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 Forge of Creation

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PostSubject: Forge of Creation    Forge of Creation  EmptySat Jul 09, 2016 8:56 pm

Odin sat there in the gardens of the Grand royal palace of the Imperial Kingdom what used to be Aristarkh Rasul's Grand palace....used to be. He watched as it began to crumble to the ground an adorable girl with long brown hair and brown eye walked out dressed in a cute kimono looking like some sort of princess walked up in a huff. Her hand on her hip as what almost appeared to be Yokai and demons of all sorts carried out various urns and pots a large beautiful metal 'dish' looking thing with old text on it and various other things.

"I take it you have yet to find what your looking for..." Odin said as he continued to munch on what he was eating.

"Does it look like I've found it you fool?" She ground out. She was so very pretty to look at but had the warmth and temperment of a viper. "Honestly the only thing I need left is to find it.....how hard is it to find Creations breath of life? What on earth did Aristarkh do with it?" She screamed to his empty palace.

"Is that not the ceremonial forge?" Odin said bemused pointing to the disc like thing. "The one he would summon it to?"

"Oh it is....and these are all the different rumored vessels he could and would be able to carry it in. Inlaid with with the living runes and enchanted gold. The special devices needed to carry the everlasting flames of life itself. But oh no....you think it is here.....anywhere? Tip that thing would you?" She snarled looking at them. "Tip it so that he can see."

They did and Odin looked at the Ceremonial Forge at the 'Forge of Creation' that which has existed since the dawn of time. Aristarkh had created soo many things and was always creating things. "My darling eldest son is always making things always forging things even something as small as a spider for anything that takes even an ounce of life breathed into it, a spark must go of.....if it was here in this thing even for a moment....even once Odin.....there would be burns scorch marks from the flames on that metal...THERE ARE NONE NOT A SINGLE ONE! Aristarkh has never once....let the flames touch that forge......since the beginning.....he has hidden them." She looked at the grand palace and as it fell to ruin collapsing in and on itself scowled.

"I have searched endlessly for the means of destroying the last thread of creation. Of remaking this world......Of stopping Aristarkh once and for all. I nearly did it once you know centuries ago...I had soo thrown off Thanh I had nearly gotten him Amias for all of his power nearly failed in reaching him but he did and nearly too late if not for the horrid Tsuin twins. They created Tsuin Sekai with there powers combined them and saved the world by creating a second one." She grit her teeth and looked at Odin. "Once again borrowing the powers of creation it would seem everyone can figure out how to access his power but me Odin.....everyone can figure out how to do this....no matter....This time....Aristarkh will fall."

The palace fell crashing to the ground behind her. "The flames of blue the breathe of life has to be somewhere in here.....He still has his power he still has the power to create to give life to things and make things.....The flames have to have a vessel a container he has to be able to contain and control them." She grabbed one and smashed it on the ground.

"Given that theory is it wise to be breaking the vessels?" Odin said warily.

"Oh shut it....I want it running amok! I want it out of control Don't you get it.....He contains it because if it's running wild it will over run everything it will go corrupt." She looked at him and smiled licking her lips. "It will fall to ruin. Life.....is wild dark pure and untamed Odin....Creation gives it order, gives it control and balance ....keeps it in line. He has to be able to keep control of it at all times a way of keeping it in check."

"So why would he leave it here when he went to earth?" Odin countered since that would with that logic make no sense.

"Because he sure couldn't bring these heavy containers all every single one of them with him everywhere searching for his brothers there now could he? And once he had to clip his wings he couldn't come back for it! I said he had to control it I didn't say he had to be here to do it now did I?" She screamed at him as she started grabbing them and throwing all of them at the ground smashing every single one of the pretty vases....until none of them were left.

By the end the only thing Odin noted......was that the courtyard smelled like.....a very interesting fine wine.......different types from different years stained the courtyard coloring the once white marble stones flowing out into Aristarkh's flower gardens. Screaming at the top of her lungs.....the woman grabbed the 'forge' and threw it over the edge were it went flipping through the air and falling until it hit the ground in the pits below outside of Soren Rasul's castle below.....

"WINE??? HE kept WINE in those!" She Screamed through the Imperial Garden.

"Well....." Odin said as he sat there and looked at her. "Nothing really said he had to be storing anything in them to begin with. Your the one who assumed that just because it said 'spirit' on the vase in old rune it meant the breathe of life....in those days we all enjoyed good drink Lilith."

"Stupid fool! Aristarkh is holding on by a single solitary thread! The sooner it breaks the sooner we both get what we want! You and me both! Or don't you wish to see Loki dead still?"

"Of course I do...but throwing temper tantrums gets no where fast I learned that the hard way I'm still remember my trip through my darling nephews teeth." Odin said less then amused.

"MUGO!" She shrieked as if that would solve everything and turned as the Incubi appeared the woman looked at him although he was a prince she was not one to be trifled with and she had been summoning him. "Have you found it yet?" She said icily.

"No, I haven't." Mugo said bowing slightly. "I'm looking but I still haven't found what your looking for yet." He said not telling her at all that he had himself quiet the lovely little fox....that, that fox was 'daddy's familiar.......any of it.....he wasn't about to just up and give him to her.....not when he knew what she would do to him....Mugo may be a demon prince but Lilith was a monster far worse then he could ever be....and she wore the face of a sweet innocent human girl......the most dangerous type of monster of them all....the kind you would never see coming until it was too late. "I haven't found what your looking for at all."

((Lilith in the picture below >.> ))
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Forge of Creation
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