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 Rag'na the Devourer (NPC)

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PostSubject: Rag'na the Devourer (NPC)   Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:15 am

Full Name: Rag'na
Meaning of Name:
*Nickname: The Devourer, the Doom Bringer
Astrological Sign:
Sex: male

Human Appearance
Human Age: appears early 20's
Human Eye Color: glowing white eyes
Human Hair Color: long burnette hair
Type of Build/Body: A towering man built like a tank and agile beyond belif
Height: 8'5"
Weight: 316lbs
Distinguishing Marks: His torso is covered In odd markings.everything in his picture below is on his body.

Skills: god strength. Abilities powers. He has the ability to consume absolutely everything he touches.....he can convert it to power and use it against others.

Attitude/Personality: Manipulation' cunning, mean. Hungry. The devourer. He is anything but nice or kind. He will drive the wisest of men to madness. His sole desire is to destroy and consume everything.

Talents: convincing the weak of heart to do his dirty work.

Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

History: An unforseen byproduct created at the beginning of time. At the same time as the Lumen Naturae and the Five Rasul brothers. Aristarkh was the first born out of them all alone in the Cosmos aware of the Divine force but more then that the great Devourer. A creature with an all consuming hunger. The grand isle the Imperial Isle serves as the master seal. With the grand center of the palace the fountain being the key point. The six lower floating Isles each a seal point as pivotal as the first the land beneath the lock. But at the same time he was born so too was the Lumen Naturae. The 'Darkness' and the Devourer. He knew not the name of the 'Darkness' only that it was that all things are first born in the dark and return to the dark. That the dark is not evil but the point at which the soul rests and finds peace. The Lumen Naturae is the 'Light of Light's. The perfect light that connects all living beings and sees all truths. The light that corruption can not touch. To keep the Devourer sealed the Divine one gave onto Aristarkh Gethin the Guardian of Desire. He would be able to keep the livings desires from becoming tainted and impure. From feeding the devourer and giving it more and more power. The next was Thanh the Guardian of Balance, within in all things are perfect and equal. Light and dark. War and peace....or should be. But no living being can be so perfect on there own. So he was one piece of a set of three. The next two given into him at the same time were Amias Tsukiyomi and Soren. Amias the light of Unconditional love. One half of what Thanh needed to bring balance to everything. The other Soren was Death...absolute Death. Should all else fell he had the ability to purge everything back to Darkness and Oblivion.

The Devourer is sealed in the center space beneath the Imperial Isle were one can not see. Aristarkh knew Thanh needed to find his other half. But at the same token doubted it was the forbidden darkness born when he was. Surely the Lumen Naturae was not such a bitter lonely creature. But the Devourer hung there chained in the confines of his prison waiting.

His hunger is endless. He desire to consume everything. His voice a dark siren call to any whose heart falls to evil. Odin was one such. As a child his heart was filled with bitter anger and hate. His mother raped by a fire giant one that the Devourer sent that way while she was just starting to conceive Odin. In the end it meant her womb was filled with both Odin and the the half fire giant Loki. They were brought up as equals as brothers both cherished as equal despite Loki's horns and fire kissed hair. Odin was furious. He didn't feel right Loki should be so cherished. His father barely paid any attention to Loki but it was his mother who cherished them both. The brothers grew up around the Guardian Thanh and soon Odin took the thrown but he could not even hint at Loki's impurity in Asgard around Thanh for even Thanh seemed blinded by Loki's evil.. Was he the only one who could see. Was The great one who whispered to him right? They were all blind fools. They gave Baldir over to Loki and so light became Darkness became close to Loki. Thor hung out with them but never got so close. In order to do this....the Devourer convinced him he had to take out Loki. But when war broke out and Thanh to stop it discovered the blue jewel was about to infuse it with life....the Devourere told him to stop him that he was bringing minions of Loki into being. Odin did his bidding but could not stop him killing his best friend. He shook inside. The Devourer whispered tokd him it wasn't his fault it was Loki's. If no it for Loki this would not have happened.

The Devourer has waited Asgardd's light is going out the purity of the once holy lands going dark as Odin does his bidding but Ragna's mouth has begun to water. Not with the scent of Thanh for he knows that one. In the past whenever the Lumen Naturae was there he was sealed and not whole. He is unsealed now, the unseen light. The Light of Lights that the Divine one sent to them was here bond by contract perhaps to Thanh but he was there. He could smell him, taste him on the air....his hunger not just awake but reminded of how much he is starving....he now pushes against his fracturing bonds....if he can become free he can devour the Nictediei Solis.....and once he devoured him he could at his pleasure devour everything else in existence is he was the true face......of.....Ragna....rock. He longs to get his hands on Amias Tsukiyomi.....for he would have had the Guardian of Balance....would have been able to do so much more damage to have won already....had Amias not been able to hold onto Thanh with as much of his power, his love as he had. Even at his shakiest points he could not get ahold of him. He wishes to torture Amias kill him slowly and listen to his pearled screams.....after he's already consumed Thanh so there is no hope of anyone coming to save him....
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Rag'na the Devourer (NPC)
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