When worlds come together their fates collide. . . .
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 Rise of the Imperial Heavens

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PostSubject: Rise of the Imperial Heavens   Rise of the Imperial Heavens EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 11:02 pm

The five Princes born in the Imperial Palace of the Heavens could not be more beautiful nor alone. They were Rasul. The five Guardian 'Prophets' each born to forefill a certain role. But it was only the five of them. There was the eldest Aristarkh whose long hair fell in shimmering the deep color onyx his eyes so pure a shade of purple they were captivating in there own right. His skin the color of crushed baby's breathe. He was the deity of 'Self' or one. Of being of life or meaning. Depending how one might wish to look upon it. Next to him sat upon the lush green grass of the imperial gardens the second eldest brother. His hair looked as if it were crafted of the night sky. Strands of purest black with shimmering strands of radiant silvery white dancing through it. His eyes were unique for he seemed to if one was not careful upon looking be blind. But the pupil was indeed there as well as the iris. But his iris's were the color of the purest snow such a glistening white it looked often enough as if he had not any at all. His skin was the color of tanned cream. That sweet slightly tanned tone fair skin could gain that was so very alluring the whispered perfect 'sun kissed'. This bundle of wanton desire was Gethin, the Deity of Desire, of lust, of sexual and need. Of all things primal and instinctual. Across from them relaxed against a rock was the third eldest. His hair fell the color of obsidian about his sshoulders his eyes were such a pale perfect shade of blue they often made the sky weep with envy on its clearest day. His skin was perfect porcelain. There was nothing out of place about him ever and yet he always seemed to be wrapped in in a blanket of sorrow. This was Thanh however he was not the Deity of sorrow but the Deity of Balance. Always seeing what others struggle with, always aware of the burdens that others must carry and so it weighed on his heart. Saddening him even the burdens if his four brothers above his his own espically of the one he treasurer the most.

Resting against Thanh was the fourth brother. His short messy hair so soft a pale shimmering snow white brushed through with the faints of lavender,playful in color. His vibarant eyes the colors of violets a warm rich loving color his skin the color of peaches and cream. He was warmth. He was radiant, shinning glowing. He was the Deity of Love. He was Amias the one that Thanh treasured most. His head rested on Thanh's lap while his elder brother played with his hair. He laid in the grass stretched out. He was beautiful to look upon like his. Brothers but perhaps more so he was ethereal, neither female nor male. He was both genderless perfection. That was what it was meant to to be love. He was the very embodiment of love born with two names. He was love he was birth. He was nurturing. He was also Tsukiyomi of the moon. He was wonderful. He was incredible, and he was cherished. The four looked over to the last who was sitting alone. He was perhaps beyond them in beauty.

Long flowing white hair shimmering like light or snow, perhaps even one might even consider it stardust. Long lashes so long that when he closed his eyes they fanned out to lay gently over his cheek bones. Bidding radiant suns for eyes. Two liquid golden pools of gold for his eyes. His lips seemed to be made if crushed rose petals, and his skin poured cream and crushed ivory. His bone structure was beyond delicate long slender fingers tipped with perfect fingernails. The boy was the perfect woman full of curves shapely effeminate and yet...completely totatly one hundred percent male. His voice was soft beautiful alluring the perfect woman's a lullaby in the night a sweet swan song that could lure anyone into the coldest darkest night. A sweet surrender into nothing a whisper of what should never be. Of what no one wants and what what everyone even an immortal one day might or must come to terms with. For everyone must one day deal with Death. For that was what he was. The Deity of Death, Lord Death himself. He was the youngest brother Siren and unlike the others he tended to sit by himself at the edge of the imperial Isle looking down at the barren dead floating ring of islands and storm mass bellow that as if he was always searching from something. Falling off of the edges of the Isle from glittering shimmering silver rivers falling down to three of the six Isles slashing down in the center and flowing out as if to connect them.

Amias sighed and they all seemed to shift caught up in the same melancholy. They did the same thing every day since the day they were all born. They all woke came to gardens choose a place and sat down spent then day sitting there and then that night went back to bed. The change had been the question Amias had asked yesterday before he sighed but he sighed like that every day. It was always the same thing. The question....if they were Guardian Deities what was it then that they guarded? Each other and if so from what Each other there was nothing? There was no change.....this was it, endless circle of nothing of never changing never ending nothing....even Aristarkh was bothered by that sudden realization. He had known for a long time something was missing but he had had his beloved brothers. But even now they were showing signs of being aware of it as well.

"Aristarkh, you are the Deity of self right? There is just us...so...what happens to your gifts to your powers if there's no one to guide to self awareness?" Amias asked turning his head as he looked over at his brother as he sat on the bench. Aristarkh flinched trying to find an answer for that and failed.

"I do not know Amias we were all born self aware....its never occurred to me to question it." Aristarkh said as he looked at Amias.

Amias frowned glancing over at Gethin. "Gethin...we have all we could possibly desire here and with each other we want for nothing."

Gethin sighed shaking his head and closed his eyes frowned. "What you say is true I can't make you desire anything because you know how to get what you want."

"Don't ask. We are immortal" Soren spoke up from were he rested against the tree looking down at the area below. "There is no other life out there. Nothing so fragile it will die. Nothing that illness will take. Moreover I am death Amias. Death is never a welcome guest. He is the last one invited. He is the one you close your doors to and pray for good health and long life against. Death is not worshiped he is avoided. It is a quiet role I have one that comes a whisper in the night. Not waltzing in during the day.

Amias looked down taking a deep breath. "I have had odd dreams lately displaced and odd. Children that grow up. But they are as fragile as the Flowers in this garden. They grow strong when nurtured but wilt and grow sick when taken care of wrong. They grow ill easily and age they start out small but in a short time these children grow. At the end they are old and withered as if they have been in the sun for far too long. Fraile and breaking they lay down and as a shadow passes over there eyes they often smile as if welcoming an old friend and go to sleep before breathing there last....I don't know where they are or where they are from...but during there short time they turn not just to use....but to others calling some by names I can not hear....but it as if....we are not all we can be but were stagnant and holding still....am I wrong?" Amias asked.

Thanh smiled. "No I don't believe so but it grows late tonight and you my sweet Amias have given us all much to think about. That we all must have a greater purpose, even our beloved Soren. That his gift would be welcomed by those who have lived a long life and are ready to find rest. To welcome him like a long awaited friend. No Amias you have given all of use something to think on to try figure out why nothing besides us has come into being." Thanh said as he gently sat Amias up then stood lifting him up and together the brothers walked off. Gethin walked off himself sighing and yawning.

Soren shook his head looking over the edge. "Such a dream....that there could ever be a time when anyone would welcome me as if a friend....." He mused before turning and walking in saying good night to Aristarkh who wished to stay up just a bit longer.

That night Aristarkh took an deep breath and walked to one of the silver rivers standing at the drop off and looking down. He took a deep breath as he looked down stepping into the water before stepping off letting the current carry him to the first lower Isle. He splashe down into the silver lake. Surfacing he swam to the edge and climbed out looking about but could see it. Along the edges of the lake in different areas there were areas stone jamming up outlets blocking the water flow causing it to churn.

Aristarkh walked down to the first rocks that jammed out the outlet. He knelt down reached out and grabbed the stone working with it until he managed to pry it loose. Water rushed through the outlet silver green grass erupted beneath his feet flowers unlike any he had seen began to rise up and bloom. Trees began to grow branches spreading out leaves uncurling. Threads of silver water from that one outlet branched off elsewhere more and more opening up and coming into bloom. He moved about the lake unblocking each jammed outlets spreading out and awakening the entire Isle. Once finished marble pillars grand and white stood glittering in the light. Marble homes that allowed air to travel with air flow. He looked about the Isle was breathtaking. Absolutely astounding, he slowly turned looking about and drew in a sharp breath as laying sleeping in the grass all over under the glittering starlight were Gods and Goddess's all dressed in various colours but they were Toga's cloth wrapped around torso and waist flowers or olive branches wrapped around there heads as if a crown. The sight before him was absolutely incredible.

Aristarkh walked to the end of the Isle looked back seeing the glittering lands smiling that was it. The waters of the Imperial Island were jammed up and not flowing through the lands like they needed to be. Like they were supposed to be. He moved jumping gliding and easily cleared long the distance from that Isle to this one the next one over in the chained ring of Isles. He sat down on this barren Isle, walking forwards. It was cold, very cold. The longer he walked on the Isle to walk on the Isle the further in he got the colder it got. The air began to freeze on his skin. His breath freezing on his lips burning through his nose. His fingers turning blue. He was a Deity, he should be unaffected by the cold and yet this cold was working its way down to his very bones. He was glad none of his brothers were with him. Sweet Amias would be in such terrible pain right now. Shivering Aristarkh wrapped his arms around himself and he swore in the pitch black darkness something large and almost human moved. Limbs that had ice hanging off of them began to push up the sound of that ice cracking and breaking. Kegs begininng to move. The sound of frozen hair clinking together. He slowly turned his head watching as one if these things began to stand a giant of a man huge fangs in its mouth black voids were the eyes should be. The skin was a sickly shade of blue looking like had been frozen over. The limbs huge twisted trunks and yet it was moving quickly a huge purple black tongue licking its lips as if Aristarkh was a taste treat. He didn't wait around to find out his strength was failing him. Aristarkh looked at the edge frozen ton the core he would not make it. He like his brothers had forgotten about him. About the one who had no name. Who existed and did not exist. Aristakh frozen to the core unprepared for this world for this frozen hell blinked as he was caught up long blue black claws catching his pant leg missing him and shaterring only the material. As the nameless Deity jumped easily making it to the next Isle and dropped him in the famed up silver lake. Frozen to the core he did not protest. After a while he climbed out about to lash out at the Deity of Darkness telling him he was not needed nor was he wanted but he was gone. Long gone as if he had never been there. Aristarkh knew he had been though because the shadow burn against his stomach were the creatures fingers had touched him lingered despite the silver waters healing abilities.

Aristarkh unblocked this lake watching as the deep blue green fields opened up the flowers blooming trees. The grand homes lighting up and taking form. Warriors and poets all sorts of Gods and Goddess's came into sight in all sorts of dress.

Aristarkh looked about while the first seemed to be an isle full if desire this one was well balanced. He moved on jumping and landing on the next world. He walked through this isle at first nothing but dry heat. Incredible dry heat. Twisted trees withered as if from a total lack of water. The ground dry parched and cracked. The skies chocked with thick black clouds. The air was this and heavy with heat. None of it was something he could not handle. But as he walked the cracks were glowing red and the ground behind him exploded suddenly into a wall of molten rock. Aristarkh was moving as tall behemoth's of men began to give chase to him. There hair in various colours all patterened after flames. There eyes a molten metal color. Black nails as if they were burnt. Long twisted horns that were flame kissed . He ran from this world. From this Isle attempting to put 'distance between himself and them. One of them caught him when his foot came down and he stepped down in a pool of magma. The others nowhere close by, still a bit behind. He fought him but even as he fought he was a young Deity learning his powers, flipped over and brutally taken By the large one who caught him. The creature was burning hot to begin with a creature made of flames. The taking brutal as he was forcefully ravaged. He bit down on a scream a what felt like magma exploded inside of his frame. He manage at that moment to catch his breathe and use his powers to destroy this one. Getting up he managed to dress somehow managed to make it to the edge of the Isle....and here he fell off.

Aristarkh woke sometime later floating on his back once again in in the healing waters that flowed from the Imperial Isles.

"The last Isle is the "The Feathered children" the nameless darkness spoke without turning to face him. "The first Isle is the Greecian Fiekds , the second the The lands of Black Frost. The third Isle is Asgard one of the four Isles of light. After that is Jordan, the land of the Fire Giants. This is Sakura Garden. The light of this garden is so great it creates the last the Feathered Children changing there fate." Aristarkh chose that moment to listen to the darkness since it seemed he same s lot being the one everyone wished to forget about. As the darkness spoke he fixed these isles so full of light and live then looked down and went wide eyed at the sudden deathly howl coming from below the sounds of hounds and the darkness nodded. "They call to there master. They call beg him to come home. The Greecian Isles await Gethin, Asgard awaits Thanh to wake and Sakura awaits Amias or Tsukiyomi to wake. You will take you throne above them all watching over them and Soren will go to the pits with hounds the last born isolated away from everyone."

'Bullshit he is...." Aristarkh started but the darkness of the void the Deity who was not even given a name given anything to hold onto. To give any indication of ever having been wanted if even for a breath of a moment.

"Death is wanted. He is needed. Wither or not he thinks so. He has a home....now if you'll excuse me....I have an endless void of nothingness to return to." The darkness said and Aristarkh could not explain it he could not be rid of him fast enough.

"Go! You have no business here. Your darkness does not belong here. " Aristarkh said and the man looked back over his shoulder sighing.

"I already said I was." He retorted as he faded into the darkness leaving before daylight washed over this Isle.

floating in the empty void that would one day contain the Sol System the 'Darkness' shed a tear before he laid black looking into the empty dark void.....alone and unwanted. No one wanted the dark.....no one it seemed not even the darkness itself not when it meant being swallowed up all the time but such bitter cold isolation and despair.
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Rise of the Imperial Heavens
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