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 The nameless one.

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The nameless one. Empty
PostSubject: The nameless one.   The nameless one. EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 4:28 pm

He was the only deity in creation without a name. Born alone he would be alone. The Deity of the Dark or the night. He had no name no palace in any of the three Isles. Hated and alone, despised and naturally rejected by the other deities. He floated in the darkness the endless void of space. The endless, nothingness. Eternal everlasting nothingness. His hair was crafted of the night the same dark tones flowing from black to deep purple to red and back depending on the way the light hit his hair. His skin seemed to be crafted of light, his eyes were the color of clear pure teal water glowing with a light from within. Hated and alone if he got close to there Isles he brought the darkness with him and they all but violently beat him to death to rid there bright lovely Isles of his darkness. Not even the guardians wanted him close.

Sitting up on nothing he sat up and sighed opening one hand and swinging it throwing out glittering sparks of light from his fingertips. Star he mused as the glitter lights formed around him spawning out as far as he could see diamonds against the endless plain darkness. He smiled as he looked at his handy work so far. If he would spend his eternity alone out here at least he could make it pretty to look at. The Deity opened his hand and formed several small round rocks making them float in the palm of his hand. Then threw them they came to a stop close to the sun. He repeated it again changing the color of the main sphere to red swirling lush purple tones and reds for 'waters' pinks/mauves for clouds. Two smaller for moons and sent them flying close to the first but further away from the sun. He formed two a lovely blue and green one with swirls of white with a lovely silver sphere to compliment the first. He sent them out. He decorated each one there after but unlike these two they were not ready to support life. But they were decorated.

He floated through space for a while then turned over as a battle one day in the Imperial Heavens spilled over here to his realm of isolation. Thanh was bringing further balance to his blue jewel. He his behind the dark side of the silver moon. Perhaps it was cowardly of him at the time but he wanted nothing to do with them. With the pain of there rejection yet again or them to turn from there fight with each other and turn on him. Odin was cursing saying that everything would fall under his rule that he would not allow Thanh to create these things called Mortals. He hacked away at Thanh but the nameless shadow slowed Odin's final blow something that should have moved at the speed of light moved at the speed of a snail. Loki appeared and stopped Odin's death blow but the damage was done. Thanh died but as the Deity of Balance a pulse of light went out bringing balance and life to the Moon and Mars as well.

The Imperial Heavens shortly after fell into disarray. The nameless god easily forgotten looked at his once lonely void choose a world and disappeared onto it. A being that would exist as long as there was darkness he would exist, hated and alone. He had known from the moment he was created that he was a creature that would exist without ever being loved. But he could try to disappear in the worlds and become something else? Could he become something that could be loved. They say this Legend ends with him taking a name, taking on an indenity they say they whisper that there is even someone who can truly love the dark. But they also say that the nameless Deity simply choose to end his life and fade out of existence after all everything in the light, everyone even the God of love hated him did not want him he had no right to exist when nothing in existence wanted him to be.
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The nameless one.
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