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 Ryner Feruna Lutetilu (wip)

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PostSubject: Ryner Feruna Lutetilu (wip)   Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:38 am

Full Name: Ryner Feruna Lutetilu
Meaning of Name:
*Nickname: Ryner  
Astrological Sign: Cancer/Leo
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 18
Human Eye Color: Warm Chocolate brown
Human Hair Color: Deep brown black hair depending on lighting, always bed messy...and shoulder length.
Type of Build/Body: Lean muscular build.
Height:  5'11
Weight: 145lbs
Distinguishing Marks: His right ear is pierced once in the upper ear, and three times in the lobe. A chained earring connects the upper earring to the third in the lobe. His left ear is pierced once in the lobe. He wears studs in the remaining piercings. Ryner's eyes have pentagrams with a teardrop in the center odd markings around the pentagram. The lines can not be seen unless he's actively using the powers.

Alpha Stigma~ 'Copy Eyes' The alpha stigma gives the user the ability to analyze and copy any magic or power they see used, even only partially completed spells and powers, In most cases of alpha stigma bearers they don't live past their childhood, when an alpha stigma bearer is put under extreme emotional distress they activate the madness of the alpha stigma and cause themselves to destroy every one/thing around them including themselves, and is almost always irreversible unless acted upon immediately after activation (closing their eyes). When Ryner was a child through some ritual performed by his father and the sacrifice of his mother he made a contract with the goddesses and place a seal on his alpha stigma, allowing him to deactivate it with enough will power. The ritual his father performed also placed a Dark God within him, when his madness is activated the Dark God takes over and makes him several times more powerful than he normally is, it also gives him the power to dematerialize anything he sees. The 'dark god' is him minus any restrictions. The outer ring (second image) is given to Ryner by Aoi in order to help him control the Alpha Stigma.

The weaver of all Equations~ Ryners unique eyes all him to see all possible paths before him, all possible outcomes but more then that they allow him to directly influence and direct all that his eyes fall upon in the direction that he wishes it to go. The white glittering center of his eyes is were the power of the weaver lays.

The solver of all equations~ This not only grants him the ability to analyze the structure of magic/powers, but also that of human beings and other physical materials as well, and these include the "equations" (a.k.a structures or items that have a living presence or energy to them) He also acquires the ability to traverse into the spirit plane at will. When fully activated it allows him to deconstruct infinite numbers of any object living or inanimate at will, but it requires the sacrifice of the soul belonging to a loved one. When he was a child his sister was sacrificed during his awakening....or when he first.....lost control....

Attitude/Personality: Frequently appearing to be lethargic, sleepy, and unmotivated is naturally talented in magic, hand-to-hand combat, the arts of assassination, ancient lore and symbols.. Ryner has a tendency to distance himself from others because he does not wish to cause harm and grief to them due to his eyes and vice versa. He has caused multiple girls throughout his life to fall in love with him, though he is reluctant to love again after his first love sacrificed herself to save him.

He has been known as "The Deadliest Magician"  or the black haired demon within the military since the age of thirteen, after defeating Kuwonto Kuo, who previously held that title. However, because of a lack of intention to kill, he seldom fights at full strength. His magical prowess does not stem solely from his Alpha Stigma, and he was judged by his master Germer as one who possesses a natural high level of comprehension ability and an acute sense in magic. Because of Germer's hellish training which led to serious sleep deprivations, Ryner was always looking for opportunities to catch up on his sleep whenever there was nothing to do, which later became more of a habit for him than a necessity.

Talents: naturally talented in magic, hand-to-hand combat, the arts of assassination, ancient lore and symbols..

Images For character:

History: Ryner  has no memories of his past.....every time the Alpha Stigma goes out of control it erases everything on him in order to make room for all Solutions or equations. Those who were infected by the stigma from Ryners blood due to goverment experiments die shortly after unable to handle the side effect of the stigma. Ryner  has become a weapon and tool form them having tried to escape and failing......problem for him is the 'libaray of Souls' has deemed him too dangerous to allow his continued existence. A the moment h has a series of metal tracking chips in his right wrist which he can not remove.....hunted now.....its up to the ones tracking him down as to wither or not he is allowed to continue to live.
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Ryner Feruna Lutetilu (wip)
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