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 Layfon Riverinthelsa

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PostSubject: Layfon Riverinthelsa   Layfon Riverinthelsa EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 11:38 am

Name: Layfon Riverinthelsa
Meaning: (considering it came off of the top of my head.......no idea)
Pronounced: Lay-f-ahn Riv-er-in-thell-saw
Gender: Male
Age (Human):19
~Sexuality: Bi
Species: Vampiric Phoenix-Dragon
Clan: Day-walker

Human Eye Color: Molten Gold
Hair Color: Dark Silver
Figure:At 5'7 He doesn't seem all that dangerous, lean delicate and seemingly petite in structure he is actually very well build lean and solid muscle, and highly agile. Layfon's body is built for speed and combat he is certainly no slouch.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 175lbs of lean muscle

Extra Details:
Lafon needs glasses only because his eyes function independently of each other. He can move see further around him then most because his preferial vision acts the same as his normal straight forward vision.

Passive Vampire Abilities~

  • Improved Strength, Speed, Agility:
    Vampires possess strength and speed much higher than that of a human, complete with incomparable grace. A different sort than the animalistic fluid nature of lycanthropes. Older vampires have greater power and speed then younger.
  • Improved Senses:Vampires new and old possess senses much greater than that of humans. Even the newly dead have better hearing than most dogs, and there sense of sight is much greater as well. However they do not have a sense of taste as they can not ingest food.
  • Heightened Endurance and Resistance: Vampires are resistant to many things- in fact, regular bullets will hardly slow them down and will heal nearly instantly.
  • Mesmerization with Eyes:With direct eye contact, a vampire can mesmerize a human, hypnotizing them. This is illegal according to human law and forbidden according to vampire law. This can be done to keep a person temporary stasis (called mind-rolling) or having lasting effects, giving a vampire control over the human until the vampire is done.
  • Fangs: Which retract and allow allows him to feed on blood. Long sharp fangs which extend past his human teeth.
  • Body Heat: Rare among vampires Lyafon is one of the few whose body produces an unnatural level of body heat for the undead....and is a natural side effect of being a 'Crusnik' A vampire who can not feed on human blood or die.
    Powers he can use~
  • Ergokinesis (The power he has itself) ~The ability to manipulate energy within kinetic atoms, protons, neutrons, or electrons and convert the energy into heat, light, or sound. The user can move, alter, or stop energy in themselves, objects, beings, or space. Users can convert one type of energy into another, store it within their bodies, and release it upon command. Some users can create objects from pure energy, or project it out in other forms. A user may be able to absorb ambient energy convert it into life-force and live solely off of that, especially in supremely hostile situations.
  • Energy Absorption(adaptive) ~The power to absorb various forms of energy and utilize it in some way. The user can absorb energy into their body and use in many ways, such as by converting it into physical strength or using it to power energy blasts or discharges as waves or orbs of energy. User is able to absorb energies that the user comes in contact with, such as kinetic energy, electrical energy, radiation, or heat energy.
  • Energy Resistance(passive) :the user is able to withstand various forms of energy.

    Enhanced Stamina(passive) : channel absorbed energy into stamina.
    Regenerative Healing Factor (passive) : channel absorbed energy into self-healing.
    Self-Sustenance(passive): forgo sleep/sustenance by absorbing energy.
  • Energy Amplification(action required) ~ The ability to increase level of energies in users body or others. User is able to amplify and possess massive amounts of energy in the user or others, some users are able to amplify energy to unlimited levels.
  • Energy Attacks (action required)~The user has ability to release a variety of ranged energy-attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, they can release huge rays of pure energy can knock over or even obliterate dozens of targets, or slightly singe them. Some can discharge an incredibly powerful energy-burst that can be quite large and destructive from their body. Users may generate blasts through weapons, tools or any part of their body.
  • Energized Body(passive)~Users gain enhancements through absorbing energy and converting it bodily energy to perform superhuman feats. They can absorb any form of energy and will be granted improved functions of depending on the type of energy absorbed.
    Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability
    Enhanced Intelligence
    Enhanced Regeneration
    Enhanced Speed
    Enhanced Strength
  • Energy Concentration(action required) ~The user of this power can focus their energies to any part of their bodies or objects to perform attacks, techniques or spells (magical energy).
  • Energy-Field Manipulation(action required) ~The user can generate and manipulate force-fields. They take concentration and put strain on the body depending on length and duration the field is held against.
  • Energy Transferal(action required) ~The users of this power are able to absorb or assimilate energies into objects or themselves freely and/or transfer it into other beings. They can then if the user has allies who are weak, low energies, or just have no energies at all transfer the absorbed energies to them to make them stronger, or to other objects.
  • Ergokinetic Combat(action required) ~The user is able to utilize energy manipulation with their physical combat, channeling energy through parts of their bodies or use energy for defensive purposes such as concentrate one's energy to a part of their body.
    Energy Generation
    Enhanced Combat
    Power Fists
    Power Kicking
  • Weapon Infusion(action required) ~The power to empower and energize anything the user touches or uses (usually a weapon) with energy, the elements, or magic. The user is able to channel the flow of energy into object of their choice in order to increase its potency. This can also cause special advantageous effects depending on the type of energy and weapon in question. May be able to do energy slashes. Infuse energy to dull the edges of any weapon in order to cause damage without fatalities.Create powerful energy strikes and emit energy waves.
    Amplify the strength, energy and power of already strong and powerful weapons.
    Infuse the weapons with the elements, energy, or even one's own life energy as well as gods and demons.
  • Power Augmentation (action required) ~The user can power up abilities of others so that they can reach high level mastery and control instantaneously. High level users can weaken the powers in others. Users cannot steal or give power just enhance the use of power targets already have. Some users may operate from a distance others may require a touch or close proximity.
  • Power Replication(adaptive) ~Users with this power are able to mimic and copy the abilities of others around oneself. Unlike Empathic Mimicry this is not empathic, but strictly psychic as it simply mimics the psychic energy outputs, genetic structure or superhuman physiology that enable abilities in other people. User can even stack several powers together, which may lead to Power Mixture.
    Ability Learning
    Attack Recording
    Replicate a person's powers and use it as ones own.
    Power Mixture The user can merge two or more powers to create new powers as well as different combinations. Sometimes the second ability may be naturally born, on others it may have been taken from another by force.
    Adaptive Power Replication is the ability to copy another power and become immune to that power.

:Organization Affiliation:.
Organization Name:

.:A little Deeper:.
He can sometimes be very honest when he talks. Layfon's often seen smiling or confused. That is how people usually see him: polite, but while fighting, he is quite expressionless.  How Layfon is an interesting fellow he believes in only using the amount of power necessary to win and nothing more. Often times this means he gets the living daylights beat out of him if he underestimates his opponent but he'd rather be the one taking the damage then harm someone innocent close by because he messed up.

Layfone was previously a Heaven's Blade wielder until he was exiled from the Moon. His Heaven's Blade was in the form of a duel ended sword, with an intricate gold design on both the blade and the hilt, made with Molive Tair ~ A compressed metallic diamond that emits white light and is transparent.  Which he received when he was 10, along with a mid-name, "Wolfstein", being the youngest Heaven's Blade successor.

As a child, Layfone was particularly adept at understanding and using Energy skills of all kinds by observation, including special techniques gleaned from almost all of the Moon's different dojos.

After being exiled by Queen Mun for participating in underground matches for money (though it was for the children at an orphanage) he came to Earth as a normal 'Vampire'.

Layfone has extremely high combat capabilities, as can be inferred from his past as a Heaven Blade, and also with the innate ability to break down Energy techniques and use them just by observation. Due to his birthplace, Moon, being heavily involved in fighting Nosferatu, he and fighters there developed with a 'win or die' philosophy. Consequently, he deliberately holds back on Earth in order to conceal his past. Some of his abilities include being able to move at high speeds and the general manipulation of Energy***

Layfon's weapon of choice is a sword. In the past, his Heaven's Blade was shown to be a sword with exquisite design on the body.

His inherent sheer quantity of energy, his recovery of energy, and his endurance with energy were considered amongst the best, even among the Heaven Blades receivers.

On earth he travels as a vagabond doing odd work in order to keep his home in Ruffian row and keeps to himself. Something of an odd place for a 'nerd' to be as many call him but he keeps to himself. The twin blades he wields form an intricate metal work over his hands up his arms and over his shoulders when not in use or when there 'sheathed' however he can not draw them unless he is in service to an Royal of the Moon. So since his exile they have become nothing more then fancy arm bands that have not seen much use in the centuries there after.

Human Image(s):
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The swords form an intricate woven metal work that covers his middle and ring finger going up his arms and over his shoulders when not in use. In order to use them two things must be. One he has to be in service to one of the moon and two, he must channel his powers through the Molive Tair in order to release it from there sealed state. The swords otherwise if both conditions aren't met remain sealed around his arms. Due to his exile he does not have the ability to draw or wield the swords having no idea one of the royals of the moon survived or that in serving him if found he'll also be serving the royals of earth as well.  
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Layfon Riverinthelsa
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