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 Kizuna O'Tachikiru 絆を断ち切る

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PostSubject: Kizuna O'Tachikiru 絆を断ち切る   Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:19 am

Full Name: Kizuna O'Tachikiru 絆を断ち切る/Sichel – 斬魂
Meaning of Name: Breaking the bonds/ "the cutting spirit"
*Nickname: Kizu, Zuna
Astrological Sign: N/A
Sex: Male?

Human Appearance
Human Age:20
Human Eye Color: Deep blue eyes that appear indigo under certain lights
Human Hair Color: Light blonde hair long and always spiked up.
Type of Build/Body: Kizuna has a very muscular build and along with hsi tall stature, make him look very intimidating.
Height: 6'2
Weight: 84kg
Distinguishing Marks: On his arm is the mark of Verloren (meaning the 'Lost') on his lower back is the priest mark of biship.
Clothing Style...
In his casual clothes Kizuna wears an ankle-length, leather trench-coat. Kizuna's is a navy blue, with a high neck-guard. It is tied around his waist with two belts, and is worn open, exposing his bare chest. He wears a Bishop's 'dog collar' and a silver necklace in the shape of a crucifix. He wears black boots and gloves.

In his church clothes Kizuna wears a dark blue cassock with white trimming on the collar, under a long black outer cassock that hides his arms. The cassock is held together with a loose belt and a large, silver, rectangular brooch emblazoned with the carving of a cross. Kizuna wears a plain, black mitre with a cross in the center and a veil that extends from the mitre to fall over his face.
  • Fangs claws and the ability to heal although he can drink blood he doesn't need to fed often maybe once to twice a year unless highly active.....

    "The way he manipulated it was like he was manipulating the wind.....
  • Zaiphon: Is the ultimate form of Light/Life or holy magic. Kizu has an attacking Zaiphon. He was so talented with Zaiphon that he holds the all-time highest score for the examination and all of those being tested that day had to be regraded separately, as Kizu's light completely erased everyone's darkness. He is regarded as a prodigy by many, and exhibited extreme talent in a Zaiphon from an early age.

    His most notable attack during the the Bishop's apprentice exam is defeating the large demon in a single blow. He was able to remove a demon despite receiving no training.

  • Ghost Abilities

    Kizu's ability as the Ghost Sichel – 斬魂 is the ability to sever the bonds. Like the other Ghosts, he has the ability to sense unholy beings. Also, as a Ghost, Kizu recovers more quickly from injuries than ordinary humans, and since his heart does not beat and his body does not give off heat, it is likely that he has a higher tolerance of low temperatures than ordinary humans. Kizu himself says that his body is 'amazingly stubborn'. Like the other Ghosts, Kizu can shift between his human and Ghost forms at will.

  • Other

    Kizu is the only one out of the Seven Ghosts to have the ability to control Verloren. It appears that Kizu being Sichel, and Kizu wielding Verloren are linked together. When Kizu uses his scythe the Verloren in his human form his right arm becomes skeletal...hinting at the nothing but bones of his ghost form.....

Attitude/Personality: "He's got a big attitude, and when he looks at you....he looks Insane"~

A comment by someone who had come to the church once seeking salvation. The others had chuckled it off. Kizuna is characterized by a stubborn and rebellious nature that he has had since childhood. He is hot-tempered and prone to starting arguments with those around him. His frank nature is often seen as rudeness. He is never afraid to return an insult or start a confrontation or fight. Kizuna will fight to defend friends from their enemies.

His independent, confident, assertive and occasionally irritable personality can cause people to mistakenly perceive him as mean-spirited. While he wouldn't hesitate to make a joke at someone else's expense, his intention is never to seriously hurt. Kizuna loathes genuinely cruel people and is quick to defend underdogs.

Despite his gruff exterior, he is a very gentle and tender person. Although he appears physically tall and intimidating, the church orphans adore him, often getting him to play games with them. He seems to get along very well with children as he took to caring for Capella very easily, even telling him that the job of a child is to eat, sleep and play.

Kizuna is also quite the ladies' man, flirting with the nuns and any pretty women or man actually...he sees. However, despite his perverted nature, Kizuna can also be considered chivalrous, and will not hesitate to help a woman or man in need out of genuine concern or sympathy.

Kizuna truly cares about others' feelings and is protective of his friends. At the same time, he does not easily show his emotions, as shown when he feigned apathy after Aoi's death.

Talents: Paint, sing, and getting into trouble.....

Images For character:

History:When Aoi once walked as the War god and made the earth another in anger attempted to stop him lashing out and striking the war god who had the power to not only withstand it but to finish the creation of the world. But in doing so born from Aoi's own flesh and blood were seven 'Ghosts' beings that were separate from him. Cast off and no longer needed although those Seven Ghosts Aoi did gather to him after his creation each one has a different purpose and each one will not go against Aoi.

The seven all walk different roads. Kizuna walks as a bishop a 'noble holy' man and has all of his existence traveling from Although he's not always in his robes of station he moves about tending to Aoi's 'Children' helping those who need healed and fighting things that threaten the children. Although he has become more active as of late. Kizuna holds a scythe a living breathing weapon that is part of him born of him as Kizuna although he is the youngest of the known Seven Ghosts aged the slowest and was the first piece that Aoi lost hence the scythe the Verloren the 'Lost' and his ability to break all bonds....

Although someone has managed to steal or rather copy his ability....to manage to take a piece of Verloren and begin wielding it coming down out of the mountain hidden shrine Kizuna must find the one who is using a piece of his scythe before they bring about the end.....that Aoi Rei has not called for. All Seven Ghosts serve one purpose if this world ever goes beyond the point of saving if Kira Aoi's beloved Phoenix can not reset the damage or is no longer around to be able to.......the Seven are to destroy the world and bring about Armageddon......an order that the seven have thankfully never had to carry out.
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Kizuna O'Tachikiru 絆を断ち切る
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