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 Usure Kioku (薄れ記憶)

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Usure Kioku (薄れ記憶) Empty
PostSubject: Usure Kioku (薄れ記憶)   Usure Kioku (薄れ記憶) EmptyTue Apr 30, 2013 12:55 am

Full Name: Usure Kioku (薄れ記憶).
Meaning of Name: Faded Memory.
*Nickname: N/A.
Astrological Sign: N/A.
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 19.
Human Eye Color: Red.
Human Hair Color: Black.
Type of Build/Body: Slim and fit.
Height: 6'7''.
Weight: 245 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: Usure has a tendency to wear white with black accents. He is most often seen wearing a white dress shirt with a black tie and black dress pants with white shoes. Another thing that Usure is most famous for (if he lets you remember his face) is the white bandanna that he wears to cover his mouth and nose. This bandanna has a wicked smile stretching across it making him seem like he is constantly smiling even when he is angry or sad.

  • He has incredible agility and speed. His senses are incredibly keen- able to taste the rain on the air during a perfectly sunshiny day- he can hear the wind brushing against blades of grass when there is no breeze. Usure can see the minute differences between blades of grass and his sense of touch is so fine that he can tell you the differences in weaves of silk just by touch alone no matter how small.

  • Memory Fade- This ability allows the user to cause a person to lose all memory of a person existing, allowing the user to go unbothered by anything in life. If something happens with someone, the user can simply make them forget it happened.

Attitude/Personality: Considered to be crazy, Usure is a quiet yet violent individual who will give no warning when he attacks. He stays out of the way, choosing to simply blend into the faces of the crowd most of the time. The only way to get him to speak to you is if he finds interest in you, even then, there are no guarantees that he'll let you keep your memory of him.

He can also be very relaxed and easy going. The only time he is as such is if he feels that you are trust worthy. Problem is, he never finds any one to be trust worthy or even worth letting remember his face.

Talents: He excels in hand to hand combat and even combat with a weapon. His other interests include playing sports, singing, and perhaps even a bit of drawing.

Images For character:
Usure Kioku (薄れ記憶) Oc__halloween_by_yaoilollipop7-d4gw1w4

History: Born to a normal family in Tokyo, Usure had an interesting childhood. He was born to a human family, yet he himself was not. His parents were just as dumbfounded as the doctors were and wondered why their son was born an immortal. He never really showed any signs of needing blood like a vampire, or shifting like a werewolf. Usure was simply marvle among science. Or so they believed.

As he grew into a young teen, his aging process began to slow and he began to become more and more violent and uncontrollable. His parents fought to contain his immense aggression, but constantly failed. Their son would get angry over the smallest of things, and would leave the house for hours and hours. When he returned home, he would have blood on his school uniform and even on his face. His parents knew then what they had given birth to. He had been born into a human family, he had been born a vampire, but didn't start to show signs of it until he hit puberty at the age of 15.

When his parents realized what he was, they immediately began to trace their ancestry and their history. The mother's family, like the fathers, were both littered with vampire ancestors and half vampire ancestors. Feeling the weight of their burden, they both committed suicide; The mother by hanging herself, and the father by shooting himself at point blank range with a double barrel shot gun. Usure is said to have went crazy after discovering both of his parent's bodies.

He has moved on, discovered his powers and learned that he can fade away and make everyone forget him if he wills it to be so. He now spends his time sitting in the back of his senior class and keeping everyone from even seeing him.
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Usure Kioku (薄れ記憶)
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