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 Jashin ((邪神))

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Name: Kirameku Takusen
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Jashin ((邪神))  Empty
PostSubject: Jashin ((邪神))    Jashin ((邪神))  EmptySat Aug 17, 2013 1:02 am

Full Name: Jashin
Meaning of Name: False God
*Nickname: ((This is optional))
Astrological Sign:
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 20
Human Eye Color: Silver
Human Hair Color: Deep Black
Type of Build/Body: ((Aka: Skinny, fat muscular))
Height: 6'
Distinguishing Marks: His left ear is pierced several times and on his left shoulder are two 'X' markings in red one above the other.

Skills: Any and all powers are his. Although he has a few he likes to use the most. The ability to heal, some say he is half demon, half vampire. Upper and lower fangs.
Attitude/Personality: Jashin can not easily be described in truth his personality depends solely on what is happening around him no set emotional patterns no certain distinguishing character traits as if he is the dark mirror of everything. In truth he is completely and totally flexible to everything absolutely everything around him. One might say he has a 'devil may care' attitude towards everything.

Talents: An alluring singing voice.

Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

History: Jashin can't remember ever having parents. Ever having anything but waking up one day alone cold and starving. A being so cold and dark and yet so light and pure. A false being a false 'god' and yet he traveled learning and adapting changing and bending as time flowed on around him and things changed he learned that he must forever be changing and so that was what he did. Adapted a method to always be changing to always be moving and flowing with that around him. Developing a very unique personality.

Jashin discovered that every power out there wither they belong to a vampire or a 'demon' as many called them were his to use. AS if he had gifted them or rather they had all gifted him with them. It didn't really matter to him either way.

He lives now singing solo in night clubs for a good meal and to keep the roof of his little efficiency apartment above his head. Nothing big nothing fancy he didn't feel he needed it...........after all when one travels through life alone they find they need very little to clutter it up especially since he's never sure when he'll have to move again.
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Jashin ((邪神))
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