When worlds come together their fates collide. . . .
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 Yorokobi sakenomi 喜び酒飲み

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Yorokobi sakenomi 喜び酒飲み Empty
PostSubject: Yorokobi sakenomi 喜び酒飲み   Yorokobi sakenomi 喜び酒飲み EmptyFri Sep 14, 2012 12:54 am

Full Name: Yorokobi Sakenomi 喜び酒飲み
Meaning of Name: Joy Drinker
*Nickname: ((This is optional)) Yoro
Astrological Sign: Scropio
Sex: Male

Human Appearance
Human Age: 23
Human Eye Color: Three different shades of blue in rings of color
Human Hair Color: Blond with purple black bangs
Type of Build/Body: Tall and muscular
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 165lbs
Distinguishing Marks: His arms from the forearms down are blood red in color off of his fingers which he hides with gloves are odd bones with markings naturally in them. On the inside where the finger print would be are fine hairs that can became claw like hard or soft depending on what he wants to do with it. The tips of his fingers are pointed. He is a Drath a creature of the dark wood they don't live on food like others for example he lives on the misery and emotions of others..........and the woods are no threat to a Drath.......it's his personal playground and everyone else's hell......... on the backs of his hands are green oblong gemstones with a small golden piece in the center.

Skills:Any plant in general really he knows all medicinal and poisonous aspects of plants on earth he would be one heck of a botanist even if they would consider him a demon.
Attitude/Personality: As twisted as they come he rather enjoys the suffering and agony of others no matter what form that takes.

Talents:Torture if that can be called a talent.......and the plants of Drath Valley he knows them all.........and what they do......and how to use them to get what he wants.

Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

History: Not much if anything is known about his past.........his present......he's set his sights on a soul immersed in sorrow and pain so much so that it can't remember do to outside reasons......it's a rather delicious looking buffet and he has every idea of how to pull out his meal from him......
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Yorokobi sakenomi 喜び酒飲み
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