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 Fifty card pick up

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Fifty card pick up Empty
PostSubject: Fifty card pick up   Fifty card pick up EmptyThu Apr 09, 2015 10:57 pm

The figure laid there on the grown. Something of a pretty boy. His deep chocolate brown hair a mess on his head his shirt torn, and deep eyes closed. Laying in a quickly growing pool of his own blood.....a beautiful broken flower....The duo looking down at him. One was a tall man in a business suit long raven hair emerald green eyes pale skin. He was a sharp man and he had the hilt of the long dagger that pierced Ryner's chest slicing the teen's heart in halkf inside of his chest sending Ryner  into a state of suspended animation unable to die because of Death's blessing on him, and although the raven haired teen didn't know that his purpose in killing Ryner .....wasn't really to kill him at all. That blade now that it was buried in Ryner's chest could not be pulled out the blade glowing as all that could be seen was the bejeweled hilt....the raven teen let go of the hilt and stood as continued to look at the lovely Ryner  pausing a moment as he had gone to a semi kneeling post ion to brush the chocolate locks out of Ryners closed eyes, long lashes resting against his cheek bones. 

"His eyes hold the key to incedible power. Untold unparalled......." He said sighing as he reached down brushing his fingers through the kids hair. He looked back at the blond next to him. "You miss him don't you Ferrin?" 

The man sighed as he looked at Ryner  laying there in the grass sleeping. "Of course I do. Ryner  was my best friend once." Ferrin said shaking his head and knelt down. "Syao, you know as well as I do that neither one of us exist to Ryner  anymore....its the price of his power. When its made to be fully unleashed beyond even his control it erases everything even his memories of the past. Neither one of us exist to him now. He doesn't know us. Doesn't, remember us and won't no matter how much time passes....." 

Syao sighed and nodded. "It's as you say. We grew up the three of us as best friends , a family of sort.....even if we mean nothing to him anymore at least we can do this much." 

Ferrin nodded as he sighed before kneeling down and lifting Ryner up into his arms. The doctors who had been doing all of this before sperating all them to different branches had placed a powerful tracking device in the back of Ryner's head. It was how Syao and Ferrin found him of course Ferrin had cut down the corrupt doctors while Syao gained Ryner .As Ryner  slept the sleep of death in Ferrin's arms the tall blonde sighed softly closing his eyes. He opened them in time to see the blade dissolve into nothing and if he moved Ryner's ruined shirt there would be odd silver god runes etched into the flesh around the deep cut....swirling moving and changing.....as Ryner  thanks to Syao was dead and being made to gain full control of the living power in his soul or be devoured by it.....Ferrin hoped that Ryner  had the strength to win and take back his boidy fully from the power the doctors had seperated him from.

"Syao your certain you can do this without hurting him? He's no good to anybody if you do this wrong." Ferrin said and Syao looked at him. 

"Yeah we just have to get him back there and then I'll get to work.....don't worry I know how dangerous it is to mess with him. Once I finish with all of this Ryner  will be safe from any who are after him......of course he'll have to pay me back." 

Ferrin narrowed his eyes and shook his head. "You'll have to settle for my lack of kicking your ass...."

Syao sighed as he looked at Ferrin nodding. "Of course but for now we had better move I need to remove the chip set they put inside of him before Ryner  gains control of the Weaver inside of him and returns....since he won't be likely to allow me to remove the tracking devices inside of him......and before his keeper finds us and interferes." 

Ferrin sighed as he looked at Syao then looked Ryner . "his keeper? Are you sure its wise to leave Ryner  with them?" 

"No I'm not certain but they treat him as we would.....for the most part somehow I think they would not have the will or drive to release him like this...."
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Fifty card pick up
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