When worlds come together their fates collide. . . .
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 Hōrō Makki (放浪 末期)

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Hōrō Makki (放浪 末期) Empty
PostSubject: Hōrō Makki (放浪 末期)   Hōrō Makki (放浪 末期) EmptyTue Jun 04, 2013 11:24 pm

Full Name: Hōrō Makki (放浪 末期).
Meaning of Name: Wandering End/Fate.
*Nickname: Hōrō, Makki.
Astrological Sign:
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 23.
Human Eye Color: White with no pupils.
Human Hair Color: Silverish White.
Type of Build/Body: Well built and a powerhouse but not so built he's hideous to look at.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225lbs
Distinguishing Marks:

  • He has the typical vampire traits, fangs, healing, claws, the enhanced agility and the such.

  • Nigh Omnipresence- The user has the power to be almost everywhere in existence at once. But they are bound within a certain domain, such as time, space, or nothingness. The user of this ability knows exactly where everything in their domain is at all times, as well as the user can be present everywhere in their domain.

  • Meta Teleportation- This power allows its users to teleport anything to any place and any time they desire, including physical locations such as: in a locked room, in space, in heaven, or in hell, as well as metaphysical places such as: inside a dream, inside a heart, inside thoughts, or even inside people.

    This power also allows its users to teleport concepts into the physical world, like memories and thoughts, and bring anything into reality.

    Not to be confused with Omnipresence, which is the ability to be present everywhere and nowhere at once, this power can only allow things to be present in a single location and time.

  • Omniarch- The user has the power to reign over everythingwithout limit. The user rules over anything and everything in existence; as such, the user has absolute control over all objects, planes of existences, and life forms, as well as their wills and mindsets (whether they are aware of being controlled or not).

    The user also has absolute dominion over any situation or environment by simply issuing a command. Even if the subjects that are being ruled are unable to understand you, they will still respond in accordance to what you had dictated. The only limitation is that the user is not able to control omnipotent beings.

  • Death Inducement- Power to cause death, either instantly or after certain time.
    • Death Breath- Breath deathly energies.

    • Death Beam- Fire a deathly energy that kills on contact.

    • Death Blast- Shoot an energy blast that causes instant death on contact.

    • Death Bomb- Create an explosion of killing forces.

    • Death Bullet- Shoot a killing bullet at an opponent.

    • Death Constructs- Create constructs from killing energy.

    • Death Field Projection- Create a field that kills anything within the user's area.

    • Death Infusion- Infuse a weapon with killing forces.

    • Death Inscription- To write (or rip) a victim's name on a object or within a book inducing death.

    • Death Song- Cause death by emitting sound.

    • Death Virus- Set a mortal virus on an opponent.

    • Death Wave- Create a wave of killing energy.

    • Double Hit Kill- Kill with two hits.

    • Killing Eyes- Kill by look.

    • Kiss of Death- Kill an opponent with a kiss.

    • Oneiric Slaying- Kill via dreams/nightmares.

    • Touch of Death- Kill by touch.

    • Suicide Inducement- to make the victim kill themselves.

  • Disintegration- The user has the ability to disintegrate matter through touch or through beams of energy. User can kill anyone and possibly even anything using varying means, either instantly, slowly over time, after certain conditions are met, or after a certain period of time has gone. May be used by touch, at a distance, simply willing it to happen, or performing certain ritual.

  • Probability Manipulation- Ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen and/or likely things not to happen.

  • Reality Warping- Ability to change or manipulate reality itself.

  • Resurrection- The user has the ability to come back to life after being killed as well as to bring others back to life.

  • Time Manipulation- The user of this ability has the ability to affect the flow of time by slowing, accelerating, reversing and or stopping it.

  • Energy Constructs- The ability to create, complex shapes, (eg: giant boxing gloves, or cages) or even functional machinery such as fire extinguishers or laser rifles out of solid energy.

Attitude/Personality: If you want your ass kicked.........you found the right person to irritate. Forget pissing off, you'll be lucky to get that far. Horo is as tough as nails. Not one to take shit off of anyone, but perhaps one or two. The sort that once he decides he's found something that he wants and that it belongs to him forget letting it go. Horo is not a man who swears his loyalty easily, but once given, it is not something that he's likely to break. You'd have to break him first.

So in the terms of loyalty, there is only one man he has ever sworn 'loyalty' to, and it has never, not even in his death and rebirth, wavered. Despite his harsh nature and tendency to wander and do as he pleases, he has a few soft spots and many.......eccentric hobbies that many would not even begin to understand not even those closest to him. Very few are lucky enough to see Horo's soft side not even those he's loyal to get that much. Many believe the only one who will ever see the man's 'gentle' side is his lover and that is a whole other beast for many wonder if Horo Makki is the sort that could or would fall in love with anyone or simply find new 'things' to own and play with as the centuries pass. Needless to say personality wise Horo is a mystery at best.

Talents: He can sing

Images For character:
Hōrō Makki (放浪 末期) Tumblr_mbxww1Pl4n1ro7q64o1_500_zpse7e44957

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Hōrō Makki (放浪 末期)
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