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 The Sword of Truth

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The Sword of Truth Empty
PostSubject: The Sword of Truth   The Sword of Truth EmptySun Jul 17, 2016 1:01 am

Basic Information
Name: The Sword of Truth
Ranks: Council of Divinity, Then Hunters Ranks S-D followed by Healers
Chosen Leader:

Leader Information
-Leaders Rank:
-Leaders Character Link:

History, Intentions, Description
History: The Sword of Truth is a Vampire Hunter's Guild that was Created Centuries ago when the world was still young that act's much akin like a 'church' claiming that there goal is not to remove all vampires regardless of wither or not they are 'good or evil' but only to act upon the will of the divine and remove those who are impure and unclean from this world and remove only those who do not act with honor and follow the divine rules from the world. They Issue for the Rules with which must be followed and maintained and upon those rules those that are not followed the rule breakers are removed. The Orphaned Vampire children are then brought to the large beautiful manors were they are well cared for and taken care of schooled and provided for or so they are told. But what goes on behind closed doors.....Only those who sit upon the highest seats of the Council are privy to all that goes on in all aspects of the Guild.

The Guild's intention is to Create a 'Pure and divine' world that follows there word and law. They have a list of prime directives that must always be followed and maintained. There word is law. Often Called and whispered as the Council of Purity, the Hunters often dress in clothes of Blue and white except for the Serphira who dresses in all white with gold trim who sits on the highest seat outside of the council. The 'sisters' all dress in blues and whites or blacks and whites. People always say they are happy to see them coming and purge the darkness when they come.

Not much is really known about the inner workings of the Guild. Not even the Guild Members themselves know about the inner workings all that much. They don't get to go that far inside. Most of the brothers and sisters work in the Orphanage. Most of the Hunters are always out. The 'Mothers and fathers' issue orders at the Guild houses and the Council hall? The large Golden doors rarely open but when they do the High Council calls for you to come see them and you enter.....speak with them. But they say no one is ever sure what the corridor looks like for certain on the way there. And After speaking with them....upon returning no one wants to speak about what they were spoken about only that it was a matter of utmost confidence and faith.....that the council entrusted them with.
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The Sword of Truth
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