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 Zankokuna Tenshi

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Character sheet
Name: Kirameku Takusen
Age: 20
Species: Vampire

PostSubject: Zankokuna Tenshi   Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:22 pm

Full Name: Zankokuna Tenshi
Meaning of Name: Cruel Angel
*Nickname: Zan, or his enemies Nejireta (twisted)
Astrological Sign:
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: Unknown appears early twenties
Human Eye Color: Right eyes glowing teal. There's an empty socket were his left eye should be.

Human Hair Color: an odd color in some lights it looks dark purple in others black some red. Some blackish red with red tips its hard to tell.
Type of Build/Body: Tall well built and muscular.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175lbs solid muscle
Distinguishing Marks: His left ear is pierced twice and he's missing his left eye.Kusatta has it.....he uses a glass sphere to replace his missing eye. Because of the spell he used to give it to give it to Kusatta his body will not replace it. If it does he takes it back from Kusatta and he'll never do that. Having an allegory to sunlight he has built up a resistance to it over the centuries. He can stand being in the sun for a while now for a few hours but after a while he has to duck out or suffer nasty sun-burns. After Aoi burned his cloak Zankokuna was off center not sure about coming out and showing his face so it was Kusatta's turn to reward him. With Aoi and Fujun'na's help picking it out, he bought the necklace Zankokuna wears as a reward for being brave and going without it. For letting Kusatta see his face all the time now. Since it was given and Kusatta put around his neck, Zankokuna has never taken it off. The earrings he wears were also picked out by his lovely wolf. Zan when he first met Kusatta was a damaged vampire looking like he was in his mid to late forties due to severe damage and ashing under the skin that was slow to heal. Now fully healed he has been restored to his fully glory minus his left eye. And fears that after centuries of being apart from Kusatta that his beloved Vampwolf will no longer know and want him. That he'll only want the Zan he remembers the damaged fractured vampire he first met.


  • Vampire he has vampire fangs upper and lower, claws healing abilities plus all the natural abilities of a pure blood vampire.

  • Removal of Time ( his right eye) When Zan uses the power contIaned in his glowing teal right eye, he can speed up and remove the remaining time of those around him to the point that nothing remains not even the ashes.

  • Asorbtion of power- Zan can take power from others without killing them, leaving his victim alive but powerless that power he absorbs becomes permanent strength split fifty-fifty with Kusatta due to the terms of the contract.

  • Magi- Zan knows all forms of magic and uses it to his full potential.
    Attitude/Personality: Zan can be cold and kind all in the same breathe. Warm and mean. He is not easily described and often misunderstood. His actions are often a counterdiction to how he means to be. Kusatta actually understands him better then anyone. He can seem to be doing something to harm someone and yet be helping them but that is just the very nature of the dark side of everything.

Talents: Reading. Writing, playing  with Kusatta.

Images For character:

History:Zankokuna was once king of the dark kingdom of the moon. The Hell's blades served him. He had power to throw around a war lord that was unrivaled. He and Tsuki battled constantly. Mun's Heaven's blade's fighting. He met his end in one battle ashes in the wind. Centuries later the wind brought his ashes back together. He reformed sensitive to the light he clothed in the hooded cloak of the king. The moon had completely fallen. He narrowed his eyes the fallen world powerless.....his powers dwindled. He went to Earth it was night fall and upon arrival came upon a sight. A werewolf hunter fighting a radiant black vampwolf. The vampwolf was dying hacked apart by the hunter although what made Zan decide to halt the hunt to slow him just that hairs breathe of time that allowed the wolf to win. But the wolf turned and lunged fangs bared a desprited light to live in the remaining eye. The other ruined. Light life. This wolf may be dying may be loosing his life but he was not willing to loose even a moment without a fight. And...Zan liked what he saw. That determination to live even when there was nothing left. Even when death itself was ripping its icy claws into you. He used the powers of his left eyes to slow down time. To catch this one and hold him in a Hairs breathe of time giving him an offer. He could in this moment end his suffering instantly. Or make them equal partners, fifty fifty. Of course he would reward him for all his hard work. His powers would grow equally. The moment he sealed the contract by taking his left eye. Zan forever take his death. The wolf before him agreed. He let go of the wolf and the wolf good as his word consumed his left eye without hesitation and backed off licking his maw. Zan got up having screamed in pain between loosing his eye and absorbing all of the wolfs it had not been pleasant. He stood there looking at him before taking a knew the wolf proceeded to clean the spilled blood off of his face without injuring him further. The next few decades provide to be trying. The idea of reward was not proving to be the same for them both. Kusatta was getting harder and harder to handle. Zankokuna watched as a girl who had not fought him was savagely torn apart after they had taken down the target and Kusatta had done a marvelous job as always. They were back on the dark side of the moon again. He watched as Kusatta shifted to human form falling into a rage taking it out on the remaining paintings in his throne room. The rest were ruined. Zan walked up and caught the wolf's face he had tried verbal praise. Letting him feed on what he wanted tried everything anything but this one. He was used to dealing with soldiers and warriors but perhaps this required a much more personal approach. He kissed the wolf passionately on the lips. Feeling the wolf hitch before he seemed to melt a moment. Zan smiled against the kiss saying he found the reward that Kusatta liked. If he wanted it he was welcome to come and get it. Kusatta was quick to warn him that he would come to regret it. Zan told him that he would not ever offer something he'd later come to regret.

After time passed and strength gathered Kusatta for him tracked down Kira. They caught Kira. He didn't want Kira harmed. Was explicit about that restrain but do not harm him and as always Kusatta had done beautifully. He wanted to play with the lovely bird later and Zan saw no harm in that. kusatta would not harm the boy. So he agreed. They after all were interested in Aoi. After they returned and confined Kira he rewarded Kusatta. Only to wake with Kusatta facing Aoi and upon standing Aoi's hand around his own throat cutting crushing it he was going to die again. Aoi wanted Kusatta wanted to spar him and have him work for him, and be rid of him be rid of Zankokuna. In that moment Kusatta could be free of his contract. But the vampwolf spoke up growling that Aoi took them both or got neither one of them. After one moment he was let go. When Zan found out that Kuri was the blood moon prince he pinned him not the wisest of moves considering Aoi hated him. He wasn't hurting Kira but searching his eyes demanding in a low tone why. Aoi in rage burst in grabbed Zan and rushed out chaining him in another room beating him as Kusatta begged Aoi to stop. Kira got involved then. Got Aoi focused on him as they let Zan beaten down against the wall in Kusatta's arms. Kusatta held Zan looking at Aoi turned on by the rough foreplay. And Although Zan was afraid to admit it so was he but once Aoi calmed down he loomed at Zan and before he could demand Kira explained that he was asking why. Why did he have to be his son. Why was he of thee blood moon. Would he try to kill him again. And before Kids could answer Aoi had rushed in and punished him. Frightened and worried that Zan had been About to take him from this world. Later Zan learned that Aoi didn't hate him as much as he thought. He made Aoi nervous because they were alike in some ways. Aoi was determined to make Zan loose the heavy black cloak he hide behind at one point and Kira owed Kusatta. Both gave the other a night of passion one that they would never forget only one. And at the end. Zan's cloak suffered. The thick black material had gone up in a glorious bonfire.

Over the centuries Zan has served the Royal family along with Kusatta sometimes driving Aoi nuts without meaning to as he's still not easy to understand. But when Kusatta was sent off with Fujun'na alone to keep guard over Fenrir Aoi worried Fenrir would find Zankokuna offensive the man remained behind in the castle that Krylancelo rebuilt over the remains of the once glorious Ryu Castle awaiting the day Kusatta comes home and dealing with Kyoki's cranky ass, coming back since he's that wolf's partner....to which he smiles flips Kyoki off and states proudly every. "Damn straight and I'll kill anyone who says differently" which perhaps earns that crazy Inu respect that he honestly loves his wolf that much. What worries Zan now is that for a long time due to the loss of his power and his inability to heal properly he appeared to be a vampire in his mid to late forties......now centuries later fully healed he looks as he did when he once reigned on the dark side of the moon wounds healed body restored no longer showing signs of ashing.....under the skin it too longer without taking power from others but he's finally done it but having spent these centuries away from Kusatta's side he fears he will no longer be the one the vampwolf wants now that he is restored he may no longer no and want him.
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Zankokuna Tenshi
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