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 The Hansel and Gretel Project.

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The Hansel and Gretel Project. Empty
PostSubject: The Hansel and Gretel Project.   The Hansel and Gretel Project. EmptySun Nov 02, 2014 11:50 pm

There was once an amazing project that was said to help advance all of the world's understanding of Human Behavior and how to modify it. This project was run by a world famous scientist. His name was Yamamoto. 

The name of his project? Hansel and Gretel.

The H.A.N.S.E.L Project (Human Altered Neruology Solider Elite Lethal Project) was meant to create a male soldier who, when injured, would respond with enough violence to wipe out an entire fleet with one go. The training for this project involved a series of games. The most popular with these games? Onikirimaru Or "Ogre Slayer". The objective of this game? Seal away the 'Oni' before he can unleash his evil upon the world and save the Tamayori Princesses from the evil of the 'Oni'. 

However, the cruel reality of this is the fact that the 'Oni' were all young boys, some of which were still children around 8 or 9 years of age. These 'Oni' went through gruesome trainging in order to teach them to react to injuries with no pain, no tears, no emotion at all. Instead, they were to react with sheer violence and kill their attacker and their allies. 

However, the horror of it all came to light when Yamamoto realized that there was no way to stop the 'Oni' once the game had began. In order to counter the 'Oni' or 'Hansel Project', Yamamoto created a project that would create a counter, an end, a destination in the game for the 'Oni' or for 'Hansel'. This project was deemed 'Gretel'.

The G.R.E.T.E.L Project (Genetic Refuge Effeminate Technological Elite Lullaby Project) was a project meant to create a female counterpart for those who were deemed a successful product of the Hansel so that when the 'game' was done, they would have a way of stopping the 'Oni'. The answer, after many failed attempts and lost lives, a lullaby was discovered. This lullaby was the only key to stop the rampaging 'Oni' and bring them back to their sate of awareness. This lullaby was then trained into the minds of every participant in the Gretel Project. Each Gretel held the key to the end of the game, the 'Saki' or the 'destination' the 'Oni' were seeking. 

Each Gretel was trained to be able to do all forms of combat as a way of being able to both compete with each Hansel and a way of being prepared for any possible situation that their particularly assigned Hansel may be placed in. Each Gretel was assigned a Hansel and were assigned to both protect them, and stand by when the 'game' was initiated to sing the lullaby and end the game once their initiative had been reached. 

Both Hansel and Gretel were well trained and a strong desire to protect their counterpart was ingrained into them. Neither counterpart could function properly without the other. However, the Gretel counterpart was found to function outside of the Hansel Project. The Gretel were found to be able to retain personality traits that had existed before they became part of the project. Hansel, however, would continue to seek out a new counterpart or 'partner' to either teach the lullaby to, or help him search for his assigned Gretel. Without the Gretel, Hansel would either lay waste to everything without an end, or commit suicide. 

Hansel was deemed unable to function while away from Gretel.

Professor Yamamoto was supposed to be the pioneer in behavior modification. Supposed to be. However, no one could have guessed that his prized project would end in chaos.

Yamamoto had used his own son in the Hansel project, and after becoming a 'success' of the project, his son was paired with his Gretel. Unfortunately for his son, Yamamoto was not only a rich, world famous scientis, he was also a heavy drug user and alcoholic. As was his wife. 

From a young age, Yamamoto's son and twin sister were sold to underground sex traders and these men or women were given as many hours or days that they paid for to spend with the young children. Sick of the torment, Yamamoto's son flew into a rage, marred by his father's 'punishments', he saved his twin sister and killed every one of the lab's workers. In what was believed to be their final moments, the twins were watching the house they survived horror after horror in, burn down to the ground and watched as the lab exploded, killing off what the son had thought to be the last he would ever hear of his father's final project. 

That was nine years ago.

Now, anything on 'Hansel' came up with nothing except that there was only one success and any reference to the test subject was 'The boy'. No name, no age; Nothing at all about him. Other than when certain conditions were met, 'The boy' was a lethal, non-stop killing machine that knew no pain. 

The notes on Hansel stopped, and notes about taking his son out to play games began. Their particular favorite to play? Onikirimaru Or "Ogre Slayer"......why he included that was unknown. Other notes talking about how the professor worried early on about his son's health because he had Acute Polycythemia Vera. The boy's body produced massive amounts of blood and had to be drained constantly or it would kill him. The doctor's answer was to have 'Flutes' inserted into his forearms which would allow the boy to periodically drain his blood back down to normal levels a couple of times a day. 

Since the professor named his son with his wife's family name breaking all tradition, no one would have guessed that 'The boy' or the only surviving Hansel was inmate #10, Kaze Omoyashi, who had been an inmate at Deadman Wonderland since he was ten. He had come to Deadman Wonderland nine years ago, back almost when the park first opened. Kaze has since gotten himself heavily involved with inmate #6 Ryūketsu Ryōken, code named Hound. 

No one has been able to connect Kaze to the Hansel project other than the fact that his father was the head scientist that oversaw the project. 

No one knows where the only surviving Gretel is, or even if a single Gretel survived that day. However, Grete, better known as inmate #34 Nama Kuragari, had survived the incident and went on to live as a healthy happy child...for the most part. She had lived her life on the outside of the prison, never remembering the horrors that once was her project name. She had a real name now, and a family. But the moment she entered the gates of Wonderland she remembered. Gretel remembered everything that she had been trained to do, everything that she had promised 'Hansel'...everything...that Hansel and Gretel had stood for.

Hansel needed her. It wasn't safe to leave him alone for so long...the game wasn't safe without the end, without Saki, without a "Destination".
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The Hansel and Gretel Project.
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