When worlds come together their fates collide. . . .
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 The Dragon and the Slayer

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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon and the Slayer   Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:50 pm

Makkuro just chuckled a little as he drank more, taking his time as was Natsu. It didn't matter to him if they never let go of one another. It was his favorite moment in this time. To be held by another, to be able to feel another's warmth. It was such a wonderful feeling. 

But after a while, he grew full, and had to stop drinking. But even though he had to stop drinking, he still kept his head nestled there. Comfortable and perfectly at ease resting his head there. He was just glad to be able to stay like this for a while.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dragon and the Slayer   Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:55 pm

Natsu finally finished drinking but noted so too did Makkuro although he didn't move. It made Natsu wonder how long the man had been alone. How long he had been suffering like that. Natsu himself would be alone if not for Pip. But even still......sometimes it wasn't the same and he found himself without any deeper thought behind it then wanting to comfort the dragon before him brought his arms up and wrapped them around the man to hold him.

Even now he couldn't help but think there was something just sad about this dragon. He seemed like right now he had finally found peace but.......at the same token Natsu found himself coming to a choice  that surprisingly enough was not hard for him to make. He was a slayer a Dragon Slayer and although he only went after the bad ones that could in the end back fire and come back to haunt Makkuro who had enough weight on his heart. So he found himself wanting to and deciding he was going to stop slaying and stay beside this one..........it was an interesting choice to make but Natsu Kaen found that he didn't want to leave this one alone again to go back to suffering in silence.
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The Dragon and the Slayer
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