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 Seigyo Dōtai 制御動態 ((NPC))

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Seigyo Dōtai 制御動態 ((NPC))  Empty
PostSubject: Seigyo Dōtai 制御動態 ((NPC))    Seigyo Dōtai 制御動態 ((NPC))  EmptyThu Mar 14, 2013 12:39 am

Full Name: Seigyo Dōtai 制御動態
Meaning of Name: Control Fate
*Nickname: Senci Vladar сенци Владар ((meaning Shadow Ruler))
Astrological Sign: N/A
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 19
Human Eye Color: Ice blue
Human Hair Color: jet Black
Type of Build/Body: Tall well built and muscular
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 300lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Several markings going down from the corners of his eyes. His ears are pierced several times and each piercing is connected by a chain, natural black claws........

  • Claws, fangs and enhanced senses (( the actual break down of the senses are in Vlad's such as taste, touch, hearing, smell, and the such))

  • Able to manifest a long almost living weapon.....which seems to have a mind of it's own.

  • Dark Charm, although it's not an actual power it might as well be, he can charm the skin off of a snake....

Attitude/Personality: Dark, charming seductive to name a few at least on the surface. Seigyo is a vampire through and through but he has an undying hatered for vampires to such a point he's willing to pin them against each other but not one to get his own hands dirty....he'll use his step brother as the scape goat....knowing that he can be manipulated into it......

Talents: There isn't much he can't do Seigyo is just naturally talented.

Images For character: ((We like pictures, it helps with describing your character ^_^))
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
History: Born the second son of the vampire princess in Russia he was a bit surprised when his birth and not the birth of Vladimir who came before him made him ruler of the Russian vampires. Why? Because his father was a beast....was a wolf making Vladimir a vile vampwolf not a creature who could ever hold a seat of power ever walk as an equal to the perfection of a vampire because he didn't walk as one.

He watched and instead of coming to hate Vlad he came to find him perhaps a perfect scape goat, but Vlad was not a trusting man always keeping his distance of everyone that is until the day he discovered a small boy and changed him the boy feared Vlad and so he let him go off with another but the first wound was placed in the young vampwolf's heart. The second wound and more pain was a young girl by the name of "Kat" who discovered he was either a vampire or a vampwolf and ran getting wounded and at that time with Vlad already guarding his heart from being hurt he took a chance and changed her only to be wounded again when she refused. Hating him instead and swearing revenge. Both who Vlad needs but because he is a vampwolf a lesser being they will never come to him. Seigyo knows this and thrills in manipulating that undying pain and hurt in Vlad working it over to anger and hate instead.

And so now after getting Vlad to set things into motion to end everything all Seigyo need do is continue to watch and stear things along those lines after all he is the one born to rule the Russian vampires, Vlad is nothing more then the kicking boy. And Seigyo thrills in it being the younger and getting his brother to condem himself further and further which isn't hard......Vladimir Klaus being rejected over and over again by the two vampires that he desperately needs has filled his once caring heart with nothing but a monsterous hate a hate that Seigyo enjoys using to destroy everything and in the end put himself in a seat of ultimate power.....after all there is no Aoi Rei not anymore to see the truth and stop him.....if it fails it is Vlad who will pay not him as it is in Vladimir Klaus's name that the corrupt vampires are destroying everything.........and Seigyo is just waiting to pick up the pieces.
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Seigyo Dōtai 制御動態 ((NPC))
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