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 Rusui no Kioku (留守居の記憶)

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Rusui no Kioku (留守居の記憶) Empty
PostSubject: Rusui no Kioku (留守居の記憶)   Rusui no Kioku (留守居の記憶) EmptyTue Apr 30, 2013 1:08 am

Full Name: Rusui no Kioku (留守居の記憶).
Meaning of Name: Keeper of Memories.
*Nickname: Rusui.
Astrological Sign: N/A.
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 18.
Human Eye Color: Blue Violet
Human Hair Color: Black
Type of Build/Body: Tall and well built.
Height: 6'4''.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: The only noticeable thing about Rusui is that he has two piercings a few inches apart from the other under his right eye and of course...once you meet him and he's either comfortable with you or he fights you, you will see that he has quite the interesting trait.

Rusui, thanks to his memory keeping abilities, can remove his right eye, which is attached to him with a chain, and allow others to see their own memories or even the memories of another.

  • He has incredible agility and speed. His senses are incredibly keen- able to taste the rain on the air during a perfectly sunshiny day- he can hear the wind brushing against blades of grass when there is no breeze. Rusui can see the minute differences between blades of grass and his sense of touch is so fine that he can tell you the differences in weaves of silk just by touch alone no matter how small.

  • Memory Fade- This ability allows the user to cause a person to lose all memory of a person existing, allowing the user to go unbothered by anything in life. If something happens with someone, the user can simply make them forget it happened.

  • Memory Adaption- This ability allows the user to alter existing memories or events allowing them to change how one knew it to be, making loved ones and friends into hated enemies and hated enemies into best friends for example.

  • Memory Viewing- The user of this ability can target someone and see all of their memories from the moment they were born to the point in time now.

  • Memory Illusion- The user of his ability can implant false memories up to and including themselves always being a part of the persons life. Their friends their family everyone should know them as they were involved in so many of their memories.

  • Memory Blossom- The user of this ability can learn a persons life and completely erase it rewriting them to be whoever they want, name, place of birth, friends, family....where they went to school where they grew up.....he can cause a completely new life to blossom within the soul of an already existing being......just by remaking them.....

Attitude/Personality: Like his brother he is considered to be one step away from ridding the crazy train.....he can be just as unstable and yet stable all at once where there is almost no warning at all when Usure's mood changes Rusui for the most part remains calm and collected. His attitude doesn't shift all over the board. But wither or not he allows you any memory of him at all.....depends on several factors if you remember him then you've met his criteria.....lucky you.

Talents: Like his brother, he excels in hand to hand combat. Yet has a softer side which adores painting and music.

Images For character:
Rusui no Kioku (留守居の記憶) Anime-boy-eye-dark-Favimcom-464836_large_zpsb507cef0

History: Like his older brother, Rusui was born a vampire to his human parents. However, he was the less violent of the two. Able to control himself, Rusui was seen as the 'better son' and thus was favored. However, the brothers were quite close.

The one to discover their parents was Usure, but that didn't stop Rusui from knowing. Able to see memories being made, he was able to see his older brothers memories of their parents as they formed. Surprisingly, Rusui was the one who was left unaffected by the incident while Usure supposedly let the incident drive him insane...not that he wasn't already half way there to begin with...

Now he is with his older brother, living in the same town and same ritzy apartment complex, they're quite social beings....despite their abilities, they're very active in the city. Those in the city are as unsuspecting as ever...
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Rusui no Kioku (留守居の記憶)
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