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 Fol Pravitelem Aka Varnel (NPC)

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PostSubject: Fol Pravitelem Aka Varnel (NPC)    Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:18 am

Full Name: Fol Pravitelem
Meaning of Name: Foul Ruler
*Nickname: Varnel
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 25
Human Eye Color: Reddish brown ((When one can see them.))
Human Hair Color: Deep Red black
Type of Build/Body: Tall and Muscular
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150lbs
Distinguishing Marks: He has tattoo's over his stomach going up his chest over his arms and elbows. The red lines go over the back of his hands before seeming to fade out.

Skills: Varnel has what seems to be a second bone or finger that comes out of the back of his hand going over his fingers long pointed and very sharp. Although many would not consider it a skill he is highly skilled in the art of torture, control and domination.........

Varnel can control 'time' on Tatakai freezing the people who ever he wants in an large area in place. He can cast massive balls of destructive power from his hand. He can wave his hand and destroy large areas evaporating water and turning rich soil into 'red sand'. But that trick takes a lot of his energy. He's 'immortal' and can heal most injuries as if they never happened. His powers lay basically in the field of destruction if it's there he can destroy it.

Attitude/Personality: Dark controlling, He takes great pleasure in how much others bow down to him. Finding and taking great joy in controlling anyone or anything it angers him when something or someone defies him. He feels that being a Deity suits him just fine. Normally those that oppose him are brought to Isis and killed there blood spilled and ripped from there bodies. Unless you happen to be lovely enough to catch his attention and then it doesn't matter if your female or male.........he'll devour you........before he decides if he wants to keep you as a pet.......or kill you.........

Talents: Toture, death and control.

Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
History: Fol grew up in Russia an orphan taken in by the mafia he found he had a real liking for being the one they sent to get information for the boss and using whatever means he had to gain it. And that was before he was ten after ten he became even more dark and twisted getting quiet the rap sheet. Having been arrested for murder and torture and having gotten off thanks to some very shady but very skilled lawyers.

By the the time he was six teen he found this place with odd writing and entered triggering something and ending up another world learning about not only it but that the odd things his fingers turning into a weapon him gaining the power to destroy and torture whatever he liked to his liking. He let go of his Earth Name, let go of Fol Pravitelem and took upon himself the name Varnel which in there tongue meant the 'Destoryer' A deity that would destroy all of Tatakai and reshape it how he liked and for Fol that was perfect..... for years after he began gathering forces creating Varso by gaining followers and nearly conquering all of Tatakai if not for Helios and there bratty prince who fought back and pushed his followers back but deciding he'd had enough of playing games with him turned and issued an order to Nai and the cowardly king gave him what he wanted without hesitation The Crown Prince of Helios.......gift wrapped his life forfeit and Varnel's to do with as he pleased......with no one to stand in his way....
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Fol Pravitelem Aka Varnel (NPC)
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