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 Aoi Rei (青い怜)

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PostSubject: Aoi Rei (青い怜)   Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:39 pm

Full Name: Aoi Rei (青い怜).
Meaning of Name: Blue Nothingness.
*Nickname: None.
Astrological Sign: Taurus.
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Age: 23.
Eye Color: Ice Blue.
Hair Color: Black.
Type of Build/Body: Slender, and muscular.
Height: 6' 3''.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: On his lower back, located right where the top of his pants usually stop, is a tattoo of a pentacle with skeletal wings (the location makes the tattoo be consider Aoi's 'Tramp Stamp').

He has a large tribal wolf with a pentacle tattooed on his right shoulder.

He has a large tribal wolf tattooed on his left shoulder.

On his chest is a giant tribal dragon, This takes up his entire chest and the tail comes down just below his ribs.

Skills: ((Any special abilities/skills that are uniquely there own.))
Attitude/Personality: He can often times come off as rude and dark. He tends to hurt people's feelings on accident and doesn't notice that he does it unless told that he did. He also seems childish at times and has a dark, but sweet charm about him. However, Aoi is silent and doesn't often talk unless spoke to first.

He can seem innocent and beautiful when he's doing what he loves, but he can be cruel and violent when he feels threatened or his loved ones are threatened or simply when angered. Aoi has a bad temper and it can be made to flare at even small things, so WATCH OUT!

He can also seem to be egotistic and a jerk at times thanks to his still present, despite him being bisexual, male pride. Aoi also doesn't listen to anything anyone tells him. He only seems to respond to what his loved ones tell him, and even then, it isn't often that he responds the way they want him to.

Aoi is insanely protective of friends and loved ones. No one dares insult him or threaten to take his loved ones away or Aoi becomes violent to the one who has dared to threaten him.

Talents: His Ability to play guitar and sing are his most prized achievements in his life.

Images For character:

History: Aoi was born on April 22, 1990 to a rich family in America, but was never happy as a child. His father was abusive and abused him in every way he possibly could. But Aoi never complained. His mother was his light and would dry his tears when he would cry. She would sing to him and run her fingers through his long, black hair and calm him. She even let him learn to play the guitar and taught him to sing. But soon enough, his mother died and he was left to deal with his father....

Ever since Aoi was in Jr. High, he's always liked guys. He had also always had a history of not being able to keep his hands to himself. Once he got into High School, his habit of being grabby got worse. Some students got used to his habit, others hated or feared him for it. They always thought that he was strange anyway. Since he never said much and always wore a face mask. Aoi was into Visual Kei and not many people in his school liked it. He was one of but only a handfull that liked Visual Kei.

One day as Aoi was walking home from school, a gang of those he thought were his friends cornered him, tormented him with their words, stripped him, and raped him. When they were finished, they left him on the streets in the cold to die. Filled with despair, Aoi soon after tried to commit suicide but failed and was instead left with scars on his body and broken ribs and a broken leg and arm.

Aoi graduated high school and went to college, leaving his father and his torment behind. For college, Aoi moved to Tokyo, Japan and finished learning Japanese, to the point that it nearly became his mother tongue, and graduated college at the top of his class with two others.

Now, Aoi is on his way to mars, where his new job and a new future awaits him...one that he may be surprised to find waiting on him...
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Aoi Rei (青い怜)
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