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 Monk and demon eyed boy

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PostSubject: Re: Monk and demon eyed boy   Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:55 am

Mujo snorted and looked at the offered wrist. He was hungry, and he would happily take his father's blood. "You're forgetting just who I am, aren't you Zero? Even if you let me feed now...I'll still be hungry...and as usual, I'll fill myself with their trash....I can't help it..." he told Zero lowly before he took hold of the offered wrist and leaned in, licking some of the blood at first before he sank his fangs in.

He would feed, but as the night went on, he would have to feed again, and again...and again. His young appetite kept him constantly feeding. His energy would fall after he did about three jobs and he'd have to feed again at the fourth. To Mujo, it was a natural problem that he would deal with. But to Zero, who often times scolded him for feeding off of the humans who were trash, they were vile and sickening.

As he fed, he couldn't help but close his eyes and take in a deep breath as he sighed in content. It was comforting to be allowed to feed from Zero. If he were to be honest and speak his feelings of endearment out loud to Zero, he would likely embarrass Zero. The thick crimson liquid was not only a source of nourishment and life for Mujo, but a means of comfort that he was still accepted and still alive. But more than that, Zero's blood was his best way to learn his father and bond with him.

He drank for what seemed like hours before his hunger was finally sedated. Drawing back, he licked his lips and opened his eyes to look up at Zero for a second before he straightened himself up and sighed, putting his scythe back into place and looked at Zuma, "Come on Zuma...work awaits..."
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PostSubject: Re: Monk and demon eyed boy   Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:22 am

Zero shook his head and smiled fondly down at Mujo closing his eyes as his Chylde fed, as his son took from him. Zero closed his eyes relishing in the closeness that such a simple act brought about. Mujo was still young so he needed more and Zero knew that. But honestly, although Mujo never asked, Zero would never deny him. When he was being consumed by the illness and Zero worried that he would see Mujo die, he had offered and Mujo said yes. "No, I haven't forgotten. However at least this way I know you aren't feeding solely on crap." 

Zuma got up and moved over to Mujo. Looking back at them as Ryner  walked over to Zero who was going to be taking care of him until Mujo was done. Although they were different than humans Ryner could not fear them. Zero uttered something under his breath and a door to the restaurant in Tokyo appeared. "Ryner  when we get there order whatever you want from the menus if you want something not on them just tell the waitress's they get it for you, or I'll fire them damn asses for busting mine."
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Monk and demon eyed boy
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