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 Kyoko Sanjo

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Full Name: Kyoko Sanjo
Meaning of Name: Mirror Devastation
Astrological Sign:
Sex: Female

Human Appearance
Human Age: 16
Human Eye Color: Silver
Human Hair Color: Silver
Type of Build/Body: Slender and athletic
Height: 5'10"
Distinguishing Marks: none

Like all vampires she has fangs, claws, pale skin. The ability to heal injuries and heightened physical attributes.

Kyoko is able to create shields around herself that will either deflect attacks /lend into an attack or heal and can be used to catch someone if need be.

Attitude/Personality: Kyoko is a kind shy and timid girl always trying to please others. She bends over backwards to help anyone she can. The sort that never misses school is on the honor roll and dreams of getting married one day. But at the same token she can be a bit unstable, if anything threatens her perfect world she panics and will do anything she can to restore what she believes to be a semblance of control in her life without thinking about the repercussions....of her actions that is......until such brash reckless behavior nearly cost her the life of one she didn't want to loose....

Talents: Brilliant mind sharp and keen witted she can be quiet the strategist. Playing chess and painting.

Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Kyoko doesn't remember much about her parents other then there looks of disgust and calling her a monster and horrible child. By the time she was five her hair had faded out to a silver tone from a lovely reddish brown and her eyes had gone silver. A monster a freak they took her out for a long cold car ride. She knew even then she was in trouble to young to defend herself out there and yet her pleas fell upon deaf ears.

Her father pulled her out of the car wrapped up in nothing more then a torn and thread bare blanket her clothes filthy and tossed her into the snow climbing in as her mother gunned the engine and drove off with the squealing of tires. Leaving her for dead out there in the middle of a winter blizzard. She watched for the short time as the red car lights faded away.

It hadn't been long before she heard the sound of footsteps crunching in the snow and looked up as a figure dressed in a jacket jeans and sweatshirt walked towards her hands shoved into his pockets. He had looked at her saying something about her going to freeze to death and asked if she was lost. His voice was cold as cold as the snow but she shook her head no and pointed saying simply that they left her. The figure knelt down and asked if that was right and then sighed saying that he was 'orphaned' too. Before taking off of his jacket dropping it over her and carrying her away from there. She had asked if he would get cold his answer was no, he was special. The jacket was more for show.

Years passed after he had paperwork filled out giving her his last name as her big brother and although she was aware of it she never really acknowledged it that that special about her beloved big brother meant he never grew older. He took care of her stayed with her and spent the first few years telling her that she was a special child and not a freak of nature like her parents would have her believe. They moved alot for a while never really settling down until her grades got her onto the island and he went as well. But it is here that things change for her that her story changes soo much it can't be expressed with words and it is here that Kyoko Sanjo for the first time since being a child will do something that......that would earn her the monster title in her own eyes recklessly throwing her own life the wind away while still human.....her brother who had spent the last eleven years protecting her protected her one more time because she was being reckless and stubborn because she threw her life away in one nights fit of anger.

Kyoko heavily took in drugs and alcohol refusing to let her brother explain what it meant to be a vampire what it was the clan he was with before finding her was fighting for. Fighting against little by little all she wanted was to be human to keep things the way they were and now nothing would be the same. Changed into a vampire but it nearly cost her Azayakana's life after everything he had done for her he risked everything taking in all of that fatal toxic material into his own system and then weakening himself by giving her his blood because of the amount he had to take from her. It had been supposed to be a week and she reduced it down to a day and a half later after being told.....Azaya having taken in her death nearly destroying himself.....if not for one......came into there life wanting nothing more then her brothers gaze.....and affection.
History: ((both Past and present))
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Kyoko Sanjo
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