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 Yōsei Ushinawa're (妖精失われ)

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PostSubject: Yōsei Ushinawa're (妖精失われ)   Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:18 am

Full Name: Yōsei Ushinawa're (妖精失われ)
Meaning of Name: Lost Fairy
*Nickname: Ushina
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 22
Human Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Human Hair Color: Long shaggy Dark chestnut Brown
Type of Build/Body: Tall altheltically built and strong
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 165lbs
Distinguishing Marks:When he wants to he can form blood red feathered wings.........always there curving around his shoulder blades due to the wings are feathered like markings.

Skills: The ability of tongue's he's able to speak any language even that of animals, can affect the weather around him and change a persons fate with his actions. He's an 'fire' spirit able to manipulate fire to the point it burns soo hot it's cold and in all of it's forms be it magma or even that of a sun....being a hunter a fallen angel who fell because he he enjoys the hunt far too much he goes after those who commit the most vile of sins......

Attitude/Personality: 'Fire signs tend to be energetic , courageous, idealistic, self-suffcient, and dynamic. Their initiative, vision, and need to be in charge push them towards positions of leadership.

He is a wanderer and a truth-seeker. Yosei is inherently exuberant and enthusiastic and has an inquiring mind that is captivated by the world and everything in it. Knowledge and independence are the hallmarks of his existience. With his restless nature and passion for variety and change, Yosei needs a lot of freedom to pursue his many interests. He particularly enjoys traveling, visiting exotic places, and meeting new people.. Yosei's equally at home in the outdoors,  on the open road, or in a classroom. He views life as an ongoing search for knowledge and experience and as an engaging adventure in which the journey itself is more important than the destination.

Yosei has a wide-ranging mentality  equipped with intelligence, foresight and intuition. His forte is taking action and initiating things. Although Yosei 's intentions may be grand, he is better at starting projects then finishing them. He'll sometimes lose interest before a job is completed and begin looking around for something fresher and more exciting. Josei is a gambler and a risk taker by nature. Overconfidence can become a problem, especially if he over-extends himself financially. However he is the lucky sort and resourceful, and when he falls, he manages to get right back up on his feet.

Yosei typically loves to party, and he enjoys a very active social life. Yosei is outgoing and, playful and flirtatious, and no one is more adept then him at working a crowd. IN intimate relationships he makes a charming sexy lover who is affectionate, straightforward, and sincere. An idealist who truly believes that each new love is going to last forever. However, he loves his freedom and independence more then anything or anyone. He means to be faithful, but he is a hunter and if he finds someone more appealing, he may suddenly take off in pursuit of his new interest.

Talents: He can sing as can all angelic beings.....even the fallen ones....
Images For character:

Adhene: The Adhene are Manx fairies, also known as Cloan ny moyrn which means Children of the Pride or ambition. From the north east mythology,

In Manx Folklore, fairies are fallen angels that were exiled from heaven along with Satan. because they were regarded as having been fallen angels cast from heaven but too good for hell. They were cast out from heaven because they were so ambitious, always making plans to throw ODIN "father of Gods and the ruler of Asgard" and take his place. so ODIN cast them to earth so they can nourish the human spirit the ambition and pride that were missing before them.

When they fell, they rained down from heaven in a thick shower that lasted for three days and three nights. They live in the earth, the air, and the sea, adn that is where they will continue to live until Judgement.

They are not small like English fairies, they are shy, and most of them are female. You can see them playing in waterfalls and dancing on the tops of mountains. They are beautiful, and mischievous, but mostly benevolent, however there are those who are more sinister than most.

The malevolent fairies live apart from the others in caverns, heavy fogs, and other dark places. They delight in causing misery but it is believed that they can not harm a person on an errand of mercy.

Saue Jee mee voish Cloan ny moyrn (God save me from the Children of Pride) To protect yourself unless you are an errand of mercy.

History: At one time Yosei was an angel in the heavens a hunter who tracked down those who would defile the scared place. A good man but when it was required of him to give up his sword and live a quiet peaceful life he could not lay down his blade. And thus was cast off as a Angel of Pride. A Child of pride to spend his days on the earth wandering until the final day where he like so many others would be judged. Even now Yosei is unable to lay down his sword lay down the pride that comes with fighting for others and living with it and travels to remove those that are so vile they would cause harm to everyone around them. Too corrupt for the heavens and yet far too pure for hell he is forever trapped to walk the worlds of man banished till the end of days.
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Yōsei Ushinawa're (妖精失われ)
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