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 Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜)

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Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜) Empty
PostSubject: Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜)   Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜) EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 12:15 am

Full Name: Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜).
Meaning of Name: Pitch Black Dragon.
*Nickname: Osore Hakobi-te (Fear Bringer) (恐れ運び手).
Astrological Sign: N/A.
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 21.
Human Eye Color: Red.
Human Hair Color: Black.
Type of Build/Body: Tall, well built, and slightly buff.
Height: 6'4''.
Weight: 210.
Distinguishing Marks: Makkuro has only one distinguishing mark. He has a pentagram on the back of his left hand which is said to be Satan's seal. However, it's just the seal of a contract. That seal will appear on whomever makes a contract with Makkuro. 

Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜) Tumblr_m8solxieTD1rdu0eno1_1280_zps8ed0ca2b


  • Makkuro has various shadow powers, such as traversing great distances through shadows, become a shadow, and affect the physical world by interacting with other shadows.

  • He can create Fearlings, which are Nightmares shaped as dark horses/mares with golden eyes.

  • Nightmare Sand- This is Makkuro's own version of the Sandman's Dream Sand, but his sand is black and induces bad dreams. He can corrupt Sandman's dream sand as well as any pleasant dream a child is having, turning those dreams themselves into nightmares. Makkuro also has the ability to morph his black sand into weapons such as a scythe or a bow and arrow. However, this black sand can also do more than simply cause nightmares and form weapons and shields. This black sand can taint or twist anything it touches, morphing it into a dark and nightmarish version of its previous self. If you get touched by this sand, you had better hope and pray that Makkuro is only trying to give you nightmares.

  • Faustian Contract- is a link and bargain between a human and a demon whereas the latter offers specific services and fulfills the individual human's wish in compensation of consuming the said human's soul. 

    In order to create the contract, a human has to summon a demon. However, it seems that they do not need to be aware of the existence of demons, attempt to summon a specific demon, or even summon one intentionally. It is implied that the human must be desperately searching for a way out, and have little or no faith in God. Once summoned, this fact will not change for all eternity. All the same, it seems that the human still has the option to go through and create the contract, or dismiss the demon. However, the creation of the contract is fully completed as soon as the human issues a command to the demon. 

    Once the contract forms, the human bears a mark in ambiguous places. In a sense, the contract is viewed as a 'scar' the demon leaves so the demon would not lose the person he contracted with. No matter where, the contract has the authoritative power; the demon is able to detect where the human is, and irrefutably, the latter can never escape the demon. The demon seemingly is able to inflict the mark on the human by simply pressing their hand against the chosen place. The choice as to where the seal resides is up to the human.

    However, despite the contract being used by demons, Makkuro has managed to somehow gain this contracting ability. Though he doesn't contract with humans to devour their souls, he does contract with vampires in order to either aid himself or the other party. His last contract with a vampire ended in the dark ages and he has yet to contract with anyone since then.

  • Nightmare Manipulation- User can enter and manipulate the nightmares of oneself and others, including modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, sensing, and observing nightmares. The overwhelming shock, fear, anxiety and terror can prove too suffocating for the victim in which their hearts might explode or brains might die.In some cases, the user's power extends to the real world, such as wounds inflicted on a sleeping victim and even pulling someone from the waking world into the dream world.

  • Death Inducement- User can kill anyone and possibly even anything using varying means, either instantly, slowly over time, after certain conditions are met, or after a certain period of time has gone. May be used by touch, at a distance, simply willing it to happen, or performing certain ritual.

    • Death Breath- Breath deathly energies.

    • Death Beam- Fire a deathly energy that kills on contact.

    • Death Blast- Shoot an energy blast that causes instant death on contact.

    • Death Bomb- Create an explosion of killing forces.

    • Death Bullet- Shoot a killing bullet at an opponent.

    • Death Constructs- Create constructs from killing energy.

    • Death Infusion- Infuse a weapon with killing forces.

    • Death Inscription- To write (or rip) a victim's name on a object or within a book inducing death.

    • Death Song- Cause death by emitting sound.

    • Death Virus- Set a mortal virus on an opponent.

    • Double Hit Kill- Kill with two hits.

    • Killing Eyes- Kill by look.

    • Kiss of Death- Kill an opponent with a kiss.

    • Touch of Death- Kill by touch.

    • Suicide Inducement- to make the victim kill themselves.

  • Dream Walking- The user is capable of entering the dreams of others. Some users may be able to enter daydreams.

  • Fear Manipulation- The user can manipulate fear, whether increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise chancing fear, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level. Users of this can make others fear even the most harmless of things to the point of becoming catatonic.

  • Mental Manipulation- The user can manipulate, modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions, allowing render others unconscious, suppress their memories, and negate the use of abilities, increase/decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be agreeable, sway sensations to induce altered perception, bestow mental disorders or break down mental barriers.

  • Nightmare Imprisonment- The user can trap others in nightmares. They may be nightmares the victim is already having or the user may create a nightmare to trap them in. The nightmares in question can stem from the user or from the victims' own worst nightmares

  • Oneiric Killer- The user has the ability to kill someone in their or the victim's dreams with the ending resulting in the target's death in reality as well. Higher levelled users are virtually omnipotent in the dream world and can kill their victims in very creative ways.

  • Phobia- The user can gain abilities that are related to a targets fears. The shift may just be aesthetic or the user will gain all the powers and the form of the feared being/object.

  • Sleep Manipulation- Users of this ability can induce sleep in themselves or in others, including dreams, daydreams and nightmares. They can manipulate sleep patterns and induce instantaneous sleep on biotic subjects, or to induce perpetual insomnia, remove the need to sleep or make them dreadfully tired all the time. The user can also cause a subject to sleep forever in a comatose-like state and can even determine how deep a sleep is or how long a person or people have been sleeping.

  • Nightmare Embodiment- Users are the physical form of nightmares and bad dreams and can control them to their will. In the real world the user may have very little power but in the dream world the user has near limitless power, they can turn any dream into a nightmare and torture their victim with it. 

  • Users gain power by causing nightmares but some may kill their victim and absorb their soul to increase their power further. If the users body is destroyed they can live on in dreams and possibly possess another persons body while they sleep and eventually take full control of them.

Attitude/Personality: Despite his sinister appearance, Makkuro is actually quite the opposite. He's actually quite caring and gentle. He's also even perhaps a bit charming once you get to know him. 

Makkuro has a strange air about him that makes him seem full of mysteries, but the fact of it is, he's just rather vague. Never one to fully explain himself, Makkuro leaves words unspoken and makes things rather vague, but that's just the kind of person he is. 

Though he was once cruel and heartless, the past long faded and so too did Makkuro's cruelty. However, if he is driven to fight or defend something important to him, that cruelty can be seen once again, bubbling to the surface. Though his cruelty and darkness doesn't remain once the fight is over, he often shows hints of the man he once was.


Images For character:
Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜) E2f47771-37ee-47ae-a686-54e85138d01e_zps1e537983

Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜) Black_Dragon_TNT_by_el_grimlock_zpsbb044c5d


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Makkuro Ryū (真っ黒竜)
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