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 Hiketsu Katachi (秘訣異形)

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Hiketsu Katachi (秘訣異形) Empty
PostSubject: Hiketsu Katachi (秘訣異形)   Hiketsu Katachi (秘訣異形) EmptyFri Mar 29, 2013 3:27 pm

Full Name: Hiketsu Katachi (秘訣異形).
Meaning of Name: Secret Anomaly.
*Nickname: Ketsu.
Astrological Sign: N/A.
Sex: Male.

Human Appearance
Human Age: 19.
Human Eye Color: Pale blue.
Human Hair Color: Deep crimson red.
Type of Build/Body: Tall and well built he looks like the part of a sharp business man for the Yakuza, well built and a powerhouse even without his powers.....
Height: 7'1".
Weight: 245 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: Hiketsu could not look more different then anyone would remember.....his ears are pierced in the lobes, his eyebrow pierced twice the duel rings side by side. At the bridge of his nose sits a barbell piercing and in his tongue a piercing as well. Perhaps the greatest difference to those who once knew him are his eyes....which are now pale blue.

  • He possesses several heightened senses such as smell, hearing, sight. Even taste, touch, speed and strength. He also can regenerate lost limbs and heal himself almost instantly. Healing only takes a longer period of time if it is silver.

  • Mimic- The user of this ability can gain the powers of their opponent once it is used on them. Note:This is a permanent ability, and once a move has been learned, can never be forgotten.

  • Psychokinesis- The mental movement or motion of solid matter. The user can move thing with their mind, no matter the size and weight, and distort things (i.e. bending metal or steel).

  • Ranmaru (蘭丸 or Orchid Circle)- Gives the user the ability to see through walls, cast illusions, and interfere with any other vampiric ability should they so choose. This ability also allows the user to see the physical life force inside a human's body to check their status being alive or dead. Being able to see a person's life force allows the user predict a series of attacks that an opponent uses against them, the ability to transfer life force to bring someone, mostly dead, back to life.

Dark Wild dangerous.....and totally unapproachable.....unless you are part of his family. He was once the boss of the entire Yakuza holding it and changing it's shape and form while things about it changed him some. He cares deeply about his family but don't 'fuck' with them or he'll kill you and not loose a nights sleep over it. But at that same Token he's still the man who once was still Sarubia Hitogoroshi the man who was said to be completely and totally dangerous he still is.........when he wants to be. He hasn't forgotten all that made him dangerous but he's older wiser and he's back.......and for those that took him from this world and ruined everything he did.....one would whisper that there's hell to pay and he's here to collect........

He has some odd hobbies as well.......things that others would consider him insane for......but they are Hiketsu through and through and once he decides something or someone now belongs to him woe be the fool who attempts to take it or the person from him........they won't live long enough to regret crossing his path......let alone telling him 'No."....

Talents: Hiketsu can sing, get people no matter who they are to follow him and swear their loyalty. He's one heck of a leader.....even if he has some odd quirks.

Images For character:
Hiketsu Katachi (秘訣異形) Fun_zps57d7e350

History: Many in the vampire community believe him to be older then dirt, not that he would dispute it. When the Yakuza was first starting out he didn't think too much of it and went on his merry ol way but as time passed and he wanted something more dangerous he joined the Yakuza and over the years has worked his way up to leader. Always a warrior and a fighter he is consindered to be a killing machine by many and if he enters the room you had better be on his side because if not....you weren't leaving the room alive sorta deal.

That sort of mentality brought him to the top of the food chain and he's become the grand master, leader, 'god-father' of the Yakuza in control of it all and he cares for nothing or no one.

Although he had been out fighting a large group of renegade vampires the whole reason he believes the nobles of the vampires leave him alone is because they don't go hog wild and threaten the stablity of everything. And fought off a least three dozen rogue Yakuza members killing them all and dropping back against a tree in the middle of the winter. His blood staining the snow a brillant shade of red he looked up catching his breath as a small delicate human boy walked up. Small enough that despite his sixteen years on the planet Sarubia could pick him up and hold him as if a child. The kid was no more then five foot, to five foot three tops absolutely tiny and yet that didn't bother him.

The boy in concern for him pulled off of own scarf and wrapped it around his neck, to stop the bleeding and he yelled at him that it wasn't going to help and go away. The boy had looked at him smiling sadly but told him in a gentle tone. That he was hurt and needed help, that it was alright he'd help him. He, to frighten the boy, surged forwards grabbed his throat and sank his fangs into his skin drinking for a bit not enough to kill the boy but enough to get him to fear those things that went bump in the night, to fear people like him.

And despite that the boy looked at him as he got up to leave, a sad look in his amber eyes, and he froze looking at him with an stunned look when the human child asked if he was okay. He said fine and then looked out as the boy collapsed in the snow sighed and moved taking him back to a local hospital not home with him, he didn't need the kids parents filling a missing persons report and causing him grief for kidnapping. And yet he could not forget the kindness of one human boy....a boy that he wanted to someday find again and make his own.

However, as the centuries passed by, he grew more and more disputed. No one wanted to deal with one of the king's dogs. The Yakuza became a weapon of peace instead of a criminal organization, and many hated the large and powerful gang for it. So much so...that eventually, he was killed because of it.
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Hiketsu Katachi (秘訣異形)
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