When worlds come together their fates collide. . . .
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 Hokori Mayokana

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PostSubject: Hokori Mayokana   Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:38 am

Full Name: Hokori Mayokana
Meaning of Name: Dust Midnight if placed in proper Japanese tradition it would be Midnight Dust. (Mayokana Hokori)
*Nickname: Kori
Astrological Sign:
Sex: Female

Human Appearance
Human Age: 19
Human Eye Color: Pale Ice Blue
Human Hair Color: Silvery white
Type of Build/Body: Tall and well built
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 145lbs well
Distinguishing Marks: Dual toned eyes. Both silvery white and pale glacier blue. Her ears are pierced several times and she wears a 'cornent' with a pale blue gemstone.

Skills: Hokori possess a skill set called 'Semblance'. There abilities that pull there powers from the world itself.

Semblance Speed - Hokori can use her Semblance to move at speeds that are nearly too fast for the eye to catch, making it appear as if she can teleport. She uses this ability in combat to dodge attacks, disorient enemies and quickly counterattack. The slipstream created by Hokori's Semblance is also strong enough to create air currents capable of picking up large numbers of objects, creating a storm of flying projectiles. Hokori can also grab hold of other people or objects and carry them off at high speeds with her Semblance. As she moves the only trace of her being there is the icy blue white rose petals she leaves behind while using this form of semblance.

Semblance Glyphs: that have a variety of effects on objects, monsters, and people (including herself), she modifies these glyphs by changing the element of the Dust.

Semblance Absorbstion: Hokori doesn't fear pain being hit or hurt in fact its a benefit to her. The more she's hit the more she fights the more she absorbs and the stronger she becomes, the higher the energy she absorbs will eventually set her hair ablaze. Making her seem otherworldly eben as she fights. Skilled in hand to hand and highly athletic.

Dust: particles that make up everything from fire,wind,water, earth and electricity. Hokori can gather the particles of energy and use them at her own will.

Vampwolf: like her father and sister and family she is a vampwolf holding all the perks strengthen and fangs.

Attitude/Personality Hokori is everything her twin is not, confindent brave sure of herself a fighter and free spirited nothing gets her down for long. She has a smile that can light up the night and undying loyalty to those who have earned her love and trust.....but be for warned for as warm as Hokori is, burn her wrong her and hell will seem like paradise to them.....

Talents: Hokori can, sing dance and play bass guitar, she sings and is part if her Sisters band Fatale Beauty.....

Images For character:

History: Hokori and Ikisatsu are twins threw and threw, but Midori couldn't abuse torture or torment Hokori because her Semblance with the world's energy so instead she at birth made Hokori shift to her wolf state locked an enchanted collar around her furry neck and has had her live her life as a wolf and family pet making it known she had only one daughter and that Hokori was a wolf a family pet. Hokori knows she can shift form and that the colllar most of her life locked it off.

She also knows by blood scent she and Ikisatsu are twins but since her sister is already ready to give up and die she instead determined to be her best friend. Playing in the band together she has no idea that Neikan is her father and when not playing in the band she tends to stay in wolf form more comfortable...she has no idea that the reason Ikisatsu has been away from the apartment the past couple of days is because she's bonding with there father....Hokori doesn't know who her father is since Ikisatsu never talked about her dad to anyone not even her.....and Hokori slept growing up outside in the 'dog-house' so she never got to hear......who her father was. Things changed for them when Hokori slipped her collar went inside and freeded them both from that life..... Almost killing Midori the way she attacked. It allowed them to escape and start the band changing there lives.
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Hokori Mayokana
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