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 Kogane Yami (黄金 闇)

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Kogane Yami (黄金 闇) Empty
PostSubject: Kogane Yami (黄金 闇)   Kogane Yami (黄金 闇) EmptyThu May 16, 2013 11:11 pm

Full Name: Kogane Yami (黄金 闇).
Meaning of Name: Gold(en) Darkness.
*Nickname: Koga (鋼牙 (Steel Fang)), Yami.
Astrological Sign: N/A.
Sex: Male.
Species: Sin-eater/Deity.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 23.
Human Eye Color: Gold with and orange tint.
Human Hair Color: Blond.
Type of Build/Body: Tall and well built.
Height: 6'4''.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: None.


  • He has incredible agility and speed. His senses are incredibly keen- able to taste the rain on the air during a perfectly sunshiny day- he can hear the wind brushing against blades of grass when there is no breeze. He can see the minute differences between blades of grass and his sense of touch is so fine that he can tell you the differences in weaves of silk just by touch alone no matter how small.

  • Soul Seeker- The user can seek out any type of soul they desire. I.e. Demon, human, vampire- The user can detect a soul by using what many call 'spirit energy'. This energy is simply the traces of power left by a particular soul. By tracking this back to the source, the user of Soul Seeker can both identify and successfully find a soul anytime they wish.

  • Soul-Chain Sever- The user uses Soul Seeker to seek out a soul that is either lone or tainted. Once found, the user can summon their Soul-Chain or "Chain of Fate" and, with their bare hands,  sever the soul chain that attaches them to the living world, forcing them become demons or killing them.

    Note: Usually, the choice of demonizing or killing is up to the user, but occasionally, the choice is made by the soul.

  • Sin Seeker- Like Soul Seeker, this ability allows the user to detect and seek out spirit energy left behind by a certain type of soul. That certain type is the soul of a sinner. This ability allows the user to determine if the soul is the soul of a sinner and how grave their sins have become. If they're too foul, the user may eradicate the soul.

  • Chain- This ability allows the user to summon a chain weapon that is ten times more durable than steel which has a blade on the tip that is three times sharper than any knife or sword.

  • Ripper- The user can use the chain weapon summoned to literally rip the souls out of a person's body. IT can also shred a living body into tiny pieces, and even rip out a beating (or non-beating) heart.

Attitude/Personality: Don't let his golden hair and warm colored skin fool you, this man is as cold as ice. He seems warm and kind at first glance, but the moment you get close, you will see that Kogane is an emotionless, frigid being whose only desire to to devour. Devour souls, devour sin, devour all that is gentle and kind. If you're in his way, you will soon fall into ashes.

Yet despite this, he does seem to have a rather soft side for animals and small, cute things. Maybe, just maybe their is still some hope for this cold, seemingly heartless man after all...


Images For character:
Kogane Yami (黄金 闇) Amnesia_render_2_by_shiriri_nyan-d58wosh_zpsc6ea8562

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Kogane Yami (黄金 闇)
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