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 Kanari Karui

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Full Name: Kanari Karui
Meaning of Name: Pure Light
*Nickname: Kana
Astrological Sign: Ares
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 19
Human Eye Color: Ebony Black
Human Hair Color: Ruby red
Type of Build/Body: Small lean and athletically built.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115lbs
Distinguishing Marks: None

Skills: At this time other then being a highly proficient street fighter he has no magical skills of his own.

Attitude/Personality: Independent, and not one to take nonsense off of anyone. He tends to do his own thing and can't be weighed by any astrological sign as he seems to bounce all over the place.

Talents: he can dance and play any sport and win.

Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
History: Kanari swore his parents hated him most of his life. His older brother was there at the age of four when he was born and his parents unable to decide a name for him asked his four year old brother and thus he got named forever Kanari Karui meaning 'Pretty light'. As a child he was always considered brilliant beyond his years. His parents were a bit frightened by it but let him go and do as he wished. Although he cut class he still managed to maintain high enough grades to be in the top three precential of his school. He excels at sports in fact there isn't much he isn't good at. At a fair three years ago he ran into someone who told him that everyone had yin and yang inside of them a balance but he had neither he had Rei and Shin. Although he was completely human he had light and shadow.

They also told him that by the time he was nineteen he would loose his shadow. When he countered wasn't that the same as loosing his so called 'Shin' they said no. That that would remain, but that his shadow would begin to fade and without his shadow he himself would fade. He had not believed them then thinking that it was some sort of weird joke.

Three years have gone by and he has indeed lost his so called shadow. Or rather his appearance has changed as if his 'shadow' and himself became one being instead of himself and his shadow he has none never casts one and never fades all can see him. He is a being of light a child of light a human who houses a Rei an infinite source of light inside of him. So brilliant that it caused the human and shin parts of him to become one. Now though he must figure out who he loves where he wishes to be because everywhere the nineteen year old turns around there are those after him and the power nestled in his soul a power that he has absolutely no access to.

At night one can still see traces of what he once looked like. Light chestnut brown hair and blue grey eyes. Always wrapped around his neck a 'dog-collar' something like his trade mark. But the rest of the time is raven black hair and ruby red eyes........and he's always carrying hidden on his person these days a set of long daggers hidden........to protect himself. Which he can fight with as if they were an extension of his hands and arms.

He's a true street fighter, dresses in a white shirt and black vest crimson red pants and white wrapped around one leg black boots he has a trade mark style and well......he's not a nice kid to mess with. Something of a punk..........that is....if you make yourself his enemy.
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Kanari Karui
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