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 He created the Originals....two by two by two....

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He created the Originals....two by two by two.... Empty
PostSubject: He created the Originals....two by two by two....   He created the Originals....two by two by two.... EmptyThu Jul 07, 2016 12:13 am

When Aristarkh the Deity of creation created the first magical world he created them in perfect pairs. He created them as King and Queen each. The first set The Fox's the King the Inari and his Queen, which did not bode well for the queen while she was happy the Inari he was not spite was he although he seemed a perfect cast turned and bit the Deity of Creation but Aristarkh would not strike him down. Instead he gently gathered this spiteful creature fill of spite and malice and pulled him aside placing him instead in a warm golden box among blankets and furs with a lid sighing and went back to work figuring instead it was not yet time for such a spirited creature. And so he continued to cast the Original magical creatures two by two and each set there after not a problem to be found as if they were more then happy to be cast now he had not forgotten the Fox Queen and while the Inari King would not be with her he cast a second for her a lesser not nearly as grand or magical a creature as the first as he didn't wish to create another 'king' to match the first.

Time passed and still he could not find a place for the wily fox spirit and yet he could not give up on it keeping it still as all fathers do. And watched his other creatures grow and change among the worlds of the gods but as this time passed wars broke out on those worlds and those worlds soon fell to ruin his brothers fell from them and all that glittered and glowed became lost. His beloved family gone. He took what had become a constant in those troublesome times the Inari who would bite him if he tried to place it away from him or cast it off and brought it with him to the world not of his own creation but of another.

There with wings he cast off and a heart heavy with burden and a weighted with sorrow he bore the soul of the deity still and born as the first vampire...the Original a body of the undying ever living. Caught at a cross road. He once again found his brothers and lived for a time with them only to know the pained sorrow of betrayal yet again as they were killed again taken from him by the cruelty of others. He had when he come here drug the other Originals to this world with him....sought there help then and yet now as he sought them again and again he could not find them....could not locate them as if they would not head his call a third time. Was he weakening was he becoming nothing to them?

He searched the frozen wasteland of Russia for his brothers any sign of them being reborn and found instead a small human boy frozen nearly to death dying and needing his help he brought him back to the castle but knew not how to save this creature. How to help a human. There was only one left that might one left who had any idea at all he at least hoped. He opened the enchanted box that held the Inari and got bit at the end of his rope he bit back....they fought and in the end he claimed the Inari as master....it had not been what he wanted. In the morning he told him as much.....by the afternoon....dreading what he would find at his wits end he searched out the fox which had gone missing having been to tired to reseal it and found it having tended to the boy.....gotten it's fever to break gotten it to keep down some food and was grinding herbs to make medicine to care for it........all as he had wished him to......the Inari.....was helping him he had a small lingering hope left in this world when he thought that he was alone....when all that he had created had left him but....was it only because he had bound this one to him....that he....helped him? Did he hate him for it? Did he.....now those thoughts plagued him to no end....did he help him because he had no other choice.....and did he hate him for it.....
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He created the Originals....two by two by two....
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