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 Azayakana Sanjō 鮮やかな惨状

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PostSubject: Azayakana Sanjō 鮮やかな惨状   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:25 am

Full Name: Azayakana Sanjō 鮮やかな惨状
Meaning of Name: Brilliant Devastation
*Nickname: Azaya, San.
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 19.
Human Eye Color: Frosted ice blue
Human Hair Color: Silvery blue white
Type of Build/Body: built like a greecian super model. Solid muscle where he needs it to be but no where near enough to look overbearing.
Height: 5'11 3/4
Weight: 180 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: wrapping. From the top of his right shoulder to hi middle back is blue white fire tattoo with black embossing. Going over his left hip starting in line with the fire and swirling down is a series of snow flakes and ice shards with pale blue line work or embossing swirling around it. His ears are pierced several times.

  • Like all vampires he posses fangs and claws, heightened abilities to the point he is almost god like. Azaya can heal any injury no matter how severe.

  • Cocytus~ is an extremly powerful ice attack. The user slams a fist or weapon into the ground, forming a gigantic shard of ice to explode upwards from beneath the foe.

  • Ice Fang~ is a powerful close-range attack. The user coats there fangs in ice, and then bites down upon their target causing sever damage. However the user must get extremely close to their target, thus leaving themselves open to an attack. This attack freezes the foe.

  • Black Frost~ The user begins by charging ice energy into their weapons or their own bodies, and holding the charge. Once enough power is built up, the user must release all negative energy built into the charge. This results in a change in the energy's polarity, differentiating it from common ice energy. The user can then release the attack in many ways, including a physical powerup on a weapon or body part, or a blast of ice energy (size and style depends on both power and user). Impact is devastating.

  • Ice Storm is an extremely powerful ice attack. The user first quickly gather's frozen energy into a sphere, and then fire's the attack in a large wide blast, instantly freezing and shattering anything caught in the attack causing great damage.

  • Frost Blades is a powerful, Ice-aligned long-range cutting move. The user focuses Ice energy (sometimes whipping up whirlwinds), and then releases the energy in the form of a powerful storm of slicing winds and/or spinning crescent blades of Ice energy.

Attitude/Personality: Azayakana was a rebel without a care most of his life dangerous deadly and on a good day fatal. But he has a few soft spots. He's the sort who speaks warmly and caring comes off kind will lie to your face with a kind smile, a warm hug and a cup of 'honey' so to speak able to make you believe it. Azaya went into hiding roughly eleven years ago disappearing and allowing his 'brothers' to believe him long gone.

Talents: Azaya can paint and sing.

Images For character:

History: Azaya was known as an Ice Lord one of the few vampires who you didn't want to mess with on a good day let alone a bad freezing his enemies solid and shattering them. Not many wished to tangle with him. Although one day he found an abandoned child in the middle of winter on the side of the road. He could not bring himself to end this small human girl but nor could he tell her the truth about what he was who he was and so he fibbed telling her he was an orphan too looking younger then his centuries of life indicated he took her in adopting her as a little sister and as the years went on they lived like that him never once telling her he was a Vampire a creature that went bump in the night to protect her living that lie since her life was soo short in this world.

He sought to protect her against the boogie men, the men of his world that he left behind to care for this human child, while nurturing her mind and attending the same school for her but a different class. But things change with time......as all things do......
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Azayakana Sanjō 鮮やかな惨状
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