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 Kanseina Shikei (閑静な死刑)

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PostSubject: Kanseina Shikei (閑静な死刑)   Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:36 am

Full Name: Kanseina Shikei (閑静な死刑).
Meaning of Name: Quiet Death.
*Nickname: Kansei, Seina.
Astrological Sign: unknown.
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 22.
Human Eye Color: Ice blue.
Human Hair Color: Light crimson.
Type of Build/Body: tall lean and well built.
Height: 6'1".
Weight: 175 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: His ear is pierced just above the earlobe.  Odd markings appear all up and down his back and arms.........which he almost always keeps covered.......almost.

Skills: As a human he possess uncanny psi abilities. Or rather he can heal an injury by touch alone up to an including death.....if they just died. He can also create shields to protect himself and others.

Uncanny strength he can crush diamond in his bare hand.

Uncanny agility and reflexes as well as stamina.

During the day his ability to heal is a-wall but the rest of his powers are still there.....plus some changes. His red hair lengthens his fingers length as well as hard bone like scales forming over his arms and down his back. As well as spikes down either side of his spin and over his forearms. A long thick tail forms covered in those bone like spikes......spikes and scales on his cheekbones and next to his eyebrows.

The ability to heal is replaced with the uncanny ability to crush any and all sound......breathing heartbeat everything even the sound of ones screams of terror..........his most terrifying ability is his ability to kill to rip a person apart quietly in the matter of thirty seconds or less and be gone in the time it takes for there first drop of spilled blood to hit the ground............

During both day and night his ability to heal his own injuries is scary. One could cut off his head rip out his heart and it will heal back even as the action is being done making it seem impossible to kill him. It's not......it just takes a reaper or reaper's weapon to end............a Shadowfaux.

Attitude/Personality: Kanseina is a very kind and gentle man. In fact he runs an orphanage for young boys who have lost there family those boys are his world and heaven forbid anything should happen to them. The boys ironically enough.........are the few people out there who aren't afraid of him. The only down side.........he can't cook his meat.......During the day he travels with the children covered in a thick black cloak that hides everything including his face.

Talents: He can cook and make things out of clay.

Images For character:

History: Kanseina has lived all of his life with the knowledge that he is for lack of a better term a true monster. Not some fairy tale fantasy monster that the people can chase away. But a real tried and true monster. His father was one only coming around his mother at nightfall to seduce her because if she saw him during the day she'd run in fear. Kanseina was born lucky at night when he wasn't monsterous to look at and yet the next morning his father's 'curse' made itself known. Yet despite that his mother kept him locked him away during the day and only let him out a night telling others that he had a medical condition that made his skin over sensitive to the sunlight. That condition was what he became during the day.

AS she grew older though he aged slowly as slowly as a vampire after the first year of his life watching this human grow old and die slowly before his eyes despite having human blood in his veins he showed no signs of aging like she did and then she died and he still looked no more then in his early twenties.

One day he came across a group of fifteen orphaned boys between the ages of six and ten and brought them with him to the house he had lived in growing up the mansion that belonged to him more or less and began to bring them up covering up in a heavy cloak from head to foot during the day with the same excuse and yet one one of the boys accidentally discovered the truth and the others were there as well they weren't afraid of him not of his bizzare eating habits that made it so he couldn't cook the meat he ate. Nothing else just meat. But the boys all fifteen of them weren't afraid of the 'mosnter' that took care of him. Saying that they knew he watched over them and protected them.

And yet the outside world, the world beyond those walls had. They had hunted him once a monster they tried to remove and get rid of. It's been a year since he found the boys and took them in and they have become his world a world that he cherishes and woe be it to the one who attempts to take that small slice of happiness away from him........he'll kill them..........and leave no evidence behind.
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Kanseina Shikei (閑静な死刑)
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