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 Meiyo Aru Maō (名誉ある魔王)

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PostSubject: Meiyo Aru Maō (名誉ある魔王)   Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:08 am

Full Name: Meiyo Aru Maō (名誉ある魔王)
Meaning of Name: Demon Lord of Honor/Honorable Demon Lord
*Nickname: Mei (only a select few get away with that one) Aru, and the family tradition nickname Fear
Astrological Sign:
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 19
Human Eye Color: Golden
Human Hair Color: Crimson Red
Type of Build/Body: Tall and Well built
Height: 7'1" (Seven five........if you measure to the tip of his horns.....)
Weight: 295lbs
Distinguishing Marks: He has natural red markings under and over his eyes wrapping around his throat and down his arms all in crimson red. At his temples are a set of long horns........having grown in and appeared after he was changed into a vampire.

  • Unnaturally pale skin
  • Healing beyond normal limits able to regrow lost limbs/ and organs
  • Insane speed/agility and reflexes
  • Always present fangs and claws
  • Incredible mental powers he has vast telepathic powers able to invoke a persons worst nightmare and make it real turn it against them so real it will kill them. He can slowly torment someone shutting down movements of there body, invoking fear any aspect of the emotion he can bring about.........it is perhaps why he is the most feared among the Mao's.......

  • His right arm down to his fingertips is monstrous twisted and demonic in appearance but that is the hand the committed the first sin.....

Attitude/Personality: Meiyo is soft spoken he's not one to raise his voice or scream or holler in fact many believe that his name 'Honorable' suits him just fine that is those who don't know him. Meiyo is as dark and dangerous as any Mao.

Talents: Singing and doing cryptograms.......he likes challenging things.

Images For character: ((We like pictures, it helps with describing your character ^_^))

History: He grew up as any Mao, having to fight his way through life and having been changed a while a go he grew in his horns. Mei tends to live his life in mystery not letting many in although he watches over Mugen from time to time form a distance he has no involvement with any fraction right now but is on his own..........unless something catches his interest. He is Cousin's with Mugen Mao and like him a grandson to the infamous Crusher.........
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Meiyo Aru Maō (名誉ある魔王)
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