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  Reiki Kaminari ('Undertaker' Leader of Squad one)

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PostSubject: Reiki Kaminari ('Undertaker' Leader of Squad one)   Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:35 pm

Full Name: Reiki Kaminari 
Meaning of Name: Cold Thunder
*Nickname: Hakurai 白雷 (White Lightening)
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Age: 18
Eye Color: White.....naturally although they glow an Turquoise blue whenever he absorbs a Branch of Sin. 
Hair Color: Light blonde silvery white
Type of Build/Body:Strong well built and a powerhouse without being so built he looks ridiculous. It's all compact and lean muscle more athletically toned then muscle builder stature. Although he is eighteen he looks about thirteen and is adorably cute......
Weight: 165lbs
Distinguishing Marks: His ears are pierced several times as well as his eyebrow although behind the mask no one ever see's them.. Depending on the amount of 'Sin' he absorbs a marking appears on the left side of his face and he can materialize it as a long scythe.......truly looking the part of the 'Undertaker' His left eye is red at that point. 

Skills: They say paybacks are a bitch and his skill....the Worm Eater which absorbs and negates the effects of the Worm Virus in the Deadman absorbs it and gives him the strength and power distilled from it. In essence the more he takes in the more powerful he becomes. He can then release the stored extra energy as a bolt of 'Electricty' that cuts down the one before him. Reiki was the First to be infused with Worm Eater. The first they ran the experiments on and the only one whose body is the weapon and defense system. He is the leader no amount of blood from a Deadman can hurt him and his very presence near one can cancel them out......Reiki is one of the few Undertakers with "Blue-Blood"

His abilities with Worm eater don't truly surface until he's absorbed enough of the power that there throwing at him if they last that long. Once he absorbs enough blood/energy of the Worm Virus he is able to summon or manifest the Worm Eater in the form of a large duel bladed scythe with a chain. The scythe is easily twice the size of Reiki himself but he wields it like it's nothing. 

Attitude/Personality: Cold, cool and antisocial not one to express much emotion and he doesn't overly talk that much although he does personally take enjoyment in picking on Hound.  Reiki is the sort to do things just because he can with no rhyme or reason and to scare the shit out of people.....for fun. In truth Reiki is a really nice kid but because of where he is and what he has to do he acts like an emotionless jerk....of course the mask he hides behind helps alot. 

Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

History: To be discovered in game play....the only thing known about him he put on the mask to mock Hound.
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Reiki Kaminari ('Undertaker' Leader of Squad one)
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