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 Taishoku Genjitsu 褪色現実

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PostSubject: Taishoku Genjitsu 褪色現実   Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:37 pm

Full Name: Taishoku Genjitsu  Inu 褪色現実 犬
Meaning of Name: Fading Reality Dog
*Nickname: Taisho, Tai, Sho, or Gen
Astrological Sign:
Sex: Male.......

Human Appearance
Human Age: 18
Human Eye Color: Vibrant blue
Human Hair Color: Silvery ash blonde
Type of Build/Body: Small and delicate
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 110lbs
Distinguishing Marks: His ear are pierced several times in the lobes and the cartilage. No tattoo's or distinguishing marks otherwise.


  • He possesses several heightened senses such as smell, hearing, sight. Even taste, touch, speed and strength. He also can regenerate lost limbs and heal himself almost instantly. Healing only takes a longer period of time if it is silver.

  • Reality Manipulation/Imagination Manifestation~ He can create, change, destroy, or even alter reality just by thinking about it. Making changes from nothing at all to altering what already exists. The ability to bring anything he imagines into existence. To manipulate, construct things, create life.....he can do *almost* anything.

  • Astral Projection~ By imaging his spirit leaving his body to explore the world around him.

  • Mythic Physiology/Animal Morphing~ He can imagine himself being like an certain entity or creature and become it. Maintaining his mind set.

  • Elemental Manipulation~ The user can manipulate the elements by imagining what it will be and projecting it outward.

  • Life Creation~ The user can create life Ergo an imaginary friend.

  • Weapon Manifestation~ The user can imagine and create any weapon they can dream up. Last's as long as he can hold it his concentration.

  • Mental Projection~ The ability to visibly manifest anything he can think up.

  • Shifting~ Like the rest of his family he can transform into a dog, because of his mother and father he is a mix coloring. Rose red accents on his ears and tail deep mauve purple fur over his the top of his head back and paws and his belly is white...Tai hate's it....he says he looks too...'girly' despite his Uncle Yasei trying to tell him his fiery tail looks 'cool and like it belongs to a boy not a girl.....another thing he hates about his ability to shift...is because he's a puppy, a baby dog, he can only become a puppy, a small cute puppy that more often then not gets picked up and carried around. Even though he tries to look tough he fails.....he's simply as Tai calls it...doomed by cuteness

Attitude/Personality: Taisho is kind and caring but he's also brassy and pushy when he wants to be and needs to be. He doesn't take many things laying down but nor does he feel the need to argue pointlessly about things either. He's more likely to let you have your way then waste his time arguing unless he likes you or doesn't like your view because it's self damaging.

Talents: Anything that he can imagine himself doing........

Images For character:

History: Taisho's parents were disappointed when he was born. They wanted a daughter so very bad they went to a doctor and had the baby's embryo altered DNA spliced and worked with in every aspect. Believing that he would be born a girl they went happily on there way. They had succeeded in every way but one.....the one that counts. Taisho was born a boy......only a boy down below. But doomed with a girls soft adorable features in face and body delicate and beautiful to look at always. As Taisho grew up his parent's called him the softer name of Tai making him dress from the moment he was born as a girl. Enrolling him in a school that had pants and jackets for the female's uniform so that they didn't have to fight soo hard to hide the part of him that was 'defective'.

In school he is Tai Genjitsu the sweet girl that everyone loves and adores soft spoken......not by choice. It's no joke that everything but the part that counts is female....well that and at eighteen years old he is thankful to which ever deity out there decided to show him mercy and not give him a woman's chest. He can deal with the rest. Having met several vampires along the way he's not surprised anymore when any of them all of them assume he's a girl. Treat him like a girl since that is the way his life has always been and yet Tai is looking for True love. Not the fairytale thing that soo many girls want. His body flooded with soo much Estrogen that he scents female, looks female and sounds female.

The excuse from everyone that this poor sweet girl was in an accident and so she can't 'develop' like a girl should and yet no one can answer what that accident was. What Tai is looking for is true love good or bad and acceptance. Willing to go to great lengths to find it. Thinking perhaps just perhaps he may have a chance at finding it..........he's realized in that slim line of hope that he's failed to tell those who are offering him this second chance this chance at a life where he's accepted for who he is.........he's forgotten to tell them that there noses are wrong.........that the girl among them is a man.

He's been made to hide what he is to such a point that one would not know he's properly equipped and had been since birth thanks to the contraption he's made to wear and spends his days well.......rather uncomfortable.

Only as he's become a vampire he's discovering more and more lies surrounding him mostly lies that his mother had told him since the moment he was born and before. One of them is that after he returned home to gather a few things six months after being changed into a vampire she laid it on him that she did what she did to save him from his real father a beast of a man..... more insane then anyone else and cruel beyond measure when Tai asked her 'who' she refused to answer saying that it was bad enough his blood ran through Tai's veins.....

He has no idea that the entire reason Mujo and Zero were so insistant that Kyoki Inu change him was that the only thing the only blood that would allow him to safely become a vampire without killing him..........was his biological fathers.
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Taishoku Genjitsu 褪色現実
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