do not expect to win him and keep him all to yourself. He is flighty and dictates his own,. He will not allow himself to be pinned down and ruled by a partner. You are going to be his sidekick, not his passionate lover. He loves partners and is very good at persuading them and manipulating them with his cleverness getting them into bed, he will say anything to get what he wants. He is the master of seduction. If you are looking for a great fling, then Jinrai is your top choice. However, make sure you love to talk, that is the first rule about impressing him. Be knowledgeable about the topic you talk about too, because Jinrai is intelligent and has lots of knowledge about many things. If you are an expert on a certain topic, teach him about it, you will impress him because this know-it-all does not usually know fine details about a lot of things, and is usually too busy to bother to learn. Make sure you speak your mind, engage him in a friendly debate, but never be too conservative because he finds this dull. Be honest and loyal to Jinrai, once he has had his trust broken, he usually will never give it back again. He is easy to date and will do any activity anywhere. Just have fun, like you would with a friend because that's what Jinrai is.

1st Rank

  • Disguise Self- You make yourself—including clothing, armor, weapons, and equipment—look different. You can seem 1 foot shorter or taller, thin, fat, or in between. You cannot change your body type. Otherwise, the extent of the apparent change is up to you. You could add or obscure a minor feature or look like an entirely different person.

    The spell does not provide the abilities or mannerisms of the chosen form, nor does it alter the perceived tactile (touch) or audible (sound) properties of you or your equipment.

  • Detect Poison- You determine whether a creature, object, or area has been poisoned or is poisonous. You can, if your rank is high enough, determine the exact type of poison.
    The spell can penetrate barriers, but 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks it.

  • Feather Fall- The affected creatures or objects fall slowly. Feather fall instantly changes the rate at which the targets fall to a mere 60 feet per round (equivalent to the end of a fall from a few feet). However, when the spell duration expires, a normal rate of falling resumes.

    The spell affects one or more Medium or smaller creatures (including gear and carried objects up to each creature’s maximum load) or objects, or the equivalent in larger creatures: A Large creature or object counts as two Medium creatures or objects, a Huge creature or object counts as two Large creatures or objects, and so forth.

    You can cast this spell with an instant utterance, quickly enough to save yourself if you unexpectedly fall.

    This spell has no special effect on ranged weapons unless they are falling quite a distance.

    Feather fall works only upon free-falling objects. It does not affect a sword blow or a charging or flying creature.

  • Ghost Sound- Ghost sound allows you to create a volume of sound that rises, recedes, approaches, or remains at a fixed place. You choose what type of sound ghost sound creates when casting it and cannot thereafter change the sound’s basic character.

    The volume of sound created depends on your level. You can produce as much noise as four normal humans per level (maximum twenty humans). Thus, talking, singing, shouting, walking, marching, or running sounds can be created.

    The noise a ghost sound spell produces can be virtually any type of sound within the volume limit. A horde of rats running and squeaking is about the same volume as eight humans running and shouting. A roaring lion is equal to the noise from sixteen humans, while a roaring dire tiger is equal to the noise from twenty humans.

    Ghost sound can enhance the effectiveness of a silent image spell.

    Ghost sound can be made permanent with a permanency spell.

  • Obscuring Mist- A misty vapor arises around you. It is stationary once created. The vapor obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet.

    A moderate wind (11+ mph), such as from a gust of wind spell, disperses the fog in 2 posts. A strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 post. A fireball, flame strike, or similar spell burns away the fog in the explosive or fiery spell’s area. A wall of fire burns away the fog in the area into which it deals damage.

    This spell does not function underwater.

  • Sleep- A sleep spell causes a magical slumber to come upon a creature or creatures (no more than three). Creatures with the lowest power levels are affected first.

    Among creatures with equal power, those who are closest to the spell’s point of origin are affected first.

    Sleeping creatures are helpless. Slapping or wounding awakens an affected creature, but normal noise does not.

    Sleep does not target unconscious creatures, or constructs.

  • True Strike- You gain temporary, intuitive insight into the immediate future during your next attack.

    2nd Rank

  • Cat’s Grace- The transmuted creature becomes more graceful, agile, and coordinated. The spell grants an enhancement of dexterity and Reflex.

  • Darkness- This spell causes an object to radiate shadowy illumination out to a 20-foot radius. All creatures in the area are concealed (20% miss chance). Even creatures that can normally see in such conditions (such as with darkvision or low-light vision) have the miss chance in an area shrouded in magical darkness.

    Normal lights (torches, candles, lanterns, and so forth) are incapable of brightening the area, as are light spells of lower level. Higher level light spells are not affected by darkness.

    If darkness is cast on a small object that is then placed inside or under a lightproof covering, the spell’s effect is blocked until the covering is removed.

    Darkness counters or dispels any light spell of equal or lower spell level.

  • True Seeing- You confer on the subject the ability to see all things as they actually are. The subject sees through normal and magical darkness, notices secret doors hidden by magic, sees the exact locations of creatures or objects under blur or displacement spells, sees invisible creatures or objects normally, sees through illusions, and sees the true form of poly-morphed, changed, or transmuted things. Further, the subject can focus its vision to see into the Ethereal/Astral Plane (but not into extra-dimensional spaces). The range of true seeing conferred is 120 feet.

    True seeing, however, does not penetrate solid objects. It in no way confers X-ray vision or its equivalent. It does not negate concealment spells, including that caused by fog and the like. True seeing does not help the viewer see through mundane disguises, spot creatures who are simply hiding, or notice secret doors hidden by mundane means. In addition, the spell effects cannot be further enhanced with known magic, so one cannot use true seeing through a crystal ball or in conjunction with clairaudience/clairvoyance.

  • Illusory Script- You write instructions or other information on parchment, paper, or any suitable writing material. The illusory script appears to be some form of foreign or magical writing. Only the person (or people) designated by you at the time of the casting are able to read the writing; it’s unintelligible to any other character, although an illusionist recognizes it as illusory script.

    Any unauthorized creature attempting to read the script triggers a potent illusory effect. Only those with a high rank or power level can look away with only a mild sense of disorientation. If successfully dispelled by dispel magic, the illusory script and its secret message disappear. The hidden message can be read by a combination of the true seeing spell with the read magic or comprehend languages spell.

    The casting time depends on how long a message you wish to write, but it is always at least 1 minute.

  • Invisibility- The creature or object touched becomes invisible, vanishing from sight, even from darkvision. If the recipient is a creature carrying gear, that vanishes, too. If you cast the spell on someone else, neither you nor your allies can see the subject, unless you can normally see invisible things or you employ magic to do so.

    Items dropped or put down by an invisible creature become visible; items picked up disappear if tucked into the clothing or pouches worn by the creature. Light, however, never becomes invisible, although a source of light can become so (thus, the effect is that of a light with no visible source). Any part of an item that the subject carries that extends more than 10 feet from it becomes visible.

    Of course, the subject is not magically silenced, and certain other conditions can render the recipient detectable (such as stepping in a puddle). The spell ends if the subject attacks any creature. For purposes of this spell, an attack includes any spell targeting a foe or whose area or effect includes a foe.

    Actions directed at unattended objects do not break the spell. Causing harm indirectly is not an attack. Thus, an invisible being can open doors, talk, eat, climb stairs, summon monsters and have them attack, cut the ropes holding a rope bridge while enemies are on the bridge, remotely trigger traps, open a portcullis to release attack dogs, and so forth. If the subject attacks directly, however, it immediately becomes visible along with all its gear.

    Invisibility can be made permanent (on objects only) with a permanency spell.

  • Without A Trace- The subject or subjects can move through any type of terrain and leave neither footprints nor scent. Tracking the subjects is impossible by non-magical means.

  • Spider Climb- The subject can climb and travel on vertical surfaces or even traverse ceilings as well as a spider does. The subject gains a climbing area of 20 feet; furthermore, it need not speak the spell to traverse a vertical or horizontal surface (even upside down).

    A spider climbing creature retains its dexterity (if any) while climbing, and opponents get no special bonus to their attacks against it.

    3rd Rank

  • Deep Slumber- This spell functions like sleep, except that it affects 10 creatures.

  • Deeper Darkness- This spell functions like darkness, except that the object radiates shadowy illumination in a 60-foot radius and the darkness lasts longer.

    Daylight brought into an area of deeper darkness (or vice versa) is temporarily negated, so that the otherwise prevailing light conditions exist in the overlapping areas of effect.

    Deeper darkness counters and dispels any light spell of equal or lower level, including daylight and light.

  • Misdirection- By means of this spell, you misdirect the information from divination spells that reveal auras (detect evil, detect magic, discern lies, and the like). On casting the spell, you choose another object within range. For the duration of the spell, the subject of misdirection is detected as if it were the other object. Neither the subject nor the other object is safe from this effect.

    Detection spells provide information based on the second object rather than on the actual target of the detection.

    This spell does not affect other types of divination magic (augury, detect thoughts, clairaudience/clairvoyance, and the like).

  • Non-detection- The warded creature or object becomes difficult to detect by divination spells such as clairaudience/clairvoyance, location, and detect spells. Non-detection also prevents location by such magic items as crystal balls. If a divination is attempted against the warded creature or item, the caster of the divination must be a power level higher than the level of the spellcaster who cast non-detection.

    If cast on a creature, non-detection wards the creature’s gear as well as the creature itself.

    4th Rank

  • Dimension Door- You instantly transfer yourself from your current location to any other spot within range. You always arrive at exactly the spot desired—whether by simply visualizing the area or by stating direction. You can bring along objects as long as their weight doesn't exceed what you can lift. You may also bring one additional willing Medium or smaller creature (carrying gear or objects up to its maximum load) or its equivalent. A Large creature counts as two Medium creatures, a Huge creature counts as two Large creatures, and so forth. All creatures to be transported must be in contact with one another, and at least one of those creatures must be in contact with you.

    If there is no free space within 100 feet, you and each creature traveling with you are shunted to a free space within 1,000 feet. If there is no free space within 1,000 feet or spell simply fails if there is no free space at all.

  • Freedom of Movement- This spell enables you or a creature you touch to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell, even under the influence of magic that usually impedes movement, such as paralysis, solid fog, slow, and web.

    The spell also allows the subject to move and attack normally while underwater, even with slashing weapons such as axes and swords or with bludgeoning weapons such as flails, hammers, and maces, provided that the weapon is wielded in the hand rather than hurled.

    The freedom of movement spell does not, however, allow water breathing.

  • Locate Creature- This spell functions like locate object, except this spell locates a known or familiar creature.

    You slowly search and will sense the creature when you are facing in the direction of the creature is in, provided it is within range. You also know in which direction the creature is moving, if any.

    The spell can locate a creature of a specific kind or a specific creature known to you. To find a kind of creature, you must have seen such a creature up close (within 30 feet) at least once.

    Running water blocks the spell. It cannot detect objects. It can be fooled by illusion, non-detection, and poly-morph spells.

    5th Rank

  • False Life- You harness the power of un-life to grant yourself or another creature a limited ability to avoid death.

  • Erase- Erase removes writings of either magical or mundane nature from a scroll or from one or two pages of paper, parchment, or similar surfaces. With this spell, you can remove explosive runes, a glyph of warding, a sepia snake sigil, or an arcane mark, but not illusory script or a symbol spell.

    Non-magical writing is automatically erased if you touch it and no one else is holding it. Otherwise, the chance of erasing non-magical writing is only 90%.

    Magic writing must be touched to be erased.

  • Enervation- You point your finger and utter the incantation, releasing a black ray of crackling negative energy that suppresses the life force of any living creature it strikes. If the subject is of a lower level than the caster, it dies.

    Assuming the subject survives, it regains lost life force after a number of hours equal to your level (maximum 4 posts). Usually, this has a chance of permanently draining the victim’s life force, but the negative levels from enervation don’t last long enough to do so.

    An undead creature struck by the ray temporarily gains a boost in attacking power per 1 post.

  • Soul Swap- a demonic incantation written and cast to switch souls with a creature temporarily.

    It requires a lock of hair belonging to whoever the caster wishes to switch souls with, as well as their blood to be exchanged.

    Chaos Magic

    Level 1

  • Weakness- Causes the selected enemy unit to inflict less damage in combat. Spellpower determines the duration of effect.

  • Asha Uses All- The caster gains energy for each ally or enemy destroyed during combat.

  • Sorrow- Decreases morale and luck of selected enemy creature.

  • Eldritch Arrow- Shoots magic missile to deal non-physical damage to the selected enemy creature.

  • Stone spikes- Deals damage to all creatures in target area (cross form).

    Level 2

  • Decay-  Corrupts the ground targeted by the caster, causing anything the spell touches to begin to decay.

  • Vulnerability- Destroys armor of the target, reducing their defense. Can be cast several times on a single stack, but defense will not go lower once the target reaches their lowest point.

    Level 3

  • Confusion- Makes creatures in target enemy stack forget what they are doing on a battlefield. Some of the affected creatures will forget to use shooting attacks and retaliation strikes. (The spell does not work on undead, elemental and mechanical units.)

  • Suffering- Weakens the target enemy unit to decrease its Attack.

  • Fireball-  Deals fire damage to all units in the target area.

  • Firewall- Creates a wall of fire in the selected area on battlefield. Deals fire damage to all creatures in this area during several turns.

    Firewall duration: 3 turns. Firewall can be cast directly on units. Creatures suffer damage when Firewall is cast on them, when walking into it, and at the end of their turn when sitting in it (whatever their action).

    Level 4

  • Frenzy- Drives target stack of creatures frenzy. Frenzied stack considers all other creatures and war machines its personal enemies and attacks the nearest one with redoubled rage.

  • Curse of the Netherworld- All living creatures on the combat map are dealt lethal damage and can cause the target to die upon the first casting. If the target doesn't die upon the first casting, the target will suffer horrible illusions of the netherworld until driven insane and will soon perish.

  • Doom- Casts a spell on a target  that causes the target to be doomed to perish.

  • Puppet Master- Gives the caster temporary control over the selected enemy creature. Creature under this spell can't counter-attack. Control will be lost if the unit is attacked Puppet Master is cast on another target.

  • Meteor Shower- Deals massive earth damage to all creatures in target area.

    Level 5

  • Deep Freeze-  Freezes the target, immediately inflicting ice damage and causing it to suffer increased physical damage during a certain amount of time due to frostbites.

    Any physical damage suffered by the target in the next turn is increased by 30%.

  • Implosion- Deals damage to a single targeted enemy unit.

  • Armageddon- Deals massive fire damage to all creatures and war machines on a battlefield and local physical damage in the point of impact.

    Creatures in the center of the battlefield are hit by the rock, and suffer extra physical damage (thus ignoring Magic Protection, Resistance and Immunities).

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Posts : 2151
Reputation Points : 1
Join date : 2012-09-05
Age : 26
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Character sheet
Name: Haru
Age: 23
Species: Vampire

Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル)   Jinrai Aegir (迅雷 アエギル) EmptyWed Jul 20, 2016 12:55 am

*Special Abilities:

  • Supernatural Survivability- The user is able to survive massive and even horrific injuries or damage, or almost any level of danger or circumstances. In some cases simply managing to cheat death even in seemingly inescapable and deadly situations.

  • Enhanced Agility- User with this ability can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.

    Agility is "the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration", the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance.

    Peak Human Agility: User's agility is at the peak of perfection. Although, not a supernatural level.
    Supernatural Agility: User's agility is superior to what natural can accomplish.
    Absolute Agility: User's ability is limitless, it is impossible to strike the user.

  • Enhanced Combat-The user is unbelievably skilled in most known forms of fighting. They can be exceptionally proficient in the fighting traditions of a variety of cultures and become advanced with their own individual methods of close quarter combat, including martial arts (from all over the world), boxing, and wrestling. They can also become super-humanly skilled in their use of weaponry.

  • Enhanced Jump- Users can jump incredible distances and land safely, covering frighteningly tall heights and long distances. Usually comes with strong legs. In some cases a jump can fool an observer into believing the person is "Flying".

    1. Not actual Flight.
    2. Legs require full operation, may even require a running start.

  • Enhanced Durability- The user's physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing them to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.

  • Enhanced Endurance- Users can operate on a low power setting, allowing them to operate for an extended amount of time. They can hold their breath for longer periods of time and remain calm through stressful or painful situations, tolerate extreme hunger, unbearable thirst, and strong urges to sleep.

  • Enhanced Senses- The user has extremely accurate senses, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and/or feel more than an average member of their species.
    The Five Senses:

  • Enhanced Hearing- Ears pick up every single sound, and can decipher layer upon layer of noise; has the ability to pick up a conversation from a mile away in a busy city. May even mutate into Echolocation.

  • Enhanced Smell- Users can detect specific smells, and locate their origin. Some may even be able to tell if some one is lying by which hormones they excrete.

  • Enhanced Taste- Users may be able to detect poisons or other problems, Usually accompanies enhanced smell.

  • Enhanced Touch- Some can feel so acutely that to rub the users hand on a paper would be like reading the page, sensing every bump ripple or wave. Some may even be able to tell of distant occurrences felt through vibrations in the earth.

  • Enhanced Vision- Can see with amazing clarity, distance, or color, perhaps even in a different spectrum of light or into other dimensions.

  • Enhanced Awareness- All senses are attuned to nearby activity.

  • Enhanced Balance- Sense of equilibrium and ability to use it well.

  • Night Vision- User has excellent night vision, the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range.

  • Enhanced Speed- Users can move much faster than the average member of their species, some near or at the speed of sound, or even faster. However, this power is not without any ill effects, as it can strain the body, although some users may be resistant or even immune to the effects of high speed travel, including friction, g-force, inertia, etc.

  • Enhanced Strength- Users have incredible ability to defy weight limitations of the member of their race, but not completely break them. Dense, lengthy, or overweight items are easy to move and simple to use in nearly any manner. Users can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor- The user can rapidly regenerate, in other words, they recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs, sometimes slowing, or even stopping, aging. The rate and amount of healing varies widely (see Levels of Regeneration), some can regrow missing limbs, others must put the limb back in place for rapid regeneration. They are generally in very good physical shape as their bodies are constantly reverting to healthy state.

    Weakest Level
    o Minor to moderate wounds heal near-instantaneously, to the point of as though they never happened.
    o Lost limbs and internal organs may be completely regenerated.
    o Damaged nerves can be healed to a certain extent.
    o Cellular senescence is drastically reduced, if not completely halted, granting decelerated aging/eternal youth.
    o Critically and fatally damaged cells can regenerate, preventing scars.
    o User can regenerate as long as the head/brain is damaged to no more than a certain level.
    o Disease Immunity
    o User is near-completely unaffected by toxin or drugs.
    o Destruction of the head is one of the few sure methods to ensure the user of this level's death.
    o Healing strength may be so powerful, the blood is enriched with healing powers that can be used to heal others.
    o Tumorous cells may actually be multiplied via regeneration as they are considered living cells.

    Normal Level
    o Cellular regeneration and rejuvenation would be so powerful, the user would be close to true immortality.
    o Brain cells and nerves can be completely repaired, to the point of keeping the mind intact.
    o Decapitation can be reduced in effectiveness as the user can reattach their heads an seal the cut.
    o Contaminant Immunity
    o User is forever in their optimal health and physical prime.
    o Tumorous cells will be healed to the point of returning to their optimal, healthy form.
    o The only way to inflict long term exhaustion and injury on the user is to use attacks faster than the speed of regeneration at a repeated rate.

    Strongest Level
    o User may regenerate completely as long as one cell or even molecule remains intact.
    o Decapitation would be pointless as user can regenerate a head, or the head can regenerate a whole new body.
    o Impossible to exhaust or permanently injure, regardless of attack speed.
    o Removal of soul or temporal erasure are the only methods of killing the user.

  • Fear Inducement- The user can evoke and increase fear and horror in others causing the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals. The victim’s perception may be altered, causing them see their environment as ominous and the user as dark and foreboding, or even seen as a monster.

    1. Users of Psychic Shield, Fearlessness or Indomitable Will are either immune or highly resistant.
    2. May be overpowered by Courage Inducement.

  • Immobilization- User can immobilize target completely or partially, causing them to be left without movement and sensation. Making motor functions and muscle movement unavailable, the victim may freeze on the spot or crumple to the ground.

    1. The effect will always wear off eventually.
    2. May be limited on how many times it can be used or how many targets it can be used on.
    3. Some targets may be immune.
    4. User may not be immune.
    5. May need physical contact.

  • Physical Disruption- The user is able to damage and disrupt, displace, or delete tangible matter by phasing parts of one's body through it and un-phasing said body parts, or simply phasing through it. When used on living creatures, it can be potentially fatal.

    1. Materializing body-part inside something may be unpleasant, painful, damaging or even lethal.

  • Black Magic- Traditionally references the use of supernatural powers for evil and selfish purposes. This magic includes True Name Spells, Necromancy, and Curses/Hexes.

  • True name spells- The theory that knowing a person's true name allows control over that person, making this wrong for the same reason. This can also be used as a connection to the other person, or to free them from another's compulsion, so it is in the grey area.

  • Curses/Hexes- A curse can be as simple as wishing something bad would happen to another, to a complex ritual.

  • Chaos Magic- A magical variation of Black Magic and is more serious in the fact that this magic has no rules except for the ones that it borrows liberally from other belief systems. Chaos magic is often highly individualistic. Due to chaos magic having a central belief that belief is a tool, it is seen as an even darker form of magic than its 'father', Black Magic.

  • Shape-shifting- known to appear in a form of headless man (who would vanish in flames), headless lady, white cat, dog, rabbit and black dog.

    1. May revert back to original form when unconscious or asleep.
    2. May require visual or genetic source material for a copy to be made.
    3. May be limited on how long transformation can last.
    4. May be unable to add mass, thus maintaining the physical capabilities of it's original form.
    5. May have to stay near their own size.
    6. May have trouble with returning to original form.
    7. May be limited to humanoid shapes (human, werebeasts, etc).
    8. May retain characteristics of their original form in their new shape (i.e., color scheme, birthmarks, scars, etc.).
    9. May only be able to partially imitate personality traits, thus people acquainted with the person being impersonated may get suspicious.
    10. May not be able to change genetic coding (meaning blood type, gender and DNA coding), though this does not limit the user from changing into an animal, liquid form, and such.
    11. Staying extended periods in single form may start affecting the users behavior or even make them forget their true self.
    12. Some users may be able to change forms (categorized as humans, cats, weapons, a body of water, etc.), but cannot shape that form into their own customization; instead, it must match their original form's shape.
    13. Such shape that cannot be altered include genetic coding (gender, hair color, blood type), physical appearance (such as a girl cannot change her facial or body structure to resemble another girl's, and while she can change into a cat her fur pattern is based on her own form) and design (such as the girl changing her body into a sword but cannot customize its design for decorative effects).
    14. This may not include the user's age, as it is an aspect of their original form.
    15. Users of Shape-shifting Awareness will see their real forms.
    16. Users of Shape-shifting Negation may forcefully revert the user to their real form.
    17. Users of Mind Reading can read the user's mind and know who they truly are.
    18. Process may be painful.
    19. May be involuntary; user has no control over their transformations.

  • Lightning Manipulation- User can create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), allowing control over electric fields, all charge carriers (Ions, Electrons, Protons, and Positrons), electronics, and electromagnetic forces.

    1. May be unable to create electricity, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
    2. Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.
    3. Electricity needs a conductor like metal or water to move through and may be insulated by non-conductive matter such as air.
    4. Electricity may be redirected by certain materials.
    5. May be limited only to the path of least resistance.
    6. May become useless if confronted electrical resistant material such as rubber or silicate.
    7. May have to find electrical sources of power in order to recharge.
    8. Reflection Manipulation could cause a problem since it's unclear if users are immune or not.
    8. May have problems using electronics.
    10. Users may short circuit if hit with water.

Lightning Magic

  • Sparks- When cast, the spell sprays a jet of electricity continuously.

  • Ball Lightning- The use creates  two globes of lightning that fly in whichever direction the user indicates. Depending on the caster's strength, they can create up to a maximum of five globes of lightning. These globes fly at a rate of 20 feet per post and have perfect maneuverability. Wind does not affect a flying sphere's course.

    If a globe enters a space with a target, it stops moving for the post and deals electricity damage to that target, though a target with fast enough reflexes can avoid this damage. Targets wearing metal causes this attack to deal double damage.

    Each globe moves as long as the caster actively directs it, otherwise they stay at rest. These globes have no mass and cannot push aside unwilling creatures or move solid objects. A ball lightning globe winks out if it exceeds the spell's range.

  • Lightning Bolt- Deals lightning damage to selected enemy unit.

  • Digger Bolt- A lethal spell which shoots out a blast of lightning from the palm of the extended arm.

  • Thunderbolt- When cast, the spell shoots out a large blast of electricity that deals a high level of damage to an intended target. However, Thunderbolt must be momentarily charged, then fired, leaving a window of attack open if there isn't a person to guard the caster.

  • Chain Lightning- Deals massive lightning damage to several adjacent creatures (up to 4), starting with the selected one. Every next creature in the chain gets the half of the damage inflicted to the previous one.

  • Sheet Lightning- The user creates a dazzling flash of electricity that fills the target area. Sheet lightning inflicts electricity damage to all creatures within the area of effect. The true power of the spell, though, lies not in the damage it inflicts but in the overwhelming pain the lightning creates. The sudden flash and jolt dazes living creatures for 1 post if they fail to dodge. Creatures that dodge are instead dazzled for 1 post.  Any creature wearing metal takes a double damage when struck completely and half damage when dodging.

  • Lightning Arc- The caster generates an arc of lightning between two targets. The lightning deals electricity damage up to a maximum of 90 volts of electricity to both targets and any creatures in a line connecting them. The spell fails if there is no line of effect between the targets. Lightning arc sets fire to combustibles and damages objects in its path. It can melt metals that have a low melting point, such as lead, gold, copper, silver, or bronze.

  • Living Lightning- The caster develops a spell that he or she can cast; thereafter, the spell can effectively “cast itself.” When the caster casts the spell, a stroke of energy deals electricity damage to each creature within the spell’s area. Living lightning is sentient and generally friendly toward the caster. It has the caster's mental ability, but does not have the caster's physical ability. It senses the world through the caster's senses and communicates with him or her by thought. As a self-triggering spell, it isn’t truly alive but is a fragment of the caster's personality. It cares little for the world around it, but at the caster's urging (and sometimes at its own discretion) it casts itself at his or her foes.

  • Shocking Grasp- The caster's hand is enveloped in lightning. When they touch a target, they deal low voltage electricity damage up to 30 volts. When delivering the jolt, the caster deals double damage if the opponent is wearing metal.

  • Dynast Bras- Lightning falls around the target in a pentagram, and then the lightning rushes towards the target. Calls on the power of Dynast Golhorhara a Monster of the deep Oceans long forgotten in time.

  • Call Lightning- Immediately upon completion of the spell, and once per post thereafter, the caster may call down a 5-foot-wide, 30-foot-long, vertical bolt of lightning that deals electricity damage. The bolt of lightning flashes down in a vertical stroke at whatever target point the caster chooses within the spell’s range (measured from their position at the time). Any creature in the target area or in the path of the bolt is affected. The caster can call up to a maximum of 10 bolts of lightning.

    If the caster is outdoors and in a stormy area—a rain shower, clouds and wind, hot and cloudy conditions, or even a tornado (including a whirlwind)—each bolt deals 10 times the damage instead of the usual damage.

    This spell functions indoors or underground but not underwater.

  • Call Lightning Storm- This spell functions like call lightning, except that each bolt deals 5 times the damage, and the caster may call a maximum of 15 bolts.

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