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 Kōshokuna Yokubō 好色な欲望 ((NPC))

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PostSubject: Kōshokuna Yokubō 好色な欲望 ((NPC))    Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:36 pm

Full Name: Kōshokuna Yokubō 好色な欲望
Meaning of Name: Lustful Desire
*Nickname: Isis
Astrological Sign: Ares
Sex: Female

Human Appearance
Human Age: 19
Human Eye Color: Stormy Blue
Human Hair Color: Blue Black
Type of Build/Body: Lean and delicate
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 135 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: She has odd markings that go over her hips flowing downward not looking like a rabbit in any way shape or form but that is what she is called......the 'rabbit' perhaps because of her sexual appetite......

Skills: The ability to invoke lust and primal desire in a person to the point that they will desire, lay with someone they hate as if they were lovers....with a reckless abandon if she so wishes it. The ability to make anything she desires fertile and bear 'fruit'. Any ground she walks upon grows lush grass and plants and anything else in essence she is the deity of fertility..... Able to create talismans that protect another if crafted with something of the deity they are meant for.

Attitude/Personality: Isis can seem a bit childish at times easily bored and always in the mood for a good romp in the bedroom she often desires to play with what is not hers if even for a night of wild passion but as much as she desires it Isis would never act upon it, because the cost of that one night would ultimately ruin the one relationship of the one she desires and so that desire passes. But recently over the last few centuries she has grown dis attached to Mars to Tataki staying deep within the temple of 'Isis' and away from everything out there.

Talents: She can dance and sing....

Images For character:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Koshokuna was born on earth during a time when women who were orphaned were either slaves in japan or became geisha's in order to survive. She became a Geisha which was a noble place to be back then in service to the men of her country carrying herself with great pride. And by the time she was nineteen she stumbled across a path that ended up taking her and several others to Mars. A very young Tatakai.

She while there with twelve others began to form the foundation of a world so very different then Earth. And didn't want them to turn out anything like earth so they all dropped there names and choose names appropriate for that world. Among them was the one who the people took to calling Chikyu named after the blue star in the sky because his eyes were the same impossible blue as the star.

And each fell in love. But one betrayed them killing off Chikyu and his lover which should have been the end of the mighty dragon but Isis being the goddess of 'fertility' on Mars used her powers to cast them into the cycle of rebirth not sure when they would be reborn but knowing that they would be. But knowing that Kirie would be reborn here on Mars not long after Chikyu was reborn she created the Star of Chikyu naming it after what they called the man then even if that knowledge would become lost in time. Crafting the stone out of his spilled blood which is why the stone to this day is forever a deep red.

But during there absence and not long after Varnel made his arrival Isis lover and her Heir fell ill and died. Sending Isis into a funk that seems to have no visible end. She sits now endlessly in the room staring at the wall without really caring for much of anything with her only company on the island being Varnel who tells her many things and all of it how Tatakai is doing well. Being her only friend as the other deities do not visit her there he has her ear and can convince her now to do almost whatever he wants.........
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Kōshokuna Yokubō 好色な欲望 ((NPC))
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