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 Avan 'Ava' Padma

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PostSubject: Avan 'Ava' Padma   Avan 'Ava' Padma EmptySun Jan 04, 2015 7:57 pm

Full Name: Avan Padma
Meaning of Name: Time Lotus
*Nickname: Ava
Astrological Sign: Libra
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 21
Human Eye Color: Golden
Human Hair Color: Natural light Pink
Type of Build/Body: well built and muscluar
Height: 5'7
Weight: 134lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Ava's ears are pierced, he has a trabial tattoo wrapped around his one arm the markings of death and time.his tongue is pierced.

Skills: Vampiric fangs, powers and abilities that are like any other vampire with agility and ability to heal.

Space Manipulation- Avan has the ability to bend space around him even creating other dimension's. He can manipulate reality around him. Ava can control all aspects of space including the amount of 'space' an object needs to 'exist' in. He can make a car fit into a wallet even changing the weight of the object in proportion of the space it now takes up.

Time Manipulation- Ava control's time as in the ability to speed it up, slow it down, move himself through time and space as to freezing time and movement in time.

Reaper Magic- This is a special set of magical skills learned by only those who are the class of "Reaper" or "Shinigami (Death Gods)". This magic includes an array of offensive and defensive attacks and also allows a reaper to summon the gates of hell or heaven and use their scythe. Each Reaper has their own realm of magic, but Reapers can also be granted entrance to another Reaper's realm of magic by said Reaper.

Hounds- When he summons the gates the hounds that guard it obey him.

Death Inducement~ User can kill anyone and possibly even anything using varying means, either instantly, slowly over time, after certain conditions are met, or after a certain period of time has gone. May be used by touch, at a distance, simply willing it to happen, or performing certain ritual.

Death Sense~ The user is capable of sensing the coming of death, able to determine when someone is dead or dying or if others have died in a specific location. At times, this extends to seeing the names and lifespans of those who's faces the user sees.

Scythe Proficiency ~ The user can wield a scythe with tremendous dexterity and skill, accurately and precisely slicing through the enemies without being hindered by the scythe's heavy weight. Minor variations include a sickle — a smaller variation of the scythe — or a kusarigama — a sickle with a chain attached.

Scythe Summon- This is a special type of Reaper Magic that allows a reaper to call forth their scythe, or reaping weapon. It also allows them to send it back to their own realm of magic.

Scythe: Avan's scythe takes the form of a hammer.
Avan 'Ava' Padma War_ha10

Summoning piece - Avan 'Ava' Padma -font-10

Attitude/Personality: When it comes to the true nature and traits of a Libra you must understand that Libra is a sign obsessed with balance.

The sign of this house of the Zodiac is a pair of scales after all, so this should come as no surprise that the traits of Libra are centred on the theme of balance.

Balance and inner calm is a key trait of Libra and it really does describe the true nature of those born under this sign.

Libra signs can spend a lifetime hoping to achieve a sense of inner calm and balance in their lives. Sometimes it is achieved and sometimes it will never be achieved. Either way if you want to understand the true nature and character of someone born under Libra, it is essential that you understand what motivates them in life.

The search for balance in life applies to all aspects of a Libra’s life, from work and career to family and relationships. The true nature of Libra is all about finding a sense of balance in every aspect of their lives.

Talents: Sculpting and writing

Images For character: Avan 'Ava' Padma B97c8d10
History: The only bit of known history is that he is the son of The American Mafia boss who died before it all split up and he formed the Deathscythes. He also has a long time friend Destin Fitzroy who moved on from the Mafia to something different in Japan although Ava was said to see him go he let him go and wished him the best of luck wanting to see his friend get out of this life before it got him killed.
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Avan 'Ava' Padma
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