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 Yasei Inu (Transfered Bio/Updated)

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PostSubject: Yasei Inu (Transfered Bio/Updated)   Tue Aug 19, 2014 10:54 pm

Full Name: Yasei Inu
Meaning of Name: Wild dog
*Nickname: ((This is optional))
Astrological Sign:

Human Appearance
Human Age: 17
Human Eye Color: Deep Crimson red
Human Hair Color: Dark black but looks red or purple depending on the lighting.
Type of Build/Body: Tall and well built.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Not an actual marking but he's always seen with a dual collar around his neck....taking it off....is not wise.


  • Dog form - Being of the Inu clan he has a natural dog form and lime his brothers all of the perks that come with it.
  • Vampire - Yasei has the fangs and claws of a vampire.
  • Berserker - although many would not consider it a power it is. He is unstoppable in this state, wounds healing instantly. Insane strength' savage.....it is hard to say what all this power allows for other then when like this he is a Juggernaught an unstoppable force of nature.

Attitude/Personality: Completely and totally unstable on a good day. Yasei finds most living things to be his own personal chew toys. Wild and uncontrollable to many he would be too dangerous if not for the collar sealed around his neck. The collar allows him to be reasoned with....take it off and he'll kill everything in sight. And yet even with his collar off he will not bare his fangs or harm Kanari. To him that boy defines his reason for living. While he is not in love with him in his own twisted way he loves him dearly.

Talents: Unknown if one had to insist it would be napping and killing.

Images For character:

History: Yasei shares the same father as Jigoku and Kyoki but a different mother. She left long before he was born but it was not to spare him a cruel fate. After he was born she'd torture him. Tormenting him before she'd let him have food. Before anything teasing and torturing him over and over again chaining him down while she and others had there way with him mostly femzle and the ocassional male. Wounding to the point of death it didn't matter it started hard and heavy within his first month of life. Before he was three months old his mind was broken he had snapped gone crazy and feral he was dangerous more then willing to not just bite the hand of the one who fed him but make them his meal. At three months old what ever eye color he was born with was gone replaced by the blood red eyes of a vampire who consumed massive amounts of human life. Centuries passed like this with Yasei attacking and ripping apart' vampires's humans' werewolves vampwolfs alike. Especially females. He fell asleep under a tree and awoke to a small sweet scented human boy petting his fur gently no one had ever touched him that way and time after time this boy did the same thing. Yasei in his own way came to love him. A few years later he lost track of the child and Kyoki found him killed the woman who he called mom and wrapped the collars  around his neck which centered Yasei. He found Yasei later neither alive nor dead adopted by Aoi. And became a guardian of the gates between worlds. Yasei is still unstable he'll obey Kyoki but will rip apart any woman who got too close to him.....he hates women with a passion.
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Yasei Inu (Transfered Bio/Updated)
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