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 Sekai Cheisā (世界チェイサー) [Loki]

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Sekai Cheisā (世界チェイサー) [Loki]  Empty
PostSubject: Sekai Cheisā (世界チェイサー) [Loki]    Sekai Cheisā (世界チェイサー) [Loki]  EmptyFri Sep 21, 2012 12:45 am

Full Name: Sekai Cheisā (世界チェイサー) [Loki]
Meaning of Name: World Chaser
*Nickname: Sly One, Lie-Smith, Sly-God, Shape-Changer, Sky Traveler and Sky Walker.
Astrological Sign:

Human Appearance
Human Age: 35
Human Eye Color: Deep intense glowing dark blue
Human Hair Color: Crimson Red
Type of Build/Body: Tall and lean muscular He's built from he to to with compact muscles. Despite his weight it's all streamline muscles....
Height: 7'6"
Weight: 410lbs
Distinguishing Marks: He has no 'birthmarks' But his ear is pierces three times on both ears the first two hoops the last an ear cuff. He's always seen with long black onyx ears hanging down.

Skills: Loki is a Fire Giant. Loki is a shape-shifter and gender shifter, a helper, but also the consummate trouble maker. and in separate incidents he appears in the form of a salmon, mare, seal, a fly, and possibly an beautiful woman. He can cause quakes and things to happen in nature that no other can. Anything that can go wrong will be his doing. The master of mischief and Chaos.
Another quality of Loki is that his sense of foresight is quite remarkable, as he can usually figure things out way before anyone else does. Loki possess uncanny magical abilities as well as a staff whose power is unparalleled.

Attitude/Personality: Loki is light-hearted and mischievous with little regard to the consequences of his actions. has an aversion to deep water, as well as a possibly small case of amaxophobia, since he seems to hate riding in cars. (Or perhaps he simply becomes carsick.) Loki has many romantic interests.

Talents: Loki and sing and dance, Paint and play any instrument before him.
Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Loki or Loptr is a god or jötunn (or both). Loki is the son of Fárbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. He is the father of Fenrir, Varnel (Jormungand), and Hel. Fenrir is the eldest, Jormungand is the second son of Loki and Hel the only daughter.

His depiction is complicated and contradictory an incarnation of "impulsive intelligence."

In the Edda Loki transforms himself into a mare to lure away a stallion and therefore help the gods. As a mare, Loki gives birth to the stallion Sleipnir. Loki also sires the wolf Fenrir.

Loki tricks the blind god Hod into shooting Balder with the only entity that hasn't sworn an oath not to hurt Balder; that is, mistletoe. As punishment for his role in the permanent death of Balder, Loki is bound to a jagged cliff until world's end, Ragnarok. Loki is malevolent, cunning, clumsy, magical, and eloquent. He often associates with Thor or Odin.

Loki is known as a trickster. He is described in the Prose Edda as a "contriver of fraud". Although he doesn’t appear often in the Eddas, he is generally described as a member of the family of Odin. Despite his divine or demi-god status, there's little evidence to show that Loki had a following of worshippers of his own; in other words, his job was mostly to make trouble for other gods, men, and the rest of the world.

A shapeshifter who could appear as any animal, or as a person of either sex, Loki was constantly meddling in the affairs of others, mostly for his own amusement. Disguised as a woman, Loki fools Frigga into telling him about the weakness of her son Baldur. Just for fun, Loki tricks Baldur's blind twin, Hod, into killing him with a spear made of mistletoe. At one point, Loki spent eight years disguised as a milkmaid, and got stuck milking cows because his disguise was so convincing.

Loki is typically described as the husband of the goddess Sigyn, but he seems to have procreated with just about anyone and anything that struck his fancy. Because he could take male or female form, at one point Loki turned himself into a mare and mated with a mighty stallion, so he actually was the mother of Odin's magical eight-legged horse Sleipnir.

Loki is known for bringing about chaos and discord, but by challenging the gods, he also brings about change. Without Loki's influence, the gods may become complacent, so Loki does actually serve a worthwhile purpose, much as Coyote does in the Native American tales, or Anansi the spider in African lore.

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Sekai Cheisā (世界チェイサー) [Loki]
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