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 Muon Horobi (無音滅び)

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PostSubject: Muon Horobi (無音滅び)   Tue Nov 04, 2014 1:45 am

Full Name: Muon Horobi (無音滅び).
Meaning of Name: Soundless Damnation.
*Nickname: Jinx (ジンクス/Jinkusu).
Astrological Sign: N/A.
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 21.
Human Eye Color: Glowing Turquoise (the color of Worm Eater).
Human Hair Color: White.
Type of Build/Body: He has the build of a body builder strong unbreakable and the sort that just screams ouch in a fist fight. Without looking like someone who pumped up on steroids and is all muscle no brain.
Height: 6'2''.
Weight: 156 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: He has none that are visible. However, he has one that is only seen when he opens his mouth.

His tongue is pierced with what appears to be a small, white round circular piercing.

Skills: Muon's Worm Eater is as Unique as he is. The second one to be experimented on, Worm Eater- like with Reiki- is infused with his body. Although, he has a small implant that allows him to either directly or indirectly use it. The implant allows Muon to do anything to shielding himself, to attacking.

A Deadman's blood is useless against him. In the end, all they'd end up doing is covering him in their blood. They're really only one way a Deadman stands a chance against him, and that's dangerous to even attempt.

Attitude/Personality: Seen as lazy, Muon is a rather laid back individual who lacks the overall desire to be given too much responsibility for anything.

Physically, Muon is strong and more than able to carry a weapon, but emotionally, Muon is pretty much as his reputation suggests. He often ignores the Deadmen and shirks his duties, but that doesn't, by any means, that he's not in the right position.

Muon, or Jinx as he's known in Deadman Wonderland, is actually quite the scary guy. He lacks a sense of humor and has a violent temper. The only jokes he takes well are Reiki's and Hounds. Many question his sanity due to this fact, because unless it's Hound or Reiki doing the joking, Jinx will completely go off the deep end and often ends up either killing his foot soldiers, or injuring them to the point that they become useless.

However, what he lacks in sense of humor and temper control, he makes up for with charisma.  He may not be the sort to laugh or joke around, but he is an all around nice guy. If it meant giving up his jacket or shirt to a younger child, he'd do it without a second thought. However, one shouldn't mistake his kindness for stupidity. He has his limits and one would be wise no to push them.


Images For character:

History: Muon is a personal man, he doesn't feel the need to talk about his past, because even if he talked about it, nothing he can do will change it.
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Muon Horobi (無音滅び)
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