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 Iden-teki Zankoku (遺伝的 残酷)

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Iden-teki Zankoku (遺伝的 残酷) Empty
PostSubject: Iden-teki Zankoku (遺伝的 残酷)   Iden-teki Zankoku (遺伝的 残酷) EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 11:52 pm

Full Name: Iden-teki Zankoku (遺伝的 残酷).
Meaning of Name: Genetic Inhumanity.
*Nickname: Iden or Zan.
Astrological Sign: N/A.
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 23.
Human Eye Color: Blue.
Human Hair Color: Blue.
Type of Build/Body: Tall powerful and dominating.
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks:


Attitude/Personality: Some would call him insane. He would call himself a pioneer. A genius who is severely misunderstood. As smart if not smarter then the computer genius Denshi, he found a way to create the perfect doll but for all of his wisdom he could not animate the dolls could not make them life like enough to sell them. But not a man to be stopped he partnered with one who could.

Considered to be soulless as well he found no reason to leave any trace of what was powering these 'doll's' alive and so he had his partner remove the very essence of being out of them making them perfect toys for a world where the great Aoi was doing away with Slavery because it was inhumane. Well these were not human they were not alive, they were constructs of machine and organic tissue and it was these that he would sell off. Swearing that if he found one he liked among those he created he would keep it for himself. Not a masochist by any means he however is perhaps the worlds cruelest sadist. Often breaking his toys and so upon creating them one of his goals is to create a toy for himself that will not break no matter what he does to it. And upon creating it to name this unbreakable toy 'Kioku Seishin' the returning spirit for it would be designed that no matter how many times it's master broke it it would restore itself endlessly.....and after years of creating the dolls for sale he had finally achieved his goal and has ever since been as happy as a child in a toy store who was told it was now his to play with.  

Talents: Genetic manipulation. Torture, abuse and cruelty if they could be called talents.

Images For character:
Iden-teki Zankoku (遺伝的 残酷) Anime-hand-power-Boy-Wallpaper_zps57f05fc1

History: Mocked by those in the science community for his belief that one could create a android a bionic doll that would function like a normal person and laughed at by Denshi who told him a machine could never mirror the responses of a human being. He left the spotlight and disappeared going into hiding and working wiht creating them.

No matter how many he created they all were the same lifeless empty shells that held not grand purpose that is until he met up with a mage in black nameless one could not see his face he never spoke but he did give him exactly what he wanted animating the dolls and yet they seemed to cry as if aware and when he said he wanted that gone two days later it was done.

And so it went like this with the doctor building his perfect toys for sale each one of them and then he created one who did not cry once it was complete it simply sat there and no matter what he did to it, it didn't break he had finally created his Kioku Seishin and he was determined to prove to the world that his 'dolls' were the prefect mechanical slaves..........he was just going to neglect to tell them that the soul of there dead loved ones was what was animating the false construct bodies.........
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Iden-teki Zankoku (遺伝的 残酷)
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