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 Fai Yuri Cinaed

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PostSubject: Fai Yuri Cinaed   Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:02 pm

Full Name: Fai Cinaed
Meaning of Name: Brilliant Light born of fire
*Nickname: ((This is optional))
Astrological Sign: unknown
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 20
Human Eye Color: Pale Crimson
Human Hair Color: Magenta
Type of Build/Body: Well built tall and muscular.
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 225/bs
Distinguishing Marks: His ear is pierced twice once in the cartilage once in the lobe and often wears a chained earring connecting the two. The earring is worn because it is enchanted resonating and glowing when one is within a 100 mile radius of him whose power is greater then his.....so that he will leave..........before meeting them..... He wears a dog collar locked around his neck with a spell meant to last until the curses on him or for filled.....a mark of servitude....A tattoo covers Fai's back from his shoulders down over his hips and cresting his thighs a powerful seal that keeps two dangerous curses laced into his very being confined......

  • He possesses several heightened senses such as smell, hearing, sight. Even taste, touch, speed and strength. He also can regenerate lost limbs and heal himself almost instantly. Healing only takes a longer period of time if it is silver.

  • Immense magical powers although at the moment sealed at a point that they can no longer grow or change. His magic takes many forms from spells to simple sounds........Although despite all of his magical power he can not learn any healing magic..........any magic that can save a life that is dying is beyond him.

  • There isn't a weapon Fai can't fight with or rather he can fight with things that aren't even supposed to be weapons, spoons, forks......you name it he can use it to fight, as well as your most conventional weapons and agility......

Attitude/Personality: Fai is the most energetic and yet enigmatic person you could meet. He appears to be happy-go-lucky and good-natured, while acting very carefree. He often teases others calling them ridiculous nicknames. However Fai is very perceptive and a skilled fighter. He carries a deep emotional burden like a heavy scaring weight on his heart. He values his own life very little in battle. In battle Fai doesn't bother to fight very hard for his life, and will only do so if someone he cares for is in danger. Though he hides his unhappiness behind a smile well not many can see past it for the warmth and false 'cheer' even appear in his pale crimson eyes. When confronted about it though Fai will give very dark enigmatic answers. His past is a profound motivating factor for his actions and is something that Fai cannot seem to overcome, instead hiding it all with a smile.

Fai is emotionally distant, refusing to allow anyone to become too close to him. And yet at times he can seem to be much colder and very solemn when his burdens become too much for him to bear the weight of. He's the sort though that will worry for his companions and go so far as to break his own personal vows to ensure there safety.

Talents: Fai is very artistic able to paint and create statues and the stuff out of clay. As well as cooking often claiming that it's just natural to him since 'magic and art' are so very similar.....

Images For character:

History: Fai was born with his twin brother Yuri in a remote country in Germany back in the 1600's when bad omens and the such were still highly viewed. The birth of the second princes son was highly anticipated, but the birth of twins was considered to be a bad omen. Shortly after their birth, the second prince died and their mother committed suicide out of guilt for giving birth to them. In addition, the country seemed to suffer many misfortunes, and the twins when combined bore powerful magic that rivaled that of the current king.

The king decided that making them unhappy was the only way to break the "curse" and since each refused to kill the other, they were locked up separately in a place were magic is ineffective and time does not flow. A tower residing deep in a valley long forgotten in Germany. Fai was imprisoned at the top of the tower and Yuri confined at the base of the tower. Both were condemned to stay there "Until the world's destruction."

Despite there unhappiness, the number of bodies dumped into the base of the tower began to grow. Yuri tried endlessly to climb up towards Fai, so they could escape, but could not succeed. Eventually, the king himself became insane, and he executed everyone in the country, except for Yuri and Fai. He then jumped into the valley himself and committed suicide in front of the horrified Yuri, reminding him that their birth was the reason for the countries misfortune, and that they would now 'Pay for that Sin' by being the only people left alive in the country.

Eventually Vladmir Klaus appeared from another country and offered to free one of them. Fai begged him to save Yuri, the end result being one that Fai could not have predicted. Klaus cared nothing for self sacrifice his idea of saving Yuri was to yank Fai's head back forcing the small boy to drink his blood granting him immortality and becoming a vampire and then making him consume everything that was Yuri his blood his life and his soul......nothing but a small child at the time he did just that.....Once Fai finished consuming his bother and woke becoming aware of the horror of which he had done Vladmir spoke. He used Fai's guilt to turn him into his servant. In order to bring his twin back to life.....Fai allowed him to seal two curses into him. Klaus told him that someone would come to free him from this eternal prison and that he would go on a long journey slaying anyone whose magic now came to be more then Fai's own....Fai's which was both his and his twins now in one small frame. The other being the key to destroy the world in his magic.

Later, King Ashura from a small island off of Japan clouded in mists and mystery arrived and retrieved Fai. When asked what his name was Fai answered him 'Fai Yuri Cinaed' Having added his twins name to his own. Ashura tutored Fai in magic and comforted the child when he had nightmares of his past, giving him his blood to help him with the vampires hunger that ran inside of him. Ashura's blood allowed what normally would not have happened being changed so very young it allowed Fai to grow up and become a adult. When Fai discovered that he could only learn "magic that kills people", Ashura told him that his smile held the ability to heal others. In exchange for everything that he had done for him. Ashura asked Fai to promise that he would eliminate anyone who threatened there kingdom.

Due to Fai's first curse, Ashura traced a magical seal on Fai's body in the form of a Phoenix tattoo, which suppressed his powers from growing any further, and though Fai protested, Ashura told him that Fai's first curse would break after it was fulfilled once, and he wanted to be the one that Fai would kill. Ashura then erased what he had told him from Fai's memory.

Years later a deadly monster began to kill off the people of this kingdom, Fai swore to defeat the beast, but found out that Ashura was the monster. Fai, at first, blamed himself for what happened to Ashura, thinking that "the curse of the twins" was what had caused Ashura to kill, but Ashura told him that his magic grows when he kills, and that he always knew that he would become a murderer, even though he was not sure why. Fai realized that Ashura had brought him under his care for the sole purpose of killing him when he reached this state. Unable to bring himself to kill Ashura, Fai cast a spell on him, putting him into a deep sleep. However, no magic spell was permanent, so the king would eventually awaken. In order to avoid having to face Ashura when he woke, Fai used his magic to teleport himself to the Japan, where he began his journey.
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Fai Yuri Cinaed
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