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 Fujun'na Shishi

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Character sheet
Name: Kirameku Takusen
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PostSubject: Fujun'na Shishi   Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:51 am

Full Name: Fujun'na Shishi
Meaning of Name: Impure Beast
*Nickname: Fu or Jun
Astrological Sign:
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: Unknown. Appears to be 19
Human Eye Color: Radiant Gold
Human Hair Color: Shimmering Pure White
Type of Build/Body: Tall lean and Doll-like. Fu is small boned for a vampwolf and very delicate built. Among wolves he'd be more of a scouting breed then a hunting or fighting but since such things are not nessary he's more of a treasured keepsake in the past to his clan....a pet to even his own family except for Kusatta who viewed him as strong.
Height: 6'
Weight: 125 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Born with a birth defect due to being a runt a birth. He can no matter how old he gets send away his large oversized wolf ears on the sides of his head. While he was at first ashamed, Kira said it was cute. Fujun'na has delicate markings on the right side of his face. It ends at his chin and picks up on the left side of his neck the same delicate markings signifying him as Kira's personal Knight.


  • Vampwolf- Born a natural vampwolf he has always present fangs and claws. Heightened senses and reflexes. His natural abilities are heightened by ten all of abilities of the wolf that he has magnified.

  • Hydrokinesis- Fu can shape, create, and manipulate water, inorganic compounds with liquid gas such as steam, and water vapour. As well as solids such as ice states including changing them one state to the other. This allows Fu to do such things like control ocean's current's.  Manipulate the tides, create tidal waves, watersprouts and whirlpools for example.

    It also all lows him to manipulate the density of the water to harden it to a cutting edge as if the water were a knife. His control over water also allows him to walk on water or the fine moisture in the air.

  • Aqua purification Fu can use his ability over water to cleanse and purify tainted wounds detoxing them from poisons to removing inflections. He can purge darkness from then wounds allowing then wounds to heal cleanly. He can further use it to heal others.

  • Hydrokentic Regeneration - An advanced healing technique. far beyond that of the normal ability to heal. Since the body is comprised mostly of water he has gained a rather unique and uncanny ability to heal by regenerating  lost limb. Wither an arm or leg. Wither his own or someone else.

  • Rheokinesis - Fu can pyshically manipulate the power and direction if flow. Including the flow of any fluid (water, and other liquids) gas. (Including breathable air) energy ( such as heat, electricity and sometimes kinetic energy as sell as light).  Fu can even manipulate the flow of time itself.

Attitude/Personality: Fu is  very gentle man. If looks alone could describe someone and be correct with Fu they would be dead on. Fu is a healer a gentle soul often used by others. He's the sort that not that pushy but more of a push over.

Talents: sing, paint, and, pottery.

Images For character:



History:As a pup he was not only a rare white wolf he was a runt. Although born to vampwolves. His clan still held true to the pack mentalities. They felt that every member even its weakest had a purpose it was just finding it. Fu was sickly as a pup, always running fevers always getting ill always breaking something. They ended up surrounding him in a hut and isolating him from the outside worked deeming him too week and fragile to do anything always surrounding him with others so he would not be lonely but for those very reasons Fu was very lonely. His father died in a hunting expedition and his mother a young supple beautiful vampwolf still good breeding stock according to the elders despite producing a white runt in him allowed her to marry again. Thus giving him his little brother Kusatta. Kusatta was always getting into trouble always tumbling into the hut that Fu was in knowing that they were brothers by blood scent and being a bloody scrapped up mess. Fu would smile and heal him. Never scold him just shake his head ask him what had he discovered this time. The tales the pup would tell him of his adventures. The others soon discovered that Fu possessed the uncanny ability to heal and began to bring everyone to him exhausting Fu over and over again on a daily basis as that seemed to mean they could be more reckless. Kusatta learned of this his playful nature as he was getting older having been calming down down. Coming to Fu with less injuries and more tales.Then when winter Kusatta simply stopped coming. He had come every day of his life. Always visiting. Always coming to see him. But he did not come. Fu in concern attempted to leave the cabin and was told he was too weak and fragile the with winter too harsh. That Kusatta was strong. Fu turned back to go in but looked out at the distance seeing through the flow of time....seeing..,,Kusatta. He took a deep breathe and entered. That night fall he snuck out, knowing he was risking everything, but he didn't care. Kusatta was worth the risk. He rushed through the snow his white paws plowing through the snow as he ran. He found him hurried deep in the snow. Out cold weak and dying. He shifted form and lifted him out of the snow looked about then lifted him up. Walking off towards the distance heading towards the cabin he could make ourpt in the distance. He had spent the time healing his brother and bonding only later to be taken back to the village be told that his name meant Impure Beast. A collar slapped around his neck that would lock him in this form and sold him off into a kennel with a threat to be neutered. Tsukiyomi showed up, accidently bound him as a slave but saved him from such a terrible fate. But Kira was about to break at the idea of having a slave and it had been tearing Aoi apart. After everything was explained in the end an agreement was reached that they were all happy about.

Fujun'na choose to keep the marks as symbol of being Kira's knight. And found what he lost. He found the brother that had been taken from him a second time. This time not only did he find his brother, he gained a real family. In service to them through the centuries many found it hard to believe he was head of Kira's Knights when he was not a fighter not even in the smallest of senses. No what it was that Fujun'na had become a knight to protect. What he had promised Aoi that day in the garden when he swore to be Kira's knight was to protect Kira's gentle and easily broken heart. When Ragnarock was nearly triggered and Kira reset everything Kusatta and Fu were sent to Fenrir both given different assignments. Kussata's came from Aoi. But Fujun'na's? Go to Fenrir and follow his heart. Do what it tells him to do. He would know because he was perfectly named.......to this day that is the part that does not make sense to Fu and hurts a bit.
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Fujun'na Shishi
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