When worlds come together their fates collide. . . .
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 The Five Prophets

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PostSubject: The Five Prophets   The Five Prophets EmptySat Aug 30, 2014 3:21 am

Lord of the Imperial Heavens, The Original Prophet~
Aristarkh Rasul-is the Eldest and first born out of the Five divine Guardian Gods. He has not one particular section to take care of but rather oversees everything. On Earth he is called Kibatsu Takusen meaning Original Prophet.

The Dark Prophet
Gethin Rasul ~ The second eldest of the Gaurdian Gods, he embodies dark desires, lust, desire, among other things. Physical pleasures of the body. Gethin ruled over the greecian fields often playing others like Apollo. On Earth he is known as Neikan Takusen.

The Blue Prophet
Thanh Rasul ~ Thanh is the third born of the prophet brothers. Known throughout the lands as Nihal Vital, A kind gentle but seemingly eternally sad man. Many would have him believe himself to be a lost god of war. Thanh is not war, but what he governs over has much to do with such a force. The embodiment of sorrow, Thanh is the God of Balance. Always struggling and Fighting to keep the scales from tipping forever into the darkness. In order to do this he had to take up a sword of war. The high Guardian over the Kingdom if Asgard he was best friends with King Odin. Watching over his son Thor. Meeting the Lovely Baldir who was bitterly alone and telling Baldir he would find a treasured friend in Loki. He had not been wrong. Watching as the Imperial Heavens falling into imbalance and ruin. So he sought to fix the imbalance. Taking the empty world of Midgar so ready for life and began bringing balance to it. Odin did not approve and so struck at him. Ripping Thanh who was once his dear friend over and over again. In the end he formed the humans and the world of Midgar found his lost his life. To be reborn with no memories of who really was.....or what role he had.

The Beloved Prophet.
Amias Rasul ~ is the fourth Guardian god. Japan's beloved Tsukiyomi god of the moon. A beautiful deity neither male nor female. A warm gentle radiant healing light he was loved greatly by those around him. A gentle kind soul who risen above those of the gods and goddess. Able to ascend above them and to transcend to the next realm, but he held off staying behind in the imperial heavens. When he could no longer feel his beloved Thanh he descended to the world he gave up everything to become one of the children if that world in order to find Thanh there. On Earth he is Kirameku Takusen.

The 'Grim prophet'
Soren Rasul is the last of the Guardians. Unlike his brothers he does not rule over any land of light. He rules over death. He is the lord of Death. The true Grim Reaper. He spent his time those days isolated and alone if not for the dealers who worked for him. Siren looked up as Thanh's soul fell shattering he reached out catching his brother gathering the fragmented ruined god of balance knowing that....even he lacked the power to restore the damage.....he set him into the well of souks before looking at the death hound that followed him bidding him to guard the well. Leaving the underworld and learning that Amias choose to be reborn he informed the other two. The remaining three looked upon each other before they too choose to cast off there god-hood and be  reborn.  To save Thanh he took a part of his own heart.....and gave it to him. Making him an asshole from that point forward. To this day he knows what he gave up. He never regrets it. On Earth he is known as Saigo Takusen.
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The Five Prophets
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