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 Seion Yuri (静穏ユリ) /Tàihú Bǎihé (太湖百合)

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Name: Kirameku Takusen
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PostSubject: Seion Yuri (静穏ユリ) /Tàihú Bǎihé (太湖百合)   Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:22 pm

Full Name: Seion Yuri (静穏ユリ) /Tàihú Bǎihé (太湖百合).
Meaning of Name: (Both mean the same thing) Serenity Lily
*Nickname: Serenity.
Astrological Sign: N/A,
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 18.
Human Eye Color: Light Slate Blue.
Human Hair Color: Light brown white.
Type of Build/Body: Seion is small and delicate of build almost feminine in appearance and yet he's perfectly male and a lot stronger then he looks.

Height: 5'8".
Weight: 135 lbs of muscle.
Distinguishing Marks: His right ear is pierced in the cartilage once with a chain going down to the post in his lobe. His left ear is pierced three times in the cartilage and twice in the lobe. His tongue is pierced twice not of his own choice and on the back of his right wrist is a 'serpent' like marking. An Chinese dragon marking him as property of the Mafia. A slave......

This is not soo much as a mark as a unique character trait and one that only one other in existence is known to have. Seion is a very rare very unique vampire. He is a vampire born from vampire parents a 'noble' of old blood but like a human he needs food, has a heart beat (although it's much much slower) and has warmth to his body........

  • He possesses several heightened senses such as smell, hearing, sight. Even taste, touch, speed and strength. He also can regenerate lost limbs and heal himself almost instantly. Healing only takes a longer period of time if it is silver.

  • Psychokinesis- The mental movement or motion of solid matter. The user can move thing with their mind, no matter the size and weight, and distort things (i.e. bending metal or steel).

  • Shizukesa no En 静けさの円 (Serenity's Circle): The user has the ability to cancel, stop and negate any an all acts of violence or destruction with 30 square feet of the caster. A field of Sanctuary that nothing can be harmed in not even the user however not even the user can attack within this field. It is an ultimate no harm zone. Shizukesa no En while being used can be used so long as the caster has the endurance to hold it, however once let go the field can not be reopened right away and takes time to rebuild the energy allowing the caster to use it once a day depending on how long he used it before. If he holds it for minutes it takes a few hours to bring back the power level to cast it again if it's an hour it takes a day and so forth.

  • Accelerated Regeneration:The user can rapidly heal from minor to serious ills, the rate of recovery varies and can sometimes result in the slowing, or even stopping, of aging. Some can grow missing limbs, others must put the limb back in place for rapid regeneration. User's cells regenerate very rapidly, or upon command. May also have effects on cell health or immunities.

  • Adoptive Muscle Memory: The user can copy any human movement after seeing it performed. Can achieve acrobatics, martial arts, and physical stunts. With these skills they can become masters and incredible at what they do, by combining what several forms and movements in rhythmic motions instead of using the same thing over.

  • Pheromone Manipulation: The ability to manipulate one's own pheromones as well as the pheromones of others for one's own purposes. The user can exude pheromones from the skin or mouth. With this ability, one could release pheromones that do everything from inducing attraction between subjects (or within a subject for oneself), to exuding amounts of pheromones strong enough to induce sleep, change emotions and draw crowds.

    These pheromones may induce a pleasure, or may put subjects into a state of high suggestibility (either of which is useful for limited mind control). Other uses of these pheromones can be used to mark territory (causing people to feel the compulsion to not go into a certain area), or to leave a pheromone path which others can follow in order to find you. The user's pheromones may even increase stamina, slightly stimulate the healing process or (used offensively) cause foes to become disoriented, violent or extremely sick. One can issue a gas that makes people who inhale it more prone to seduction or suggestions. The victims are still in control of their conscious, but have weakened discipline.

  • Enhanced Condition: The user is at the peak physical and/or mental condition of their particular species can achieve without any super-/unnatural methods. This usually entails that they are faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to fellow members of their species without being obviously supernatural.

  • Enhanced Agility:User with this ability can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.

    Agility is "the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration", the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance.

  • Enhanced Dexterity: The user’s nimbleness is drastically improved, includes the inability to be clumsy or fumble. Can slip through a network of lasers, reach through dangerous narrow tunnels, keep perfect balance, or juggle effortlessly. Can't ever trip or wobble. The user can even move their finger or toes effortlessly, tendon strain is no longer a problem. Works hand in hand with Enhanced Agility.

    Can only fall over when physically uprooted or pushed, though most times the user can land on his or her feet. Practiced users can stand up right on even the most unstable of surfaces, such as a moving vehicle, a collapsing building, or an earth quake. They also are able to regain balance or bounce back to their feet quickly.

    Allows them to perform feats, such as shooting a gun, throwing a knife, or fighting hand to hand combat, at impossible angles and positions.
    "Enhanced Ambidexterity": to perform actions using one hand as with the other, and to perform actions using one's feet as well as one's hands.

  • Enhanced Reflexes: User can dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments, and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: User is able to bend and twist their body far beyond the normal limits of physiology, although still only from the joints. Their joints, muscles, tendons and physiology in general is modified to allow the user perform near-boneless looking contortions without stress or damage and stay in any position they choose as long they need without effort or strain.

Attitude/Personality: Seion is fiery and stubborn not one to give up easily despite his life being one of.....less then favorable circumstances. He doesn't like violence or fighting but understands that it is necessary and can't fight to save his own ass, however the kid can dodge anything you can throw at him. He's actually a very sweet and loving person he's just afraid to get close to people at first until he knows what your intentions are for him.[/list]

Talents: He can paint, sing and dance.......along with a few other talents....

Images For character:

History: At one time the rarity of Seion would have had him treasured not so since his birth came after the death and loss of one Aoi Rei. It wasn't Aoi's fault and Seion would fight anyone who said it was....that is if he knew how to fight. Living his life in the Chinese Mafia he has always been used by the head of the mafia at that time. Wither it was for sex, drugs testing or other didn't matter so long as the mark was burned deep into the back of his right hand it was believed there was no where that Seion could go to get away from them.

He did though, they were talking about testing a new date rape drug on him to see how it worked and while Seion's body would burn through it and he'd live it was not something he wanted to go through again. Ever. The current leader a man who Seion found a way to slip away from and give a false trail cutting off any and all traces of his running not to America were they thought he went but to Japan where he's been hiding the last few years. The property of the Chinese Mafia although He is a a Japanese boy through and through all he wants is to live his life in peace the problem for Seion is......he tends to attract the more dangerous crowd to him.......and can't figure out why that is.....other then perhaps he is such an easy kid to dominate for anyone........
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Seion Yuri (静穏ユリ) /Tàihú Bǎihé (太湖百合)
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